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Fans Think Britney Spears Threw Shade At Her Conservatorship In New Instagram Post

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I actually think she has access to her Instagram now. her captions are much more personal these days.

check out her previous post with her boys for example. :nyschool:

Are you telling me she somehow gave her team that long personal caption about her boys not wanting to take pictures? 

I don't think so. they don't care. 

When her team was posting, all we got was emojis and one line random captions. :joanne:

I believe that after the hearing they gave her access to her social media because that's not a part of conservatorship rules and the judge allowed her to use her Instagram, her car and etc. freely. 

and "bout a decade??" 

That's Britney.

I am super happy at the moment. our girl will finally gain her freedom :gobaby:

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1 hour ago, joanhs said:

If she meant that as a jap or as something serious, she is risking her chances of being free... 


How exactly ? :mhmsureny:

Do you think the law is a joke?

She went to the hearing and everything has been smooth, calm and a million times better after that.

Even the judge must've realized how messed up her conservatorship is. 

and you think a shady caption will get her in trouble? :akii:

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22 minutes ago, joanhs said:

you are right, she meant the next decade

She really didnt.. you think shes on about taking a decade away..

I dont think so and all the freebritney comments are usually deleted nothing been deleted on this one which means she now has access they wouldnt keep rhat up there.. the hearings next week just seems abit of a coincidence.. 

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5 hours ago, Chaoscontrol said:

So without going back and seeing. My reactions to any posts in this thread: where do you think I stand? :toocute:

Ahh-- see, I actually don't know if you believe it's Britney on her IG, or Lou, and that's a tidbit I have to know. But I'll guess... You're on the side of it being a c ship reference?

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This is about the c-ship, let there be no mistake.

We choose our words and give them power.  Britney is aware of how long she's been stuck in there so if she posted it, and specifically used a decade, it's because she's referencing the c-ship in some form.  She could have said a long time or anything else but CHOSE a decade.  There is meaning behind it for sure.  The imagery itself with the restraints speaks volumes.

And think of the image, back then the media would portray Britney as cray and angry, "not playing nice" it's just tooooo much.

Even IF someone on her team posted it, which would be sick, it still is a reference, again the wording and imagery are too much especially in the current climate.

As far as WHO posted this, I think it was definitely Britney! Someone said on here she wouldn't be so flippant but this actually fits her sense of humor perfectly. Remember on Jimmy Kimmel when they spread the rumor that she overdosed so Britney showed up to the show in a stretcher 🤣🤣

As far as who controls her social, I've mentioned before, they both do.  Every celebrities team has access to their social.  In Britney's case I think they took her off completely or limited her till more recently and she is now posting too.  I feel her posting style is VERY different and more organic that her teams so sometimes it makes her IG look a little disjointed though fun none the less.

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42 minutes ago, f**knfurter said:

Ahh-- see, I actually don't know if you believe it's Britney on her IG, or Lou, and that's a tidbit I have to know. But I'll guess... You're on the side of it being a c ship reference?

Well, I DO believe it’s a C-Ship reference, but when I originally saw it I was positive (in my own mind) that it was Lou being a shady sick *****. Mocking the last decade. 

After sitting on it a few days though, I agree with you and others in this thread who suggested that her and team Cship would have NOTHING to gain from that post. Only thing would be our trust in thinking it is Britney who posted it. 

I’m really torn. I just don’t see how or why they would give her access to her account NOW of all times, unless if they were directed to by the court? I truly have no idea how I feel about it right now, making it yet another mystery in the world of being a Britney fan 🥴😭

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