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  1. La Tormenta and AGUILERA debuts on the Billboard Charts ARE HERE It's pop history Christina making history for her LATIN roots DEBUTS And Suéltame making history in the HOT 100 DEBUTS So basically La Tormenta and Aguilera are nowhere to be found on the Billboard Charts?? No Billboard 200, not even Top Latin Pop Album or Top Latin Albums? And we thought the 4000 copies with 2000 pure sales of La Fuerza's first week wrere TRAGIC. TRAGIC.
  2. As a britney fan i think we should stop comparing the two artists, it's a mistake i made less than a week ago by creating a thread asking if i could listen to christina as a fan from Britney but the negative comments made me think, so I advise you to do the same and stop comparing Xtina with Britney, both are very good artists and if you don't like you don't listen , there is no need to belittle Xtina either on its past mistakes or on its works.
  3. Xtina looking fabulous boarding a helicopter in Vietnam to celebrate on a yacht her 42nd birthday with her husband and some friends. Xtina is having the time of her life and looks very happy, congratulations queen!
  4. This video was the moment women were really represented in a difficult light and gay men. It was power. It was enough is enough before ******* hashtags. This song is iconic ... Then we have Lil Kim featured It was a movement for us.... It left me shook. Xtina always delivers ... Thoughts? xoxo JayTawndré 💋
  5. 10/10 I really like the instrumental, the lyrics and her voice is beautiful on it, it's also a great pop song and reminds me a bit of Ariana Grande
  6. Xtina's new perfume is called "Cherry Noir" and it comes in a round bottle like Britney's "Fantasy"! The perfume doesn't even have cherry (the fruit, round) in it, it has cherry blossom (the flower)! She's coming for Britney's gig! Undo it!! MAKE IT A CUBE! I'm the first one to defend Xtina from ignorant disrespectful GenZs who talk about her as if she were a wannabe but I cannot at her when it is even remotely Britney-related... All her other perfume bottles look like this: That is ugly AF. That is more like her. (you can see all the other bottles here) PS: It even has a puff sprayer like "Curious"!! At least she wasn't bold enough to put crystals on it..... YET!
  7. MORALES: “I mentioned I was with Britney the day before, she almost left. She was like, ‘Oh, you working with her? I’m leaving.’ She didn’t care too much about Britney but she was like, ‘I thought you were working with me though?’ She’s not some little fluffy girl, believe me, that’s one of the toughest women I’ve ever worked with in my life, and I’ve worked with everybody. Christina Aguilera, I will say, is the most special of all.” Christina Aguilera’s ‘Stripped’: An Oral History, 20 Years Later WWW.WMAGAZINE.COM A deep dive into this game-changing early aughts album, which established Aguilera as an artist in control of her own narrative...
  8. The living legend Xtina is the best at making heartfelt ballads....💯💯💯 Sometimes all you need is 5 glasses of wine and Xtina ballads.... What are y'all's favorites??? 👀👀👀 Mine are these: Ugh such a ICON. 💜
  9. https://twitter.com/todayonpop/status/1588972068066189313?t=Dwxe9_vt9fVSYCggcJDFZA&s=19
  10. I took time to do this one I can't wait to see your feedback edit : Thank you for your positive feedback I will soon post the video clip
  11. first of all I don't want to criticize its weight, I'm just curious Remember when Xtina was a little "chubby" in 2012? and then in 2013 suddenly she lost a lot of weight very fast What did she really do to lose so much weight so fast!!! and why doesn't he do the same now? it's very respectable if it's her own decision to be as she looks today, she is still very beautiful.
  12. In 2018 Xtina was on 'Kimmel' to promote her album 'Liberation' and Jimmy mentioned was there any beef she would squash ... She mentions Britney and how the media was the storyteller back then and to this day. She also mentions she thinks if the beef wasn't created by the media they probably would have collaborated already. Jimmy then mentions if she would collaborate now with her. She was hesitant to reply but said 'yeah I'm down if her reps are.' This isn't the first time she said she wants to collaborate with her... Would you guys want a collaboration? Discuss....
  13. "In celebration of the 20 year anniversary of Stripped and World Mental Health Day, I’m honored to share a new music video for Beautiful, coming October 19th Tune out and turn in. Take your space, log off, put your mind, body, and soul first." Xtina
  14. I'm curious You know I will always choose Britney! I love me some Legend X I really do, she's in my Top 5 favorite women of Pop but Britney's music just gets me more excited, happy, and feeling good about life and myself. Her music gives me confidence. Whenever songs like 'Gimme More' or '3' come on it reminds me that at the end of the day I love Britney more meow!!! 👄 When I listen to Christina, her music makes me feel like a bad *****, in control, motivates me and makes me feel a little 'dirrty' sometimes. She also has the most beautiful ballads which I've praised before. Her ballads are so iconic. Songs like 'Hurt' and 'Bound to You' are some of my favorite ballads from her. So yeah, I usually listen to her ballads more! Who's music do you prefer and why?
