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Found 15 results

  1. Slay me Queen, or sarcasm and social commentary FYI we need a Follow up to Dear Mr. president called Dear Republican Party.
  2. The 4th artist sashaying to the opinion of the GP from Exhale is here... Do you like P!nk? why? Personally, she's been on my top 5 faves since day 1 with some ups and downs between. My top albums are: 01 . This one is the first I bought from her and I still love it from begining to end, it's such an underrated album! So good. 02. This album have some gems like Who Knew, Stupid Girls, U + Ur hand (basically all singles) and some deep cuts as I got money now, conversations, i have seen the rain... excelence 03- It's a tie between this and BT but i chose this one and top 3 songs is kinda hard to pick... but here we go: 01- 02- 03- ( I chose randomly cuzit's very hard to chose just 3, just focus on my top 3 albums) What about y'all little crazy bbys?
  3. P!nk has a song/video coming out titled "All I Know So Far." It's to promote her upcoming release, All I Know So Far: SetList, which features live recordings from 2019's Beautiful Trauma World Tour, her MTV Video Vanguard Award Speech and “Cover Me In Sunshine” featuring daughter Willow. Here's the tracklist for that: Exhale, are you excited for a new P!nk track?
  4. P!nk is set to receive the Icon Award at the forthcoming Billboard Music Awards. Related:
  5. P!nk has reportedly finalized a deal to perform in Vegas, according to Vital Vegas. Vital has accurately reported other residencies before their official announcements, like Kelly Clarkson and Janet Jackson. However, they got into some hot water last year when they inaccurately reported that the Sahara hotel was closing when it wasn't. The Sahara sued but the judge dismissed it. Anywayyyy This rumor has been running around for nearly two years, so it appears now that "normal" life is returning, so are music events (and Vegas 🥲). Exhale, would you go see P!nk perform in Vegas?
  6. P!nk is releasing a one-off single, "Cover Me In Sunshine" with her daughter Willow Sage Hart tomorrow. Pre-save details at covermeinsunshine.com Apple Music shows two tracks when you pre-save it, it's not clear if one version is solo and the other is a duet. Quick announcement video + small teaser here:
  7. P!nk announced that she is featured on Keith Urban's new single "One Too Many" off his forthcoming album The Speed of Now out September 18th. Any thoughts about this one? I'm scared
  8. P!nk's music video for "Revenge" featuring Eminem spilled onto the Internet. The song landed on 2017's Beautiful Trauma album. You may recall P!nk decided to scrap the video after filming it. “We shot it and it was terrible. It’s never coming out,” Pink said at the time. “It just didn’t work and it was the wrong timing for it.” Oh, and Pink said she looked bad in it. “I looked like hell, it was awful. Thank god Eminem wasn’t in it. If he was in it I would have been mortified.” “We had Eminem lookalikes,” she continued. “‘Beautiful Trauma’ is better.” Lewks like a visual. Thoughts?!
  9. I take it back. Britney was nominated for Brits. But lost all of her nomination. This was her only nomination. She lost To Madonna. Madonna beat the likes of her musical daughters P!NK, Kylie and of Course Britney spears to win the award. She would win again in 2006. Beating Mariah Carey who just Like Britney lost her only Brit nomination to Madonna. But on a serious note. Y'all thank God Guy is gone. I didn't understand just how submissive he made her. That must have been a good lay in bed for the woman who wouldn't submit to no man ever. To allow this. And in 2006 Madonna beat Mariah Carey who was never nominated for a brit before or after this award..
  10. To tell you Pink is underrated here. But in Australia as @babyimmafreak90 can tell you. She's the biggestAmerican female pop act since Madonna. Several of her tours are actually the highest grossing tours in the Australian market.. Several of her albums are in the top 100 best selling albums in Australia of all time.. Her Rod Laver Arena stops. Broke Australia's Very own Kylie minogue attendance records. To even beat Melbourne's biggest act in her own hometown. Many US acts skip Australia. But P!NK actually doesn't and when she tours Australia. She devotes a good 6 to 8 months to that market itself. It does upset some Australian teens. That acts Like Ariana grande and others don't get the respect that Pink does. I asked a few Australians why Pink is so successful there. It was very simple. "She has the same attitude and humor about life like we do"
  11. In 2006. P!NK returned to the music scene in a very classic Way for her. She's known for her commentary on society and what she deems is taboo. By this time the rise of Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay lohan and blond bimboness. Scared Pink. So what did she do to write about "the disease is growing and no hope for a cure". She wrote Stupid Girls. A modest top 20 hit for Pink in the US. Radio airplay was moderate. But the video caused all types of controversy from Mocking people who do breast implants both surgery and to lure men, The lindsay Lohan car crash. Mocking people who get fake tan to the point they are orange. Mocking hip hop girls who should be president. Also mocking fun of why girls do eating disorders. Eating 3,000 calories is so unsexy. To the Paris hilton tape. Which when she won the VMA for best female video. With former friend Nicole richie. Pink mocked how Paris acted and talked while accepting her award. Oprah asked why she wrote the song. She replied simply but cocky. "I LIVE IN LA" several articles have pointed out that the video and song has aged horribly and is very ****** and anti feminist to the girls that she portrayed. It should be noted. Pink hasn't performed this song since she had Willow in 2011. Do you agree that the message aged horribly and is tasteless?
  12. Dayum. P!nk says she and her two-year-old son exhibited symptoms of COVID-19. She was tested and it turned out they did indeed contract Coronavirus. "Two weeks ago my three-year old son, Jameson, and I are were showing symptoms of COVID-19. Fortunately, our primary care physician had access to tests and I tested positive," she said. "My family was already sheltering at home and we continued to do so for the last two weeks following the instruction of our doctor. Just a few days ago we were re-tested and are now thankfully negative." She called it "an absolute travesty and failure of our government to not make testing more widely accessible. This illness is serious and real. People need to know that the illness affects the young and old, healthy and unhealthy, rich and poor, and we must make testing free and more widely accessible to protect our children, our families, our friends and our communities." She's pledging a million dollars to help fight this. I'm glad she's ok
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