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Found 16 results

  1. In 2014 we got this iconic remix and Kim got mad at Nicki for saying Queen B She probably forgot forgot that Beyonce is Queen B too So she created this embarassing mess It was obvous that Nicki was trying to move on from their fued she called Kim her inspiration in 2013 But Kim wouldn't let go No wonder she's not the queen of rap anymore
  2. It's at 3:55 This makes me crave another Britney and Nicki collab
  3. obv XXX10tacion (but you probably don't like him without feeling him like i do) Lil Peep Mac Miller add to the list plz
  4. I know that Nicki called Lil Kim her inspiration and she got hate for posing like Lil Kim in a Sucka Free promotional photo, I also know that they met each other in January 2009 at a concert can someone explain the full fued?
  5. Omg, that’s exhale-police caseload. Doja should sue because MJ gone and she ain’t having that!
  6. Lil Kim surprised Janet with her vocals for her 56th birthday 🎤🙌 Legends only
  7. Queen Bee is back in business and is ready to dust her competition with her newest song ‘Big Santa Papi’ in where she delivers a never heard before... rap technique. Rap Veteran has signed to Republic Records which is home to Nicki Minaj. Recently, Kim mischievously declared she wants to do a Versus Battle with Nicki Minaj and put a radio host on blast when tried to compare the two. I was like wow girl... you’ve come so far. Anyway, I would like to see Nicki and Kim linking up. It would be a cultural reset because a lot of these untalented ********* are benefiting off of their beef.
  8. Apparently Lil Kim wants a Verzus battle with... Nicki Minaj?! I’ve got some questions to miss Queen Bee, but I’m playing it cute this time because I didn’t see this coming. Would you be here for a Verzus between the two? It doesn’t matter what you want because The Queen Of Rap responded: Nicki still doesn’t know who she is, God bless her heart!
  9. On March 27, 2001 Lady Marmalade was released as part of the soundtrack as the lead single of the movie Moulin Rouge!'s soundtrack. The song was an all-girl collaboration between Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mýa and Pink. It also featured Missy Elliott, who co-produced the track along with Rockwilder. The song was written by Bob Crewe and Kenny Lonan and it was originally performed by Labelle, released in 1974 as the lead single of their album Nightbirds. The 2001 track also credits Kimberly Jones (Lil' Kim) as a co-writer, since it includes her rap which gives it a modern twist. The song reached #1 on the BBH100 and remained there for 5 weeks, becoming the ninth song in history to top the chart by different artists (Labelle's version also reached the #1 26 years prior). It was also the third airplay-only song to top the chart (Aaliyah's Try Again and Shaggy's Angel). It's also the longest reigning number one on the Top 40 chart for an all-female collaboration (9 consecutive weeks) and by the end of 2001 it had already sold 5.2M copies worldwide, hitting #1 in 15 other countries. A music video was directed by Paul Hunter and it was filmed in Los Angeles. It features all the singers in lingerie, in a cabaret-style set that resembles the Moulin Rouge club. It was choreographed by Tina Landon. A Making the video episode was done for MTV. The video won the MTV Video Music Award for "Best Video of the Year" and "Best Video from a Film". It also landed at #5 on the yearly Top 100 of 2001 on MTV Latin America. The song also won a Grammy in 2002 for "Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals". It was performed live at the MTV Movie Awards and at the Grammy's Related:
  10. On January 08, 2008 (allegedly) Britney Spears released Gimme More ("Kimme More" Remix) featuring Lil' Kim. The track appears on Kim's debut mixtape Ms. G.O.A.T. (as Kimmy More ) which came out in June of that year. It was on November 2007 when she announced in an interview for MTV that she was readying the record
  11. Lil Kim considers doing OnlyFans in the future. Last year the rap veteran almost went bankrupt so it might happen. Which one of Kim’s faces do y’all want to see on the app? Kim also talked about how she don’t get the props she deserves from the female rappers. She doesn't seem super team Cardi and Megan tbh. Here's her response about the "WAP" controversy: “It is what it is, so what, you know? … Make your music, talk your s***,” she said. “You know what I don’t like Joe? I don’t like when people wanna steal from me or do something from me, that’s when they give me my props. And then they don’t really wanna come behind the scenes and show the love. I love love, especially amongst the females. I love when we can hang out. Me, Mary [J. Blige], Missy [Elliott], we used to drive to the beach together and chill on the 4th of July. We used to hang out. Listen, we go to the studio just to hang out. And then it’s like ‘Yo, I think I got somethin’ for that…just jump on it.’ It’s never planned. It should just be love. It should be like ‘Yo, we rollin’, you know?” What do you guys think? Related:
  12. Mya teases a "Lady Marmalade" reunion to celebrate the iconic track's 20th anniversary in 2021. "Next year’s the 20th anniversary so I hope we have a reunion together. I’m sure we’ll get together and do something and I’m hoping it’ll be on stage or television, that’d be amazing," she tells Metro. "I’m not sure how that would work to get four, well five because Missy Elliott was involved as well, that’s a lot of budget and we’re in different times and so are the labels." She also reflected on the creation process: "I remember the first time cutting my background vocals and we were all recording in the same exact studio. ‘All the ladies recorded their background vocals there and then we did our solo parts separately on different days – and different states, I’m sure. ‘After that process was complete we headed to the rehearsal studio to begin the filming of the video for Tia Landon, one of Janet Jackson’s big choreographers. We received a Grammy which was awesome and that was kind of it! We did the song one more time after that at Wango Tango California and ran into each other on tours etc." Exhale, are we here for a reunion? Or is it too cheesy? Sound off.
  13. Usher unapologetically says Nicki Minaj is a product of Lil Kim's. It brings up several questions: Do you agree with Usher? Would Nicki Minaj exist without Kim? Did Lil Kim pave the way for Nicki? In my opinion, I do think Lil Kim paved the way, yes, and even Nicki would agree to that. However, I don't consider Nicki a product of Kim's. There are a couple of similarities, like the wigs and the overtly ****** lyrics and costumes, but those aren't exclusive to Kim. Nicki created her own lane and 100+ Hot 100 songs later gets a #1. The longevity is hers and hers alone. I don't agree with Usher, do you?
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