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  1. Anitta becomes the first Brazilian to be on Spotify Top 10 Global among the most streamed for the first time ever. Her solo song “Envolver” reaches #9 on Top 10 after hitting the Top 30 last Monday March 14. It’s the first song from a Brazilian to reach that mark. Until today, the song which is sang in Spanish has been played over 2.5 million times. The success is due the choreography that became popular among Latino countries and is widely known as “El paso del Anitta”. It has also been charting in Mexico, Colombia and Chile among other Latin America nations. It’s Annita biggest hit in the Latin market.
  2. Poor Anitta. Her newest single “Boys Don’t Cry” an attempt to reach the always difficult market for non English speakers is a hit but only in Brazil. The song only charted on Spotify Brazil but hit #2 the day it premiered on January 28 and now is on #30 and the US it didn’t hit the top 200. It also spent eight days in the global rank but about 80% from the streaming was coming from Brazil. To promote the song, she even went to Jimmy Fallon but failed with only hit #31 on Pop Airplay on Billboard. So Exhalers, what Anitta is doing wrong or is it prejudice from Americans?
  3. Britney's spotify streaming numbers have been rising! Considering she hasn't released new music in years this is pretty impressive. Some of her singles that are close to reaching big milestones: Gimme More - Almost 300M - 298,011,816 Circus - Almost 200M - 199,424,729 Piece of Me - Almost 100M - 99,460,146 Lucky - Almost 100M - 95,363,788 Songs that recently reached big milestones: Stronger - 100M Everytime - 100M Toxic - 700M If you seek amy - 100M She currently has 24,620,790 monthly listeners and ranks in at #116 overall. She is ahead of JT at #123, JLo at #161 and xtina at #160
  4. Take note that this data is global, not just US-centric. Top 30: BTS - Dynamite Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license Ariana Grande - positions Pop Smoke - For the Night (feat. Lil Baby & DaBaby) The Weeknd - Blinding Lights Justin Bieber - Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar & GIVĒON) Olivia Rodrigo - good 4 u The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber - STAY Bad Bunny & Jhay Cortez - Dakiti Dua Lipa - Levitating (feat. DaBaby) Drake - Wants and Needs (feat. Lil Baby) Doja Cat - Kiss Me More (feat. SZA) Yuuri - Dried Flower Pooh Shiesty - Back in Blood (feat. Lil Durk) Polo G - RAPSTAR 24kGoldn - Mood (feat. iann dior) Lil Baby - On Me Pop Smoke - What You Know Bout Love YOASOBI - 夜に駆ける Masked Wolf - Astronaut In The Ocean BTS - Butter Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) Lil Tjay & 6LACK - Calling My Phone SZA - Good Days GIVĒON - HEARTBREAK ANNIVERSARY Cardi B - WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) Cardi B - Up Olivia Rodrigo - deja vu The Weeknd - Save Your Tears CJ - Whoopty Full list: >>>click here<<< If anyone's curious, here's the data on Apple Music vs. Spotify when it comes to userbase (source):
  5. A former Spotify executive slammed Taylor swift on her whole I want my money back in 2014, saying I doubt she cares about making 0.0001 per stream, Artists make 1 dollar even off of 250 streams. Spotify wasn't created with the intention of paying any artists, songwriters or record labels (Taylor swift unfortunately changed that when the industry realized nobody was making money like they did in the pure sales days, an artist could easily make 58 Million alone when they sold 10 Million albums in the US thanks to pricing and percentage royalties off of songwriting credits, these days they can make 250 Million to 300 Million depending on if their tour was a huge success and sold out every market they went to).. Spotify was only created with the intention of legally distributing music for free of charges as a way to combat music piracy and it basically ended Piracy as streaming forced all Music industry to understand that the internet is never going away, no matter what artists or CEOs think, it's only going to get bigger each year. @Jordan Miller @PokemonSpears @Blackout2006
  6. What up, Exhale I consider creating playlists one of the most fun and entertainig things to do to kill time. On the other hand, and from a deeper perspective, I love it when each song in a playlist has a real reason to be there. I currently have 48 playlists on Spotify I will share only some of them and would love to see yours Nocturnal Songs Series The name is quite self explanatory. 'Everytime' and 'Invitation' are featured here. Coffre Au Trésor Deep cuts only. This one has part 2 and part 3. Unusual You, Showdown, Inside Out, Shadow and others can be found in those 3 Hot Right Now What I'm currently listening to. Britney Spears Compendium I mean, of course... Drop yours!
