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  1. On the View, Mary trump went on to talk about her uncle and the book she wrote, which apparently like his father, he really doesn't care about his family.. His Niece, who Is the daughter of Donald brother Robert Trump, was slammed By Meghan for cashing in on her distant relative, which is ironic cos Meghan herself is guilty as that by still saying My father John McCain, so basically without the last name, you wouldn't be here either. Her father John could have won the White House, but Sarah Palin and the scandal of her daughter's pregnancy did do a lot of damage and plus Sarah was Mockable from the get go anyway, hi Tina fey. Anyway, mary said thank you for talking to me, I see your one co host, is scared to confront me or talk to me, it should be noted Meghan checked out the last two times, mary has appeared on the view.. Meghan actually gave a bold statement on Twitter saying there is no good Trumo family member (mind you there is bad blood between these two families since Donald spoke negatively about John, while he was dying of brain cancer, John forsake medical treatment in order to stop Donald from passing laws and such, much to the former presidents annoyance) And she asked the family to if u seek me and my family alone.
  2. I don’t know how to feel about this. User @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN has said he doesn’t know if he will ever take the stage again in a recent video. My sources tell me that Jordan Miller has him locked up in a conservatorship it’s really disappointing because we all know the legacy that he has created over the last 35 years on exhale
  3. @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN was gone for so long omfg did u leak the court audio..
  4. All those underpaid workers from Amazon, well thanks to Jeff Bezos admitting under paying his workers actually led to his 11 Minutes in outer Space, lets just say the controversy of the disgraced former Amazon CEO. The comments didn't go lightly and lit a backlash now on social media..
  5. When Caitlyn Jenner announced her run for governor of California.. My thought was given how everybody is tired of the Kardashians and Jenners now, was this a great idea made up by Kris to keep the name relevant after the show ends. Most of us question if caitlin was a stunt cos of how this family uses them to no end ( that's why many of us didn't believe kim was robbed initially, even I said, ratings are down, kris creates a scheme to add interest, it did happen but most of us question everything when it comes to that family, even the kylie pregnancy was thought to be a stunt to make it relevant!) Caitlyn's conservative views are not popular in California, even Conservative fox news reporter Pete Hegseth said, he's voting for Trump, but he knows how New york votes, so he will never win New york.. Her views on transgender is controversial and divisive especially her views on the sports topic, her supporting trump and being LGBT has also made her an outcast of our community, even her views on same s** marriage aren't good either. Her statements on the homeless has also caused controversy as well..let's just say in a nutshell.. Regardless or orientations or political beliefs. Nobody is voting for Caitlyn, plus only 13% of conservatives would vote for her, and that's the 18-29 age bracket. The older ones especially people her age, don't like her cos she's transgender and that's not ideally acceptable in that Republican age bracket. Caitlyn bow out before its embarrassing and you become more of a joke. Even your own children are ashamed and embarrassed of this run. They don't support this at all, either.. https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2021/05/no-one-likes-caitlyn-jenner-according-bleak-new-poll/ Here's the article to the poll.. I think being trans, a celebrity and a jenner really hurts her in this incident also being a Republican at her age, when that age group hates us.
  6. Members of Anti Police-Terror Project (APTP) were protesting outside the courthouse at the pre-trial hearing of a San Leandro officer charged with the manslaughter of a black man. The officer started playing Taylor Swift's No. 1 hit 'Blank Space' while protestors were filming him. In the video, the officer says: "You can record all you want, I just know it can't be posted to YouTube." YouTube frequently removes videos that violate copyright rules. When asked if playing music in this way is procedure, the officer responds: "It's not specifically outlined." Later in the video, he confirms: "I'm playing music so that you can't post on YouTube." The sheriff's department said: "We have seen the video and referred it to our internal affairs bureau. This is not approved behaviour. It will not happen again." The video, which was posted on 1 July, has had more than 180,000 views and remains online. It is also visible on the APTP's Twitter page.
