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  1. "Britney’s been on a downward spiral for a while now," a source claimed. Per the insider, before the cops were called to the swanky California hotel, Spears and Soliz "had been drinking at the hotel bar to the point where they were cut off from ordering more booze." “They were loud and intoxicated, and guests were complaining about the noise," the insider alleged. "She was in a celebratory mood. "Britney was obviously intoxicated and got hurt. She’s surrounded by enablers who aren’t looking after her either," the source added. One of those people has been Spears' new man, who has allegedly not positively influenced her. "When Britney likes a guy, his past doesn't come into the equation. She loves bad boys, they give her a thrill," the insider noted of their romance. Britney Spears Has 'Been on a Downward Spiral for a While,' Claims Insider: 'She' Surrounded by Enablers' OKMAGAZINE.COM According to insiders, Britney Spears' erratic behavior hasn't been anything new following her scary outburst at the Chateau Marmont.
  2. its crazy that her hair has been on point for years at this point. used to be the top sign for britney beeing ´´weird and funny``. not anymore I am sure.
  3. Does she ever sleep? Lover: 4 editions Folklore: 8 deluxe CD, 8 deluxe LP, Deluxe casette edition Evermore: 8 versions/10 digital Midnights: over 20 versions/digital over 20 versions Speak Now (TV): minimally 4 editions and digital 4 editions 1989 (TV): 11 editions/minimally 6 digital editions The Tortured Poets Department: 4 versions/digital 11 versions 4 cds/4 vinyl, 4 casette, target + 3 new farting editions = 16 @Neydelinska Spearsi @princessmimi
  4. Interesting deep dive on Beyonce and Jay-Z and their alleged connection to the Diddler / worth a watch!
  5. Guys, I'm so afraid it will come true. I pray every day hoping that she is only having oral and a n * l in bed!
  6. Britney NEVER for one second has lost her ability to dance... why? because even if her dancing styles are different she has never danced amateurly there are very few exceptions of her not dancing well. maybe VMA 2007? But even this showed a level of professionalism imo
  7. i actually find myself liking more than half of the songs Body Ache is a banger Tik Tik Boom is such a good and solid hit Perfume on the other hand a good ballad with good video whats your favorite on Britney Jena and why DISCUSS
  8. It’s becoming very much discussed currently Thoughts, Exhale? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments and they beTTer be respectful and serious
  9. its essential for life we all need to breathe that album albums like that is like the healthiest air in the world
  10. In the dream I was in Los Angeles beside a busy street, lots of traffic On the sidewalk, I saw her and approached her and told her I was so sorry for what she had been through (I was a wreck, not a good look) Cade was behind us smoking a joint She just grabbed my hand, smiled at me and led me to the other side of the busy street I dream a lot about everything but never dreamt about Britney before. How about you? Also stream:
  11. In January, Britney stated in a post that she was a ghostwriter and “I’ve written over 20 songs for other people the past two years !!!” What songs do you think she could have wrote? Since allegedly some of these songs were very successful... My theory:
  12. With everything that's happening with Diddy I can't help but wonder if he helped Robin avoid her deposition. Allegedly she is his accountant. What do you guys think?
  13. Britney’s last instagram note mentioning Oribe hair spray. When you search Oribe this comes up: “In 2008, Oribe began working with Oribe Hair Care president and co-founder Daniel Kaner.” when you look at Daniel Kaner’s followers and search Lou, you end up finding “louise orozco” . This lady has a single pink wig as her profile picture. well… 2008? CS? The part she told that tristar founded by her money? Am i reaching? Why there’s so much cryptic messages in Britney’s posts and why there’s so much coincidences?
  14. Hey, I've been a fan from the very beginning, so I experienced the first hype around 1990 and the 2000s around Britney. At that time, many copycats were springing up. Especially here in Germany. So I would like to know from you whether there were also many copycats of Britney outside of the US, most of whom had their success because of her. The first copycat I can remember is Juliette with "Unstoppable". Her whole style and the sound of the song are very reminiscent of Britney ... especially OIDIA.... Juliette wasn't very successful with it. I think it was because she couldn't dance very well and her voice was a bit too jazzy and classical. The next one I remember is Jeanette Bidermann. She was called the German Britney Spears ... outrageous ... The video is also very reminiscent of OIDIA ... unfortunately she couldn't dance as well ... The following group is called NO ANGELS. They were very successful here ... The first casting band in Germany. Here they copy the sound and the dance style ... especially the chair dance ... Last but not least, Helene Fischer. She is the German superstar. In this video she steals a lot from Britney ... can you guess what? Now I am curious about your copycats ... ;
  15. @Jordan Miller You know I love you and I'm drooling when I see your body and pretty smile and I'm also happy in this place... But... first cookies window what pop-ups everywhere and no matter if I agreed them for million times- they are back in another page. Then comments cannot be edited/saved And now after post any comment I have to paint a route for the "car" with my finger along some line as a form of verification... I wonder if someone is testing our patience here, is this some kind of experiment?
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