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  1. OMG Y’ALL! She looked amazing! Love PoNey! So the rumors were true that she was always gonna rock a ponytail for the performance! It adds that extra little something too.
  2. So sketch... every reason is good to trash Britney in the media I see huh Jamie.
  3. “Miss Lou,” the buzz single, isn’t included!? Well that sucks man...
  4. Awww Mark Vincent Kaplan... babbling to the media since 2006, defending a man paying you with Britney’s money. Gross.
  5. The delusion if she’s talking about herself lol. No one is after her, not even a public for her “career”.
  6. I remember some rumors saying his wife was extra jealous because the tension and chemistry were palpable between Britney and Chase. She reportedly gave him an ultimatum to stop working for Britney.
  7. The only thing is... why fear losing your job when you could help save someone’s life? Especially your best friend’s. That’s a little selfish.
  8. Can’t believe some people still believe this to be real.
  9. It’s gonna be good! Expose them clowns one after the other! Who’s the joke now huh?
  10. Omg live Lonely vocals 20 years later! Plus them ad libs. We’re not worthy
  11. Doubt it was her choice aka « it feels so illegal with that mic in my hands. »
  12. Did she also sell that piece of crap (oops I mean inside information) to a cheap tabloid?
  13. Can’t wait for this thief to be put behind bars with her homophobic husband.
  14. Like is it just me or the way this is worded is VERY Britney (aka the Letter of Truth and her posts on BritneySpears.com back in the day)! Very different from the posts we’ve been getting on her Insta.
  15. Well they were only demos... so who knows really what it would have turned like.
  16. Intéressant... obviously I ain’t gonna lie... he and Britney made magic when it came to music. But... if realy he works with Lou and hasn’t said anything for so long then... obviously he was in that position where whether he talks or he loses everything. Cuz I know he does Idolize Britney!
  17. She was off her meds. There were many blind items about it and it just made sense with what was going on.
  18. Yes Queen! The time has come! The rats are jumping the ship one by one. The exposure is real.
  19. But did they ask Britney Spears or Papa Spears (aka “I am Britney Spears!”)!?!! Britney can’t have access to a phone with phone service so it was Jamie texting? Plus obviously they will try and debunk Britney’s testimony. I’m sure it’s all threats and nothing of it is written obviously so it’s easy for them to just refute Britney’s arguments. They’re so ugly and dirty, using her money to keep her captive and make her look like a liar. So pathetic.
  20. What’s wrong with thid pathetic mess!??! It’s NONE of his business at all. This is Britney’s life ffs and you have NO right to interfere in it. You’re just a user. Has been since 2004. You instigated a lot of the **** that happened to Britney. Get a life loser and enjoy those child support checks while you can because they will be 18 soon and it will be bye bye money. You better work, *****.
  21. How is threatening her and drugging her will help her “get better” huh Judy? I see TeamCon is hard at work giving interviews to try and show people how good they are for Britney.
  22. She just drank and partied like we all do at the age she was back then. What they did to her is insane. I’m sure the AA meetings were also forced on her.
  23. Not sure I agree... this time around it seems like something important is definitely going on. Team con has been exposed more than ever with the latest NY Times article and then Britney at the Sherif’s Department, her wanting to testify from offices outside her house (where Team Com has every possibility to provoke “technical difficulties” like last time when they prevented her from testifying via video conference). I think Britney is getting ready to call the shots. The court can’t deny something incredibly unfair, unlawful and vile is going on with all the proofs out there. Also, my first thought was what if she went to the Sherif Dep. to deposit her petition to terminate the conservatorship? Who knows at this point. With all her Insta snakes posts recently, I feel like if it’s her posting now, her intentions are clear: She’s gonna be clever and sneaky and then bite and fight back.
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