  7. The Spice Girls asked fans to pick their favorite anthems for pride on social media, and now it's available to stream. Not surprisingly it's mostly 90s and early 00s music. However they include the original Confetti without saweetie, Work B by Britney spears and even Rain on Me. It's basically a dance party which is what you would expect from the Fans of the British girl power troops. Listen here
  8. Spotify has the old and new version but Apple only has the old version. Do we think they will replace the old version in these playlists?
  9. Apple Music pays out around a cent per stream, according to a new report from The Verge. Their competitor, Spotify, pays out a half-a-cent or sometimes one-third. Spotify hates talking about per stream items because they feel like it's misleading. Spotify and Apple Music's business models are different as well. Spotify offers an ad-supported version while Apple Music is subscription only. Spotify has 345 million total users, of which 155 million are paying Spotify Premium customers. Apple has “more than 60 million subscribers” as of June 2019, and more recent estimates have it at 72 million. Basically what you should take away from this? Most artists can't make a living on streams alone. I wonder how artist are doing considering they couldn't tour this past year. Thoughts, Exhale? Is a cent per stream lower than yu thought?
  10. Last night it was stunned when they opened Spotify. This is because songs by some Korean musicians, including the Land of Ginseng's soundtrack, are missing on this music streaming platform. Reporting from Koreaboo, this happened to musicians whose work was distributed by Kakao M. Songs released after 2019 through this distributor are no longer found on Spotify. Some artists whose songs are affected include Mamamoo, Seventeen, IU, Monsta X, The Boyz, and many others. Epik High's Tablo also expressed his disappointment directly on his Twitter account. License Expires Spotify itself has raised its voice on this issue to the NME media . Apparently this happened at the end of the contract between the two companies. "The Kakao M catalog will not be available to global users starting March 1, 2021 due to the expiration of our license," said a Spotify representative. Spotify said that for 1.5 years they had tried to renew the global license agreement with Kakao M. "Even though we are trying hard, the current agreement with Kakao M (which includes all countries apart from South Korea) has ended," said the platform representative with the green logo added. Finally, they expressed hope that this condition would only last for a while. Rivalry with Melons This happened after Spotify entered the South Korean market in early February. Previously, the streaming service in this country had long been controlled by Melon and Genie. Kakao M itself is the company behind Melon. When Spotify entered the South Korean market, not a single piece of music distributed by Kakao M appeared on its rival music service.
  11. Daniel EK better get security fast. Dua Lipa had her official verified Spotify account hacked which means, they could actually delete all her catalog and have her restart all her numbers. Fix it, this just proves internet isn't safe.
  12. Looks like Spotify is thinking a price hike and possibly getting rid of the free service citing That Spotify has to pay 1B to access music licenses and it is every 3 months. Basically you want the music, you gotta also pay, cos he's paying to rent the Music every 3 Months. However other streaming services like Apple Music, Deezer basically anybody that doesn't have a free plan. Has these licenses for years sometimes a decade. It's only Spotify that has to renew every 3 Months, and as you see, he's hurting, Since he's using his own money to get the music. Would you be willing to pay 15 a month for the Music.
  13. This is basically copy and paste of Spotify, they literally ripped off everything. They even made a fir you section called listen now. This is their latest update. As of today.
