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  1. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FjzeoVOXEBEQi0A?format=jpg&name=small
  2. Get it M-Dolla! She showed love to Cardi B with a few tweets then posted this on her TikTok 🔥🤗🤗😉 I am loving her energy lately! Related:
  3. Cardi B had her star-studded bday party and Ti is here to spill
  4. Cardi B dressed in orange, in preparation for the September 12 court hearing that has Cardi facing the potential of 4 years behind bars, breaks the internet with never done before fashion. We stan a legend, where is the sophomore album?
  5. The barbs are going in, cos Nicki is back and Right on Time social media is destroying her purposely distracting the barb's, from kate miller to denying the number one cos of discounts discounts discounts.. They said Right on time and a new angle was added, ageism as she turns 40 this year, so that's basically means she's not allowed to do Tracks like super freaky girl cos she's to old for s** and getting d.i.ck. cod the industry values younger women over older women there cos it's a Man's world.. Then right in Time the accolades and the industry going against Nicki. Missy tweeted what determines a classic vs. a hit song. Rap legend yes, but the barbz felt the disrespect Right there. XXL named her Greatest FEMALE in rap, only to deny saying we're asking Twitter to remove the fake Barb tweet and remove any user sharing it. Then ASCAP does This. There's a reason why. Harry styles is expected to go back to number one, and a freefall as usual.. So the industry and the elite are now moved on to republic records vs. Atlantic records to determine who's the Best artist cos It's no longer Nicki V's Cardi B. It's much bigger now that the industry is working extremely hard to erase Nicki Minaj.. And all the Blogs are saying the distractions are working cos we're being targeted Nicki isn't being targeted their playing chess and know only way to ruin Nicki now is to distract the fan base to the point we get Nicki cancelled cos of something said out of anger at the moment. @Freak Like Me @Jordan Miller @Crazybutitfeelsalright @Blackout2006 They even said if they can't cancel Nicki just by Nicki Minaj alone, they know, to cancel her is through This move. It's time for us to Bounce off Twitter now, that's what their doing now
  6. Tasha K isn't having a good week. Forced to pay Cardi B, or have her possessions given to cardi B, as the courts put her into a lien status. Which means anything of value to the 4, Million judgment will go to cardi B. She had to move to a cheaper apartment, put her house for rent, and trade in a new car, to a used 2003. If that wasn't enough, Iggy azalea threatened her a lawsuit as well, saying don't you have rent to pay. AS WE SEE IN THIS VIDEO, GIRL IS EXHAUSTED AND, VERY MUCH DEPRESSED, THAT SHE PUT HERSELF IN THIS SITUATION.. @Jordan Miller
  7. According to page six, A new single from Cardi B is set to drop a week from Friday, a music source tells Page Six. The song features a “top male artist in the hip hop game” Who could it be? https://pagesix.com/2022/06/08/cardi-b-dropping-new-song-next-week-featuring-male-hip-hop-artist/?utm_medium=SocialFlow&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=P6Twitter
  8. Cardi B recently said in a live video that she’d like to direct a Azealia Banks in a photo shoot 📸 “I would love to direct a photoshoot for her. But, you know I’m a little afraid of her. She can turn left real quick, but I would love that”.
  9. According to music insiders this is what Cardi had to say about her next single “I'm going to say the new single is going to be out very, very soon and you guys are going to love it. I gotta surprise you.”
  10. Cardi spoke on Twitter in a voice note addressing concerns from her fans about the lack of new music. She says: “I seen a lot of y’all talking **** like, ‘Oh she doesn’t feed us… So when I put what I’mma put out, I’mma talk more about it because clearly I can’t talk about it now,” “But I really had technical difficulties with my latest project. I had not one, not two, but like three technical difficulties on the music that I’ve been working on that … it had to be done and taken care of before I put it out.” “When things come out, that’s when I’mma talk about it. It’s nothing, like, major or crazy”. “Yeah, we’ll figure it out ’cause I know, I know, I know, I know you guys want that and I’m gonna give it to ya, OK? OK.”
  11. We stan the Princess of RAP listening to "Throat Goat" off Kim Petras' new EP #Sl*tPop https://instagram.com/stories/iamcardib/2771619091627965335?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&utm_medium=share_sheet @Brat @Style. @Doja Kitten @TommyX
  12. Hey guys, hope it's ok I post this here. I'm a gay rapper with my own musicgenre I call GAY-HIPHOP. I just released a musicvideo called ''Queen of self'destruction''. I hope you guys like it, the song means alot to me <3
  13. Cardi B continues to champion her status in streaming era. After her viral and chart-topping hits, WAP and Up, her team has recently updated her singles from 2018’s Girls Like You and I Like It, completing with diamond certifications by RIAA after selling more than 10 million units in the US. These newly certified singles add up to her 2017’s Bodak Yellow, joining Katy Perry as the only female acts to have 3 diamond certified singles. Cardi B 1. Bodak Yellow (10X) 2. Girls Like You (10X) 3. I Like It (10X) Katy Perry 1. Firework (12X) 2. Dark Horse (10X) 3. Roar (10X) Congratulations, ladies!
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