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  1. I feel the same about Adele. I much more prefer music of Amy Winehouse that was developing. Frank really sound like an album of new young artist that had some break up experience as a teenage. But Back to Black was so mature. You could hear Amy developed her music style. And I love how Amy used to use all kind of instruments comepred to boring piano of Adele. Music like Adele can sing singers in the pub next to piano or just with a guitar. And for me more emotions I feel in Amy's music than Adele's. I like few songs of Adele but I feel like her music is all the time the same. Something like Lana Del Rey that started great her career but I was not able to listen to her whole album after Honeymoon because kind frankly all songs sound so similar that I don't realise when one starts and when one finishes. Same thing is with Adele. Started her career great with great songs but now it feels her songs are so similar that sound same. Just different lyrics. For me among British singers Amy Winehouse will always be number 1 and much above Adele. Frank,Back to Black or that album that came out after her death,Body and soul with Tony. That new song sounds like could be on Adele's any previous album because it sounds exactly the same.
  2. So it was said it will take 2 weeks to receive a transcript. So today it's been 2 weeks since the Hearing and I am wondering if someone has a transcript?
  3. BREAKING NEWS🔔🚨 John Zabel has been provided with the temporary letters to serve as a Conservator of Britney's Estate till the termination! As per FreeBritneySalford: ADVERTISING Skip Ads by ×
  4. Not shared before! Mathew Rosengart is addressing Britney's post that thanked him for changing her life and Mathew and Lisa McCurdy celebrate last week's victory! So Freebritneysalford just posted: How cute and awesome!💕
  5. All the songs you mentioned>>>>>any "trendy"song no one remembers 2 years later. Thoes leaked songs are very very nice and can't wait for more !💕 I loved Xtina's Desnudate ! She should promote it with that new songs !
  6. How beautiful! Now she will be able to use all her money on her beauty as she wishes 💕 this look gives me such the "I am not a girl yet not a woman"vibes !💕
  7. I am so sorry but I am saying she shouldn't take that kind of photos? No All I am saying it's better to keep them private and not to expose yourself to the negative attention it can bring. And yes it is lowering because she has real talent and she does not need to post her naked Photoshopped photos. For GP the last famous song that was hit is Work Beach and it's sad. Since then all they hear about Britney is CONservatorship and her controversial Instagram. And it's sad. A woman than can sing and her dance is compered to Michael Jackson really does not have to show her naked body in photoshopped photos. And I don't have CONservatorship mentality. But let's not be biased and not open for constructive criticism. And it is a huge hypocrisy that most people love the documentaries and care what GP thinks and wants GP support for the free Britney cause but then says GP's opinion does not matter. People judge. It's a human nature. Therefore it's best to protect yourself from that. It's better to keep some things private. I recommend all to see people's comments in the internet what GP thinks. That GP that you all desperately wanted to give a support to #freebritney. All I am saying it's better to keep things private to avoid 2007 attention and Britney is too talented to be seek attention posting Photoshopped naked photos that will bring negative energy.
  8. Exactly! Plus I really understand no one should control her but she as well need some people around her to give her an advice,even criticize. But surrounding yourself just with a "yes"people can be as dangerous as being controlled. Look how MJ finished being surrounded by "yes"people and how bad for him it was to lose people like Lisa Marie Presley that was not a "yes"person and was against his abuse of drugs. Britney in this time needs people who will advice her and not only say "yes"to everything. Because it can be bad for her. It can lead to the mess she was in 2007 with Sam Lufti. She needs supportive people who will sometimes say "no,this is not good". And this photos are not good for her own image,her own mental health and can bring negative energy she does not need. If she likes to take that kind of photos good but keep to private with Sam. And other thing is that I really saw very bad comments in GP regarding this pictures. She doesn't need 2007 attention and negativity. I saw comments "and here we are again in 2007". I know that some celebrities post nude photos as well but Britney is not a celebrity. She is an music icon that shouldn't lower herself to the level of celebrities.
