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  1. This passage seems to blend poetic imagery with a touch of mystery and encouragement. Let's break it down: "The deeper the well the better the water": This metaphor suggests that greater depth or effort often yields better results or rewards. It implies that the more one invests in something, the more valuable the outcome will be. "My name River Red a miracle when I holler": Here, "River Red" could be a symbolic name referring to the speaker's connection to nature or perhaps even their own identity. The phrase "a miracle when I holler" might suggest that when the speaker speaks up or expresses themselves, it's significant or miraculous in some way. "‘Cause I’m much too quiet yet in silence I make my point": This line suggests that despite the speaker's quiet nature, their actions or presence still carry weight and significance. It implies that one doesn't always need to be loud or vocal to have an impact. "A handmade chest when Snow 'oink' 🐽 'oinks'": This line seems more enigmatic. It could be interpreted in various ways depending on context. It might symbolize the unexpected or the unique, contrasting the image of a chest (which is typically associated with treasure or secrets) with the sound of a pig's oink. "Pss can anyone spot the angel flying in the video with the pool ???": This appears to be a playful or intriguing question, perhaps referencing a specific video or scene. It invites the reader to look for something special or hidden within the imagery. "Pss life’s too short, violence is never the answer give someone a hug today !!!": This final message is one of encouragement and positivity. It emphasizes the importance of kindness and human connection, suggesting that instead of resorting to violence or negativity, we should spread love and embrace one another. Overall, this passage combines elements of reflection, mystery, and encouragement, encouraging readers to seek depth, find meaning in silence, and embrace kindness and connection.
  2. Fantasy slaying as usual ...watch also the end of the video where they mention their favorites. Guess which one was mentioned the most... The "cheap" perfume was considered better than those from high-end brands.
  3. I haven’t smelled all of them but have always loved circus fantasy. It’s kind of citrusy? Is that just me. My issue with it is that I find it doesn’t stay on for very long. I really like how fresh it is though.
  4. It was part of a post with other random pictures and and old video of her. https://www.instagram.com/p/C5qGAZvLvEN/?igsh=MW9rNG93bXhoejBwdg==
  5. i don't know if its a real demo but you know where it's from because it's sound so good i want a complete version
  6. Hate to part ways with it, but if anyone has ever wanted a JSA LOA autograph that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg - this is it! Similar autographs go for $800 - $1,000+, often without custom framing or a fill LOA (just basic cert). This one is custom framed. Willing to negotiate if you really want this autograph. I want this to go to someone who will treasure it. BRITNEY SPEARS framed autograph with JSA LOA and cert WWW.EBAY.COM Britney Spears autograph with JSA LOA and cert card.
  7. shot by Lisa Peardon - love seeing these throwback photos of her and all the cool fashion from the 90s 🌹(now I need to find those capris in the last photo 😩)
  8. Have you ever heard such a perfect pop song before? Nothing was the same after those three piano chords. Pop music can be divided in "before Baby One More Time" and "after Baby One More Time". The literal blueprint for what was THE quintessential pop song and one of the biggest zeitgeists in popular music. Everything about this masterpiece is brilliant, including its polarizing music video, and it really is just one of those songs where if it's got its hooks onto you, it never lets go. One of the most important and powerful songs of the 90s that changed the history of music.
  9. Just wanted to make a positive appreciation thread for Felicia, Britney’s former assistant and friend. Love you Felicia. Thank you for keeping Britney grounded and in touch with herself throughout those years. Such a humble, sweet and gracious woman. ❤️
  10. I know this account is sus at times, but double checked the site and her name is indeed no longer there. Also never heard of that place before and it looks like a cult, but she's no stranger to that I suppose
  11. Here will be regularly added updates the dates when she (again) played with the Instagram settings and de-/re-activated her account. https://instagram.com/britneyspears Jan 4, 2024 - deactivated Jan 5, 2024 - reactivated [Jan 6, 2024 - changed to private account] Jan 8, 2024 - deactivated Jan 18, 2024 - reactivated March 4, 2024 - deactivated March 8, 2024 - reactivated March 19, 2024 - deactivated March 22, 2024 - reactivated April 8, 2024 - deactivated April 9, reactivated
  12. These are dank memes, don't take this seriously. Feel free to post the best drags yourself! Funny cuz mean as ****, I'm so sorry riri, pls dont kill me
  13. April 4th: 731‘432 streams. What‘s happening guys? After the on-going success of „Toxic“ her other big songs gain massive stream increases. What‘s the reason? Anyone knows?
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