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This Day in Pop: Gimme More ("Kimme More" Remix) is released in 2008 (January 08)

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On January 08, 2008 (allegedly) Britney Spears released Gimme More ("Kimme More" Remix) featuring Lil' Kim. The track appears on Kim's debut mixtape Ms. G.O.A.T. (as Kimmy More ) which came out in June of that year. It was on November 2007 when she announced in an interview for MTV that she was readying the record


"I always wanted to do a mixtape," Kim said in the vocal booth, where she was working on a remake of the Lady of Rage's "Afro Puffs." "I used to see how 50 used to do it so hard. And I was a big fan of 50 when he first started putting out his mixtapes, and I'm still a fan. I seen his growth. But it all started with the mixtape. He caught my ear. It was a great movement. I said 'Damn, it's not a lot of girls doing
it ... .'





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3 hours ago, CrazyButItFeelsAllright said:

I still can’t believe this is real. This seems like a fan dub like Azealia Banks on Work ***** :roxxy:

I can imagine Azealia rapping over the Femme Fatale instrumentals or something... "Drop Dead (Beautiful)" but with her raps on top of it? Since she already does house-y beats and FF was EDM...

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Kimmie kimmie more, cause too much is not enough, all this liquor in my cup, got me dancin like a sl*t, fans is screaming Gimme more cause too much is not enough, can u feel the adrenaline rush, Kim and Brit all eyes on us. 

It started as a dirty dance, then it led to a one night stand, damn I’m hookin up with a fan, getting freaky with his video cam, I’m such a dirty wh*re, shake that body till it’s sore, everybody hit the floor, feelin hot and **** got us sayin sayin.

WE NEED MORE, because too much is never enough.


idc what any of y’all say, this has ALWAYS been in the rotation. Queen Bee and Queen B. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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4 hours ago, ColdAsFire88 said:

Honestly? I was excited when it was released but when I heard it I wasn’t impressed. :tiffdrink_miss_ms_ny_new_york_drinking_sips_sipping_tea_straw:

Lil Kim just added her vocals and verse but the rest stayed the same. Its not much of a remix to me. 

Uhm... why as Britney fans we are always bashing Britney's work. The same situation in reverse is OK. For example, the "S&M (Remix)", Britney just added her vocals and a new verse.


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