  14. As you know, RBD's catalogue arrived to Spotify, Itunes and other streaming platforms few days ago. Well, after 12 years of the band's split, RBD has broken records. Suprassed BTS's record as the most followed playlist in 24 hours. "THIS IS RBD" got 175,000 followers in less than 24 hours. BTS's record was 125,000. Right now, the playlist got 280,000 followers in less than 48 hours. The song 'Sálvame' got 12M streaming in only 45 minutes. RBD's albums has been charting in Itunes' top 50 and top 20. (Latin American and Europe) They did not promo for this comeback and they were banned from radio back in the day. THE IMPACT IS REAL! All of their albums are on physical formats in mexican stores again. Next 4th, October, 2020, the band will be making a special annoucement to all their fans around the world. Register on https://seroparecer.world/ and be ready to be part of this new era of RBD. It's rumoured to be a new worldwide tour or virtual concert. I'm not gonna lie, I'm so excited! Even Billboard is excited... https://newsroom.spotify.com/2020-09-03/rbd-the-global-pop-phenomenon-brings-its-entire-catalog-to-spotify/ You can listen to the playlist here:
  15. RBD was a very successful Mexican pop band that existed from 2004 to 2009. The group was formed as part of the story of the mega successful soap opera Rebelde, which was based on Argentinian series Rebelde Way. The Mexican "telenovela" was aired from 2004 to 2006, but the group remained active a few more years after it finished. The members of the group were Anahí, Dulce María, Alfonso Herrera, Christopher Uckerman, Christian Chávez and Maite Perroni. Except for Anahí who had released a few solo albums before, and Dulce María who had been part of two minor pop bands, they didn't really have a singing background and they were mostly known by their acting gigs in television. Thanks to the success of the telenovela which was broadcasted in many countries through Televisa network, including European ones where they don't even speak Spanish, like Turkey, they became one of the most successful Latin American groups ever, if not the most, by selling more than 10M records and 10M concert tickets around the world. The success was kinda unexpected, since previous teenage dramas had already counted with a musical group as well, but they were never really known outside the population that made up their viewership, and certainly their popularity never lasted after the soap opera came to an end. Brazil in particular gave them their most diehard fans despite the language barrier, and RBD became the first Spanish-speaking act to headline and sell out the Maracaná Stadium in that country. Besides Mexico and Brazil, they toured many other countries like Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Spain, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania and even the United States: they performed at the Coliseum in L.A. for 65K+ people, a show that was sold out in 30 minutes and holds the record as the second highest-income show in the venue's history, only behind The Rolling Stones. Their first tour in Mexico also stands as the 4th fastest selling tour in the country, only behind The Cure's 2004 Sing to the Deadly Mouse Trap Tour (#1), Britney Spears' 2002 Dream Within a Dream Tour (#2), and Backstreet Boys ' 2001 Black & Blue Tour (#3). At the peak of their success though, on August 15, 2008 they announced through a press release that the group would disband on March 10, 2009. I would dare to say, after they disappeared, no other pop act in Mexico, solo or group, has had any success remotely comparable to theirs, and it definitely marked the beginning of the death of pop in Mexico, taking the urban music their spot in the mainstream music. At more than 10 years of their disbandment, they've refused to come back or reunite as many other groups have done in the past. There were even strong rumors that they would reappear at the Brazil 2014 World Cup ceremonies, but that ultimately didn't happen. Due to legal and contractual issues, their music was removed from digital platforms, and has been gone for many years now. Fans, especially those from Brazil have been very insistent, and many attempts had been done to bring their videos and albums, even through fan accounts on YouTube, but they're always removed due to copyright. Last month, however, Spotify finally announced that their music is coming to the platform on September 3, and there's now an official RBD YouTube account that is expected to upload their music videos as well. They also launched a countdown for a mysterious event that is happening on October 4. Update: it's here The telenovela that started it all, is currently being aired (for the millionth time) and they upload summaries of the episodes on YouTube every day.
