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  1. its a filter so you all look dumb for making fun of her face; its not supposed to look natural she looks great and still looks like herself.
  2. they made such amazing music together, and I honestly think his music during his peak was just as good as max martin's, if not better and more original but I don't think i'd want her to work with him again. It would be career suicide and if she ever wants to make a comeback (I think its possible if the GP gets nostalgic enough) they wouldn't support her if she worked with him.
  3. ah so it's okay for you to make fun of what you assume to be my economic status and shame people for being poor but age is off limits guess i hit a sore spot
  4. I'm honestly surprised you and other users are admitting you've known she's hated the conservatorship for over a decade and you all just did not care. yikes.
  5. Casual fans were not and the general public were not I was a casual fan before the movement
  6. I was simply stating that saying streaming music is just as bad as buying vinyls is a fallacy and is completely factually incorrect from a monetary standpoint. and there is a hugeee difference between fans supporting her team 5 years ago when they weren't aware of anything that was going on to now, being aware and following the entire free britney movement and continuing to support her team. Someone isn't a hypocrite for thinking we should boycott the team now that we have more information. also, income shaming isn't cool. edit: you can try editing your classist comments to make yourself look better but I caught you on candid camera with my quote tweet
  7. you've made some points but the vinyl resurgence and UO trend had been happening for years before the free britney movement. they could have put her albums on vinyl way earlier and its interesting that they started right after they stopped making money off of her in vegas. I can't think of any other artist who has had so many vinyl reissues, cassettes, new merch, Instagram experiences with no new album to support like Britney has.
  8. since you want to act like you're an expert on retail and business i'm surprised you've never heard of a concept called supply and demand. Why do you think UO paid team B for the rights to release OIDIA on vinyl? Because fans bought BOMT. Why do you think UO paid team B for the rights to release Britney on vinyl? Because fans bought OIDIA. And so on and so forth. Urban Outfitters continued to pay team B for the rights to what amounted to her entire discography because fans kept buying each album they were releasing. If fans hadn't bought the first few vinyls they had released, they would not have ended up paying team B to release the entire discography because it would have not been worth their investment. The reason they keep releasing new albums and paying team B is because they know that there is demand. So yes, buying UO vinyls does support team B no matter how you try to spin it.
  9. You all don't think it's suspect that right when Britney starts to refuse to work her team starts putting out these vinyl reissues and opens The Zone? Please. It's so obviously a ploy by her team to get more money out of Britney while she's not working. Also you can't compare people streaming her music to people buying vinyls. A super fan who streams Britney's songs 1000 times in a year amounts to $4 according to the streaming calculator. Compare that to fans spending hundreds of dollars on every new album that's being released on new albums. It's hundreds of dollars versus a few bucks. It's not the same. Buying vinyls, buying merch etc does exponentially more damage than streaming does.
  10. I think it's a little weird she knew every tiny detail except for that but I doubt she was trying to be shady omg Mariah was so funny in that interview she's the best
  11. I'd say my faves are American Life, Madame X, Ray of Light, and Erotica i can't really pick an order cause it depends on my mood/state of mind
  12. for some reason the first thing I thought about was Rose McGowan and her "Rose Army" and "Citizen Rose" but i know they're definitely not connected (probably)
  13. hmmm yeah i definitely don't want to invalidate anyone's sexuality but there are so many female artists that say they're bi or that they don't want to put a label on it, but then you neverr see any of them ever dating a woman. hate to say it but it definitely kinda seems just a little sus. like at this point it seems like there's more bi girl pop stars than straight ones, and statistically that makes no sense
  14. The only other thing I can think of is Mariah Carey promoting Merry Christmas II You when she was pregnant with her twins in 2010. but that's a christmas album so maybe it doesn't count?
  15. the production, especially the vocal productions sounds really tinny like it was recorded underwater.. other than that, it's alright, but a bit cheesy sounding for my taste. Reminds me of In The Mix and Infinity, which isn't really a good thing. maybe it'll grow on me. she's my favorite artist so i just have very high standards for her.
  16. To be fair tho in 2013 (the last time she was huge) stan culture on twitter was nowhere as big or as toxic as it is now. I definitely agree with her. Idk how anyone can just spend all day writing "_____ flop" on every tweet they encounter it's definitely not a good environment
  17. Respectfully, Midnight Sky is not disco. It's very much 80s style pop rock. a lot of people confuse 80s style and 70s style which I guess is understandable.
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