  7. Britney spears is not free, but former comedian Bill Cosby saw his conviction of ***ual assault overturned today. Means any minute he's a free man of any crimes given basically he's now not guilty by a court of law.
  8. Could you please support #elmalıdavası for two siblings, two little kids who have been **** by their family and relatives in Turkey?
  9. Happy American Father's Gay to all daddies Especially to my hot latino dad that went through three divorces and loves me even if I'm a disgusting and annoying f@g Thank u for being and for hot genes I can use now for getting other hot guys Love u Happy Father's Day to my Exhale dads @Midnight and @PokemonSpears that make me feel so loved and protected here
  10. In this ad by represent us, Katy Perry and Orlando bloom star as older versions of themselves, transmitting a message in 2021, stating that the Republican party and GOP will stop at nothing to prevent mail in voting from ever happening again, and will do more evil, if everybody's voice is silenced. Asking us to do it for democracy and tell Daisy we love her.. This will sure cause controversy for sure. @Midnight @PokemonSpears @Jordan Miller
  11. According to an American news reporter, at the Gaza border, he basically said at this point it's pretty much a war now, and if Israel destroys the Gaza border and it looks like that might sadly be a reality. It will set Palestine back to to several decades and will be a long time to live in a modern society, Isreal is literally overpowering Palestine, they need the world's help before it's too late, and unfortunately most politicians and military organizations side with Israel. So it's dark times sadly for Palestinians, as nobody is helping them save their country. And right now in Hammas, Israel has bombs and explosives, that it can literally erase that city and it's people with in the next 48 hours if nothing is being done to help them, but again Israel is allies to almost all military organizations including the US, so hands are tied cos of also political reasons as well.. I hope for Palestinians everywhere to find a way to escape before it's too late.
  12. I've been curious about that for months now and I still haven't found any good answer We need some lawyers here Can ''They Who Must Not Be Named'' sue someone from different country for things they wanted to sue others from their country? They probably can but how does that work? European/Australian etc. posts something about them here, on american forum I guess that reportedly ''isn't true'', they don't like it and they want to sue him. What will happen? How can that European be judged? European or American law? It's american forum but he was in Europe during ''the crime'' How long that process would take? Are they powerless when it comes to people that aren't from USA? I have so many questions. I don't know Internet international law, I have no idea how things work with that And that'd be good to know for the people of the #FreeBritney movement that are in danger @Midnight feature it, it's important
  13. Source: https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/2021/06/01/tulsa-massacre-pride-month-ufo-report-5-things-know-tuesday/7478363002/ I mean we all already know that aliens exist, @Style. is an example. As we can see they aren't very friendly towards humans. We can deal with em by giving them warning points tho.
  14. In 1989, a promising young actress Rebecca Schafer was gunned down by a fan, already booked roles For the Godfather part 3 and others. Robert Bardo somehow mentally was able to convince himself that some of her roles was inappropriate for his lover, So he was going to meet her and teach her a lesson. It amazes me how it was easy for the DMV to give out private information like addresses in the 80s, which would prove to be deadly for Rebecca, he basically went to her house and was just asking her for a date. She rejected him, that pissed him off and like he said in stone cold testimony, and very much proud of what he did, pulled the gun, opened her door and point blank shoot her in the heart and the one of the most important arteries, if this is ever tempered with, survival rate is rare as the blood flow is fast and hard to stop. He was proud to kill her, and thanked the dmv for easy access. Well now federally thanks to this crime, DMV is now forbidden to give addresses out to common citizens like us, so another crime like this could never happen again.
