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Found 8 results

  1. On April 15, 1999, Britney Spears appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. In the picture shot by David LaChapelle (who would continue collaborating with Britney in future projects throughout her career) Britney appears lying in a bed covered with hot pink satin sheets, wearing some dotted pj shorts, her unbuttoned shirt revealing a black bra, a telephone in her left hand, and her right arm wrapped around a Tinky Winky doll from the Teletubbies. "Inside the Heart, Mind & Bedroom Of a Teen Dream" was the headline, surrounded by other stories about Cher, Bill Maher, Norm Macdonald, the Hole & Marilyn Manson tour and the lost tribes of the Amazon. Steven Daly starts the article talking about her "honeyed thigh" and the logo of her t-shirt "distended by her ample chest". The interview took place at Britney's home in Louisiana while she was recovering from the surgery after a knee injury she got during a dance rehearsal. With just one single out, 1998's ...Baby One More Time, and the album just recently released a few months prior, she was already on top of the world. They also dived a bit on the breakup with her ex-boyfriend Reg, as well as the rumors that linked her romantically to members of NSYNC and Backstreet Boys Britney also reflects in the kind of music the label ultimately made her record, as well as the origin of the ...Baby One More Time music video. You can read the full article here. Britney and David would later talk about the controversial photoshoot that caused a lot of criticism among parental groups that were concerned about the message Britney was sending to kids. She also covered the magazine several times throughout the years Related:
  2. And just like that, Rolling Stone lost what little credibility they had by dubbing a boy band as one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time. There was nothing rock and roll about One Direction at all. Glad Rolling Stone is getting called out.
  3. Chromatica is #9 and is already expected to be the first album of 2020 to sell a million copies pure worldwide, Future Nostalgia is #6. But the top 3 is all Female (rare) and even rare two are pop driven albums. #3 Rare Selena Gomez ( that has to make my breatheheavy bestie @Roxxy happy about the acknowledgement of Selena's Best work to date) #2 Manic by Halsey (still the only 2020 release to be certified platinum by the RIAA) #1 The controversial album in terms of public vs. The critics. The critics praised the album to universal acclaim and was the first 100 for awhile on metacritic. The public score is actually the first low a 6.7 public score which many can't find what's all the raving about. According to Rolling stone the best album of 2020 is.... Fetch the bolt cutters by The original Alternative teen queen Fiona Apple who declared at the 1997 VMAS that the world is Bullish for people worshipping the ground celebrities walk on. That comment was highly criticized.
  4. The Lambs are dragging Rolling Stone once again for not including Mariah Carey's "Vision of Love" on the 100 greatest debut singles of all time. It's no secret... Rolling Stone never loved Mariah Carey at all. They only gave her two covers in the 90s cause that's how big she was. Kind of like how RS never had love for Janet Jackson in the way they did for Michael Jackson. Rolling Stone was team Whitney Houston through and through. The Lambs knows that Mariah Carey was never a RS fav. Mariah Carey being a Christian and always preaching her faith is very un rock and roll to the ultimate rock and roll bible. Her feminine girly girl image goes against the masculine/androgynous type females they prefer the likes of Madonna or Beyoncé. A lot of her personal beliefs is everything Rolling Stone is against. Do you believe RS has it out for Mariah Carey and her legacy? @JordanMiller @Roxxy
  5. In the year 2000 Rolling stone interviewed Madonna as the cover star (the most covers for a female in a magazine that is dubbed The Rock and Roll Bible). She said some interesting things about the teen pop scene amd basically dragged us along with our favs. RS: What do you think about the musical landscape in America? M: (Smirks) Thinking does not really come into the picture. (She dragged us in that comment) RS: When is the reign of teen pop going to end? It always goes in cycles, but.... M: But can a reaction hurry up, please? Will someone just start puking? Can we have some version of the punk-rock movement again? RS: In the meantime, the current crop is still hanging on. M: What- Kiddie bands? I hope not much longer. We always talk about it at our house. Because there are so many great people in the music business who are languishing right now. Especially a lot of great English bands. You talk to the guys From Massive attack. or Tricky, or Goldie or any of those people- it's like there's no outlet for any of their music. Record companies don't know what to do with them. I mean, the only people buying records is teenagers. God, it's depressing. I mean, I hope people like my music. RS: Please, you know they will. M: Listen, I swear to you- I don't know anything. It's a slippery slide to get on. And I keep my fingers crossed. I have the best intentions. I worked hard, that's all I can do, you know? RS: It's an interesting visual, your album nestled amid all the dreck in the Top 10. M: I Know, well....who knows? I mean, I've been told I inspired Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears (rolls her eyes) so maybe it's not so strange that I could be in the mix of them.
  6. September 13, 2001 (Full article: Britney Spears Breaks Just Like a Little Girl By Jenny Eliscu)
  7. September 13, 2001 (Full article: Britney Spears Breaks Just Like a Little Girl By Jenny Eliscu) Other Pop Culture Facts for September 2001 August 25, Aaliyah died in plane crash while filming a music video in the Bahamas (RIP) September 6, Britney performed “Slave 4 U” at the MTV Video Music Awards with a large albino python September 11, terrorists attacked WTC in NYC September 21, Glitter, an "American romantic musical drama film, starring American singer-songwriter Mariah Carey," hit theaters (wikipedia.com) September 24, "I'm a Slave 4 U," the lead single off her third studio album, Britney, hit the airwaves (wikipedia.com) Billboard's Hot 100 #1 hit in September: Jennifer Lopez featuring Ja Rule - I'm Real
  8. Rolling Stone Music Now podcast goes behind the story of Britney’s first single as we near the 20th anniversary of ...Baby One More Time. They mention things we already know like the song was first pitched to TLC. Britney originally wanted to be a singer songwriter and wanted a sound like Sheryl Crow, Macy Gray and Jill Scott not the pop sound she ended up getting on the first album. I don’t know how to embed the podcast but it’s linked in the story. Listen to the podcast where they discuss the history of BOMT it’s great!! Also Britney didn’t like her 2000 OIDIA album and was desperate for a vacation. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/britney-spears-baby-one-more-time-722718/amp/
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