  15. I’ve always been curious about this because objectively, both have massive fan bases around the world and at one point had a solid 5 ish years as a consistent and top 10 commercial artist. I recognize following Bionic and Goodbye Lullaby there continued to be a steep decline in popularity, despite remaining in public eye… but this is the artist that was the second up to Britney’s sales and comparisons, and the other: a suburban Canadian kid with an even larger debut than Beyoncé!!! whose decline has been steeper and more shocking though? What factors played into this trajectory and has either artist seen mainstream success in the years since (I believe so!)
  16. So if you look at my past replies, you'll know I've been very shady towards Christina. Recently, I've re-evaluated a lot and grown a lot more respect for her and her achievements. So I've started listening to a lot of her music again, and one album in particular that has caught my interest isn't even really an album: Her demo album "Just Be Free" originally made in 1995 has some really good songs on it. I love the whole 90s House/dance vibe and it suits Xtina's voice really well. I know she said she is working on an English pop album that will be released after "Aguilera", do you feel going in this direction again would be a good idea? Artists like Lady Gaga and Beyoncé have recently gone in this style and found success. Chromatica was one of Mt favorite 2020 releases, and Renaissance is a MASTERPIECE. I'd love to hear Xtina do something in that vein again, but what are your guys' thoughts? Would it be cool or a flop?
  17. This is Christina’s demo album and it’s very much a 90s record. She was about 14/15 After finishing her run on The All-New Mickey Mouse Club, a then fifteen-year-old Aguilera began recording the album with New Jersey-based producers Robert Allecca and Michael Brown. The pair gave Aguilera the opportunity to use a recording studio and presented her with demo music with the understanding that they could use the material for their own purpose, but also claiming they would not commercially release the recordings. The record was conceived to showcase Aguilera's vocals in an effort to reach out to record labels, a venture which actually backfired after the recordings were not very well received among critics. Six years after the completion of the album and Aguilera had achieved mainstream success, Brown and Allecca released the record. Just Be Free has sold over 129,000 copies in the United States. Background Lawsuit and releaseEdit After discovery that Allecca and Brown would be releasing the album, Aguilera started developments to sue the pair in an effort to stop the release.[1]Aguilera filed a suit against Warlock Records and the affiliates Platinum Recordings and JFB Music for "improper use of her name and license on the upcoming album Just Be Free".[1] Carla Christofferson, her lawyer at the time, explained that "We're trying to stop them from releasing these early recordings which is not the quality she is associated with right now."[4] However, Warlock Records president Adam Levy felt that despite Aguilera disliking the material, he found it to be a look into her life at the time of recording. He stated "It's a great look at what she was doing, We're pleased [to be putting the record out]. I'm more pleased for the album's producers who wanted to get it out. I hope the fans can appreciate it."[5]Christofferson responded by alleging that Warlock Records tried to "boot strap" on Aguilera's success. In response to the lawsuit, Warlock Records filed their own lawsuit in an attempt to ensure the release of the record.[4] During the proceedings, Aguilera agreed to let Warlock Records release Just Be Freeafter reaching a settlement with the company and its affiliates. She allowed the release under the condition that the label would have to include a letter written by Aguilera in each album released.[5]Since November 13, 2015, the album is available to stream on Spotify and Deezer.[6][7] “Just Be Free was recorded when I was 14 and 15 years old. At that young age, I made the recordings as a possible stepping stone to a career in music, which is my ultimate passion. They were made just so that I could get my foot in the door of the music business. I did not intend that the recordings would be widely released, especially after I signed with a major record label. I have not updated or finished the versions recorded in my childhood, and they are being released "as is," although I tried to prevent the release for several years. The recordings do not in any way reflect my current musical taste and where I am as an artist. The growth and vocal development I experienced as I matured into young adulthood is not reflected in the recordings. The album of new recordings that I intend to release this fall will be the album that truly reflects my artistry, my vision, and my passion. The Just Be Free recordings will hopefully be a footnote in a musical career that I dream will last for many years to come” — Aguilera, in the album's accompanying letter, [8]
  18. (It's garbage!!) - the only "good" song from xtina's new messy spanish album is this one... 14 tracks but just only 1 pop bop !! we can only wait for her next American pop era... Most depressing album EVER !!!
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