  15. Ha topics continue to be that good old pop rock goodness He is number 1 on the charts and has beat out pop royalty omfg I love @Look But Don't Touch‘S new song. What the hell! all my life I’ve been good but now Whoaaa what the helll and his visuals ?? Like k wow https://www.fanpop.com/clubs/avril-lavigne/images/233818/title/avril-lavigne-fanart U look amazing @Look But Don't Touch I love what he’s wearing here the respect he has for his fans on the exhale discord server like omg, social distance king We love u ....... omg my fav song by him The real question is... will he last or will his threads age like 2000s pop rock
  16. She’s rumoured to be pregnant she had yet another hit for yet ANOTHER YEAR LAST YEAR. She was overexposed as a celebrity and overlooked for her artistry She has been here since 2010 and debut so strong. hit after hit after HIT and all we wanted was more from her she’s about to have two ******* kids her label head @Jordan Miller of Sony Records is not playing and won’t let ha have artist control despite being an overlooked top seller Is user @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN In her original doll era? Is it time to reveal Mona Lisa aka her alter ego aka @Dignified Love https://youtu.be/NIPQrMupbnY
  17. @PokemonSpears yes @Blackout2006 have returned. My username. The comeback no one thought could happen........ is rik back? btw where’s dignified flop... ha social media accounts went blank. Prob or a new era @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN
  18. Parker Molloy is a hero for reminding everybody, that Caitlyn killed someone in a car accident therefore performing the ultimate cancelled move ever. Savage indeed parker
  19. Literally war criminals. If China did this we all know USA would be on their throats. But because it Israel and them claiming Hamas and defending themselves. It's OK. they are literally gonna cut off Palestina from rest of the world.
  20. https://twitter.com/SCUBADubois/status/1389950697894924291?s=20 Ah families who don't love them or want one of their own, even a Canadian talk show is raising awareness on the benefits of a married family that has better financial value more than a single household with no spouse or children. But the photo they used, was poor in taste of a great family. They used a photo of Murderer Chris Watts and his family which he secretly hated and killed all of them including his unborn son.. Many people are saying mistake or not, considering the outcome resulted in everybody getting murdered cos he wanted out of this marriage and she refused to allow a divorce to happen, someone needs to get fired for using that image out of all the stock photos of the perfect family. Serial killers don't make perfect families they kill them including their own children.
  21. Please, before some of you respond to this thread - read my whole post. I noticed that people on BreatheHeavy have a tendency not to read the whole thing which leads to drama and misunderstandings. I find this situation serious, sad, painful and trust me, I’m not happy with making it. On Saturday I got 3 warning points from our lovely @Jordan Miller for standing up for myself when some person made extremely fake, hurtful and harmful allegations against me that I ‘’fat-shamed’’, ‘’sent death treats’’, ‘’bullied’’ someone. This person totally made this up. The thread wasn’t even about it at all. I had a right to react with anger so I typed this as an answer to this known-problematic person: Okay, we can argue if that deserves warning points or not. I think Jordan should give warning points to the person that made up these fake allegations about me as well. The next thing that happened is totally absurd. So yesterday I got 3 warning points from @Urbanney for calling someone ‘’a weird human’’. So freaking unfair. When you get warning points for something that freaking dumb, it’s a normal reaction to be angry. So on our Discord I typed this: Words I used are obviously not the nicest as you can see. In another world I wouldn’t even post it here being afraid of taking responsibility for that but I’m not like that at all. Do I still mean everything I typed? Yes. Would I type this on Exhale? No. This Urbanney girl I’ve never heard of before probably didn’t see that cause I don’t think she/he uses Discord but I’m pretty sure you are going to give me tons of warning points for this one sentence about you. But I honestly don’t look forward to typing here posts that much anymore so do what you have to I guess but first, read my whole post. Anyways Jordan read my message and he responded: Here is my long response to him: I want to make something clear. I’ve had situations like that only with Jordan - 3 times for words like ‘’b tch’’ and Urbanney - 2 times for basically nothing. This post is calling out only them from my point of view. But I want all mods to read this. This whole situation already taught me that nowadays I shouldn’t share my honest opinions about anything cause people will always try to destroy me. And it seems I shouldn’t even stand up for myself when someone talks **** about me.
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