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  1. Tell us your Spotify wrapped stats for 2022! My most listened to Artist of 2022 was Little Mix. Most listened to song: Elton John & Britney Spears - Hold Me Closer My Top 5 most listened to Artists: 1. Little Mix 2. Elton John 3. Britney Spears 4. Avril Lavigne 5. Sugababes My Top 5 most listened to songs: 1. Elton John & Britney Spears - Hold Me Closer 2. Jamie Miller - It Is What It Is 3. Beyonce - Break My Soul 4. Shawn Mendes - When You're Gone 5. Jesy Nelson ft Nicki Minaj - BOYZ
  2. Thalia first live album ‘Primera Fila’ just surpassed the 200 million streams on Spotify making the 2009 album her third album to achieve that.
  3. 'Tis the season! Britney's X-mas classic "My Only Wish" has officialy landed in her top 10 most popular streamed songs this fall/winter on Spotify. It comes in at #9. The song had its biggest streaming day last year. Can we do better? Go stream the classic X-mas hit song!
  4. Basically Apple has refused the current update of Spotify with option to buy audio books, etc.. Daniel ek is about to pull Spotify off the app store. And make it exclusive to android market. Will you switch to android if Spotify leaves Apple for good?. @Jordan Miller
  5. also Drake becomes the first Spotify artist to feature on Barcelona’s kit. The limited edition shirt celebrates him becoming the first person to reach 50 billion streams on the platform and will be worn in this weekend’s El Clasico personally, I never understood the Drake hype... and the T-Shirt is cool!
  6. Please follow these steps to request for her missing bonus tracks to be uploaded to streaming services (takes seconds for each one!!) Visit popmusicactivism.com/requests Choose a missing song from the list below (hidden in the Spoiler tag!!) Fill out the info provided & click submit! Repeat this process for each missing song you'd like to request There are currently 10 released bonus tracks that are completely missing from streaming. Plus an additional 6 that are missing from their respective albums. I'm hoping the more people who request, the more likely Pop Music Activism are going to respond! Thank you to @Isla for suggesting this website. You can follow @pop_activism on Twitter to support their work. MISSING SONGS LIST:
  7. Taylor Swift has now 100 songs with over 100 million streams each, the first female artist to achieve that record.
  8. Sooooo I don’t post much on here lol, but I have loved the song since it’s came out, even the demo versions, and a remix I heard on the radio to last night, “more upbeat”. but anyways, since the release… how has the song been doing on your local radio station where you are so far And most importantly, are you still requesting and streaming?
  9. In today's Music consumption hd music, spatial audio and dolby atmos seems to be taking over. That is only on Amazon Music! Apple Music and most paid only streaming services Spotify announced they were gonna enter! Still tweaking in February of 2021. So where is it.. They announced as kind of a premium uograde, like how apple Music and Amazon music planned it. However, to actually counteract and force spotify out of hd audio, and it did work. Amazon and Apple Music basically changed their minds after spotify announced entering it, saying no upgrade, its for everyone. Thus, as most tech media said, this causee spotify to abandon it, and not make an announcement. It was a huge blow, Daniel ek believes, they knew what they were doing, so he walked out.. Cos in the states apple Music and Amazon quietly took over Spotify.. Most smart TVs have deals with Amazon Music, and spotify is a casting move for TV playing. Are you upset that they quietly abandoned the hd upgrade or understand why they walked out of it, even when saying it's coming almost two years ago. @Slayer @Style. @Jordan Miller
