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  1. So I've recently realised that my playlist is low on songs in Portuguese And that is a big shame so I'd like to fix that I'm mainly interested in old school pop catchy tunes boppps Any recommendations?
  2. I'm starting: How many threads @GlitterRain create per day? Isn't he superhuman? Why are here so many members who watching threads and never said anything? Why still seems @Garrett James to be upset at everything? @AmandaLick why are you so quiet in threads and so alive in chat window? Oh my, my baby don't be shy Please answer me ... and start ask more body questions at others!
  3. What happened to voice chat? It’s not showing up?
  4. Let's talk Spain Who's a legend? Whose music should every music lover give a listen to?
  5. I know for sure I'm no angel!!!! 😇 You? 😘
  6. Hello is there anything NEW about the "rebellion" as audio or information? It got so boring to talk about rebellion but I still got hope for this song (I know that the same question been asked by other fans over and over again but I can't go to an old thread and ask this question there I will get a warning)
  7. These two are my new favourites from 2016. Baby talk really is her comfort place. What’s yours?
  8. Max had Kate Bush but what song gets you out of The Upside Down? ? Go!!
  9. Just curious, is there somewhere we can view how many members are currently online, or how many are active in a given month?
  10. With her debut that should have been an easy win, Jesy Nelson (of Little Mix fame) managed to... Alienate the LM fanbase by using LM for drama + controversy, bullying her prior bandmate after having released a documentary herself about her difficult experiences with it Release a single lacking any creative flare, over-sampling Release a video that copied that same song and barely added anything to it Collaborate with an artist currently in the news for defending her s**-offender husband and using her platform to silence a r*** victim Fail to take accountability for blatant cultural appropriation and doubled down on it Have an awkward debut performance which was only really talked about for memes Jesus what a list. Am I missing anything? It sounds like her next single is going to be a ballad. Here's hoping she can somehow recover from this and write off Boyz as a failed promo single.... But! Exhale, has anyone else you can recall ever fumbled a debut this bad?
  11. Hi guys, I’ve made my first album and would love to share a link for you to check it out on my YouTube channel. Am I allowed to just put it as a new topic on forums and if so which section do I need to put it in? Thanks for your help.
  12. Haha, I keep seeing this in comments but I really have no idea what it means. Some of the definitions on Google are hilarious. Can someone please clarify what 'ddd' means? 😅 Thanks!
  13. I'm obsessed with the music in the background, you know the one during Britney's testimony. So powerful & emotional at the same time. By any chance, do u know what it is & where i can find it ? Thanks !
  14. ...Bab One More Time Oops!... I Did It Again Britney In The Zone Blackout Circus Femme Fatale Britney Jean Glory
  15. I can’t figure out what this little hand badge means on somebody’s picture in threads: Just curious
  16. A fam claims it was just leaked. But, isn't it from the 'Alice' thing in 2014 or something? So fake btw
  17. Personally i really don't understand why people care so much about reviews, metacritic and stuff like that It's like some people don't have free will and rely on that to say whether they like an album or not. What makes the opinion of a journalist who is being paid to create reactions and bring traffic to a website more important than your own opinion? There are so many albums that have been demolished by critics and then praised years later (Blackout for example) And record labels can totally alter the narrative with payola. Taylor Swift and Gaga have been exposed for paying money to pitchfork and music reviewers in the past
  18. So, I have noticed and increasingly divisive dialogue between pretty much everyone on social media, reaching a peak with the pandemic. So, I was curious, how do you guys keep a balance? How do you conceptualize the difference between a valid questioning and a "conspiracy theory"? Have you stumbled upon something too crazy?
  19. I know this question is based on personal opinion merely. I just wanted to ask you guys when do you think music hit its peak. It could be a year up to a decade. For me personally it's the 90's decade, especially end of the 90's and beginning of 00's , (98-2002 to be exact). Something about the use of instruments in mainstream music was very clear and pure, and while production is getting polished and more sophisticated with time and technology, I still feel like there was something invincible in that simplicity and rememberable formula. I could start giving examples but the list would be way too long. Please respect everyone's opinion in the comments and tell us what is your personal favorite music era.
  20. i'm impressed with her face, the way she she talks and express herself, something reminds me of britney a lot, specially during the britney era. maybe she studied britney a lil bit? watch:
  21. First of all, what is up with her and lighting? It’s like looking straight at the solar eclipse WARNING: LOW LIGHT FILTERING GLASSES RECCOMENDED BEFORE CLICKING SPOILER Secondly, everyone meet Elsa Hosk- Elsa Anna Sofie Hosk is a Swedish model and current Victoria's Secret Angel, who has worked for brands including Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Free People, Ungaro, H&M, Anna Sui, Lilly Pulitzer and Guess. She modeled for Victoria's Secret, appearing in the brand's annual fashion show from 2011 to 2018. Here’s one of her photoshoots in the early stages of her career- Looks familiar? Allow me to refresh your memory- And guess who photographed both these sessions? Yeah you guessed that right That’s all I wanted to say. Im just warning you to not be surprised if the B10 photoshoot looks something like this-
  22. Just curious... I am really interested in promoting Exhale in a much bigger way than I have ever before, and I'd love to have existing members' support. I know Exhale began as a Britney forum, but legit one of my dreams is to have this forum be home for fans of other artists AS WELL. Curious if ANY of you are interested in that kind of a shift. I'd love to hear your feedback! And yes I am talking about this forum (not the other newly-created one). Comment. I am replying
  23. I just got done watching Crossroads for the millionth time, and I still love it just as much as I did the first time I saw it. Maybe I'm a little biased because Britney's in it, but I seriously enjoy every part of it! It's just fun, entertaining, and full of great Brit moments. Anyone else really enjoy Crossroads?
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