  16. Madonna's most streamed albums on Spotify includes two albums from the 80s, one from the 90s, one from the 00s, and three from the 10s. The top 7 are in order Rebel Heart with 217 million (2015) True Blue with 205 million (1986) Confessions on a dance floor with 204 million (2005) Madame X with 158 million (2019) Like a Virgin with 150 million (1984) MDNA with 103 million (2012) And last but not least her most critically acclaimed album Ray of Light with 100 million (1998)
  17. There's a perception out there that artists, producers and songwriters can't earn a decent income off streaming, but according to Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, that's not true. Many independent artists want a piece of the pie, but there's a belief that that's near-impossible because mainly major-label artists are the ones added into promoted playlists, not the lesser known musicians. Ek says it's not Spotify's fault, it's the artists! “Even today on our marketplace, there’s literally millions and millions of artists. What tends to be reported are the people that are unhappy, but we very rarely see anyone who’s talking about… In the entire existence [of Spotify] I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single artist saying, ‘I’m happy with all the money I’m getting from streaming,” Ek tells Musically.com. “In private they have done that many times, but in public they have no incentive to do it. But unequivocally, from the data, there are more and more artists that are able to live off streaming income in itself.” Ek continues that artists need to get with the times: “There is a narrative fallacy here, combined with the fact that, obviously, some artists that used to do well in the past may not do well in this future landscape, where you can’t record music once every three to four years and think that’s going to be enough. The artists today that are making it realize that it’s about creating a continuous engagement with their fans. It is about putting the work in, about the storytelling around the album, and about keeping a continuous dialogue with your fans.” He concluded, “I feel, really, that the ones that aren’t doing well in streaming are predominantly people who want to release music the way it used to be released.” Ek's response received a wave of backlash. Many chimed in that it's extremely difficult to generate a large volume of music because of how much money it costs to produce a body of work. Independent artists don't have the means to create album after album, thus being stuck in the cycle. I see where Ek is coming from, but it's definitely narrow-minded and sounds like something a Spotify CEO and billionaire WOULD say. Thoughts, Exhale? Should independent artists feel pressured to release more music? Because apparently music is a product that needs to be created regularly???
  18. To celebrate Jagged little pill's 25th anniversary, Spotify asked alanis to curate a throwback playlist. The theme is girl power and 90s The playlist is a who's who of Lilith Fair from Tracy Chapman, Sarah Mclachlan, Jewel and a lot of great female singer songwriters including Alanis herser who has the most appearances on this playlist
  19. We love you, Britney spears with albums and playlists that feature The iconic princess of pop. All out 90s, The cover changed to the Spice girls last time it was Britney spears, Hit rewind and Guilty pleasures are the playlists selected to feature Britney spears
  20. So there's this saying. "A first for everything" Well, for the first time ever, Spotify has crashed. The app hasn't been working simce 6 this morning, and that's after the latest update became available to download. All I can say is. Thank God for Apple music ladies and Gents. @Jordan Miller @Roxxy
  21. With over 21 million streams, The Voice herself Whitney Houston is the most streamed 90s female act this month. Also, when it comes to pre streaming acts, Whitney Houston and the king of pop Michael Jackson are the only acts to achieve over 20+ million streams in a month. Whitney Houston 21+ million Britney Spears 16+ million Madonna 13.5 million Mariah Carey 12.5 million Celine Dion 9.5 million Congrats to all the queens.
  22. Paula abdul has officially added a pride playlist to her Spotify account. Ranging from Superfruits, lady gaga and Ariana grande (gaga appears twice. She didn't ignore born this way), Diana Ross and a few others. No music from Paula Abdul. But A song she wrote for her unreleased 4th studio album appears on the list. Spinning around by Kylie.
  23. Mariah Carey tops the list of the most streamed pre 2000 female act song. Few surprises. Both TLC and The Spice girls are neck to neck. Spice girls wannabe is streamed more than Toxic by Britney spears Not surprisingly Madonna is nowhere on the list. Every playlist she's added she's the one that gets skipped the most. Which I find funny. Considering all out 80s spotify playlist has her on the cover.. But that's not shade. It's just that the 80s are one of the least streamed decades. I truly believe anything prior to 1994 isn't being streamed obsessively. So artists like Janet Jackson, Madonna, All the original MTV era stars are truky the least streamed acts. Cos the streaming generation or kids born in the 90s. Didn't grow up with them when they ruled the charts.
  24. If anybody had one major universal gripe about Spotify, it's that they limited how many songs you could save or like in your library or liked songs list (up to 10,000). Well, that was until it's new update... If you update your Spotify to the current version, you can save an unlimited amount – meaning your entire library is no longer capped. Neither is your liked songs. Spotify finally listened to the 1% and realized that there are more people that love the albums vs. the songs. Spotify won me back. All they had to do was eliminate that stupid song limit. Other streaming services never had that.
  25. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/77YkzBOhBysWW3aexP15Th?si=eP1vTuvKSoGTGGNaQrMhog Paula's Playlist for quarantine. Features actually some inspirational uplifting pop from Step by Step by NKOTB, Stronger by Britney spears, I dare you by Kelly clarkson and of Course Paula's very own inspirational uplifting track Her #1 hit "The Promise of a New Day"
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