  10. Update by @Urbanney August 31, 2022: Spotify Global: #38 (-8) Spotify USA: #29 (-8) Spotify UK: #25 (+1) Apple Music Global: #22 (+1) Apple Music USA: #54 (-7) Apple Music UK: #4 (-1) Earlier updates: iTunes (39x #1): #1 Argentina #1 Armenia #1 Australia #1 Austria #1 Belgium #1 Brazil #1 Bulgaria #1 Canada #1 Chile #1 Colombia #1 Costa Rica #1 Czech Republic #1 Denmark #1 Finland #1 Germany #1 Greece #1 Guatemala #1 Hungary #1 Ireland #1 Israel #1 Italy #1 Kazakhstan #1 Luxembourg #1 Mexico #1 Netherlands #1 New Zealand #1 Norway #1 Panama #1 Peru #1 Poland #1 Portugal #1 Slovakia #1 Slovenia #1 Spain #1 Sweden #1 Switzerland #1 Turkey #1 United Kingdom #1 United States #2 Ecuador #2 El Salvador #2 France #2 Micronesia #2 Philippines #2 Romania #2 Singapore #2 South Africa #2 Vietnam #4 Malaysia #5 Saudi Arabia #6 Indonesia #6 Oman #7 Thailand #9 United Arab Emirates #13 Ukraine #22 Hong Kong #27 Taiwan #40 Bolivia #76 Lithuania Apple Music: #1 Ireland #1 Malta #1 New Zealand #2 Norway #2 Sweden #2 United Kingdom #3 Algeria #3 Australia #3 Brazil #4 Canada #4 Lithuania #5 Netherlands #6 Austria #6 Finland #7 Switzerland #7 United Arab Emirates #8 Cyprus #8 Denmark #8 Lebanon #10 Slovenia #11 Germany #11 Myanmar #13 Bahrain #14 Poland #16 Qatar #17 Estonia #17 Luxembourg #17 Portugal #22 Oman #22 Singapore #23 Serbia #25 Croatia #25 Slovakia #26 Uruguay #27 Latvia #29 Kuwait #30 Belgium #31 North Macedonia #32 Bulgaria #36 Czech Republic #36 Greece #37 Spain #38 Argentina #38 Israel #39 United States #40 Laos #42 Saudi Arabia #43 Hungary #45 Italy #45 Panama #45 South Africa #50 Costa Rica #53 Jordan #54 France #57 Armenia #59 Bhutan #62 El Salvador #62 Papua New Guinea #62 Vietnam #64 Cambodia #64 Venezuela #66 Malaysia #66 Philippines #67 Mexico #68 Trinidad and Tobago #72 Romania #73 Iceland #82 Paraguay #85 Indonesia #88 Fiji #89 Guatemala #93 Chile #98 Bermuda Shazam: #17 New Zealand #22 Australia #26 Canada #32 Sweden #45 Denmark #45 Ireland #46 United Kingdom #52 Austria #77 United States #89 Germany #98 Norway #105 Finland #127 Belgium #140 Switzerland #156 Worldwide #168 Netherlands #172 Poland
  11. Granted, this is just daily streams, but is anyone else surprise Slave isn’t in the top 10? Toxic Pong somewhat makes sense to me since it’s new and fits in with the streaming era, but Criminal?! Seems out of place. Thoughts?
  12. It's Adele’s fourth & fastest female songs to achieve this milestone on the platform.
  13. Spotify will be launching a new karaoke feature, it also gives you a score on the song you sing along to.
  14. ‘Kiss Me More’ by Doja Cat & SZA has become the biggest female collaboration of all time on Spotify with over 1.2 BILLION streams. 👸👸🎉
  15. ‘Glory’ deluxe album track "Liar" has re-entered the Bulgarian Daily Top Songs chart on Spotify at #111 with 1,322 streams.
  16. We’re still bouncing our timber 🔥 #FREEKESHA
  17. It becomes Demi’s first song to reach this milestone and the only solo song by a Disney ex-act of this generation to reach the mark 👑
  18. Lady Gaga’s Chromatica’ has reached 2 Billiom streams on Spotify. It is her 3rd album to achieve this. Who’s contributed? 😛
  19. Anitta becomes the first Brazilian to be on Spotify Top 10 Global among the most streamed for the first time ever. Her solo song “Envolver” reaches #9 on Top 10 after hitting the Top 30 last Monday March 14. It’s the first song from a Brazilian to reach that mark. Until today, the song which is sang in Spanish has been played over 2.5 million times. The success is due the choreography that became popular among Latino countries and is widely known as “El paso del Anitta”. It has also been charting in Mexico, Colombia and Chile among other Latin America nations. It’s Annita biggest hit in the Latin market.
  20. Poor Anitta. Her newest single “Boys Don’t Cry” an attempt to reach the always difficult market for non English speakers is a hit but only in Brazil. The song only charted on Spotify Brazil but hit #2 the day it premiered on January 28 and now is on #30 and the US it didn’t hit the top 200. It also spent eight days in the global rank but about 80% from the streaming was coming from Brazil. To promote the song, she even went to Jimmy Fallon but failed with only hit #31 on Pop Airplay on Billboard. So Exhalers, what Anitta is doing wrong or is it prejudice from Americans?
  21. Britney's spotify streaming numbers have been rising! Considering she hasn't released new music in years this is pretty impressive. Some of her singles that are close to reaching big milestones: Gimme More - Almost 300M - 298,011,816 Circus - Almost 200M - 199,424,729 Piece of Me - Almost 100M - 99,460,146 Lucky - Almost 100M - 95,363,788 Songs that recently reached big milestones: Stronger - 100M Everytime - 100M Toxic - 700M If you seek amy - 100M She currently has 24,620,790 monthly listeners and ranks in at #116 overall. She is ahead of JT at #123, JLo at #161 and xtina at #160
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