  9. And for her own mental health and dignity. She does not negative energy and more media attention and GP's comments. Thoes pictures are cute and lovely and if she enjoys taking them food for her but for her own good and her legacy it would be better to keep that photos for herself and Sam to enjoy. Because really such a talented woman a living legend does not need be see as a celebrity posting naked photos. She has a huge talent and many people due to such the pictures forget it who she really is . She is Britney Spears not Kim Kardashian.
  10. Exactly my thoughts! I really think that seems like some kind of desperation. Even if it is **** you to team CON and to show she will free. But it doesn't feel right. She is a living legend and she does not need that kind of behaviour like some random celebrity fighting for attention. I am all for her enjoying herself and her freedom but that kind of photos so heavily photoshopped it feels not like a joy, happiness. Till late 2018 her Instagram seemed more joyful. She had beautiful photos in bikini. And it all seemed natural. This new photos does not give positive energy with that heavy Photoshop. And a legend like her does not need that kind of attention and for her own good it would be great to enjoy her life in privacy like Janet Jackson. Janet is a living legend saw how her brother and she herself were treated and since many years she is such a private person and there is no negative energy around her. She enjoys herself ,her baby boy and making music. Britney would really benefit from the same approach like her idol Janet. And she shouldn't lower herself to talentless celebrities like Kim , Kardashians and whole bunch of desperate celebrities posting naked photos fighting for attention. She has talent. She can sing ,dance like not many people on this planet. Soon people can just see her as a celebrity not a pop icon she is with huge talents and it's sad. And she is too young to experience like Madonna some kind of middle life crisis that she needs to prove she is still young and trendy. She is Britney Spears a living legend with one of the biggest talent to sing and dance not a cheap Kim Kardashian with no real talent.
  11. Did you read all the pages ?😂 Legendary thread 💕 and I can't believe it I was a witness of creating that legend 💕
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMuqEfpnfNr/?utm_medium=copy_link Photo of all 3 sisters and mom. Britney's new family 💕 https://www.instagram.com/p/CK4M697AfFP/?utm_medium=copy_link https://www.instagram.com/p/BsvzZIzHs55/?utm_medium=copy_link
  13. He still is ,just check Mathew Rosengart's FB. But some people on this forum lack common sense and fee working brain cells I guess and says Kim Kardashian started #freebritney😂
  14. Well before MJ's nephew Taj Jackson showed his support and was speaking on the podcast about #freebritney : https://youtu.be/pnuqLoRILyU I recommend it to watch 💕
  15. So La Toya sends her congratulations! https://twitter.com/latoyajackson/status/1443351457185468416?s=19
  16. Well legally they have so much in common as Jamie's lawyers are MJ Estate lawyers and Adam Streisand failed both Britney and MJ'S family. And both were setup and made crazy for GP.
  17. And you say Kim Kardashian got it started for Britney ?😂😂😂 she even didn't say a word about Britney as Lou Taylor is her agent and for the whole family. Kris Jenner uses Black Box security guards. Kris has photos of going out with Jason Trawick. Yeah Kim started Free Britney and Madonna hired Rosengart!😂 Sis you really lack few working cells in your brain...😂
  18. Facts are out there but it is needed to have few working cells in the brain to add 2 plus 2 to have 4. And your receipts are the rumour that Madonna hired Mathew and the fact that Madonna and Britney worked together few times before... Big proof...
  19. Grab a few working cells in your brain maybe it will teach you how to think siss
  20. By some common sense and critical thinking and summing up few things together?
  21. Thomas Messerue's interview from few months ago: https://youtu.be/8W4ZLuvIbig Hopefully Mathew Rosengart will be giving similar interviews giving us his perspective!
  22. So Thomas Messerue was MJ's lawyer during 2005 trial and even later he kept giving amazing interviews fighting for MJ and bringing justice for him. He basically was a man that helped Michael to save him. And now Mathew Rosengart can save Britney and became an advocate for a justice. Thomas Messerue is so much loved among MJ'S fans and even till this day he gives interviews and is celebrated. It seems Mathew is on the path to become for Britney and her fans what Thomas Messerue became for MJ and his fans.
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