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Found 7 results

  1. What "Original Doll" demos was Britney working on back to back with "In The Zone"?. Here I found some titles on Britney wikia, did Britney want to return to these songs and release them with Mona Lisa, My Prerogative and Do Somethin'? "So Original" - Written and produced by Michelle Bell and Andreao Heard. Always Gonna be About Me" - Written and produced by Michelle Bell, Kara DioGuardi and Scott Storch. "Conversations With Myself" - Written and produced by Cathy Dennis, Henrik Jonback, Bloodshy & Avant. "Cruel" - Written and produced by Cathy Dennis and Guy Chambers. "Discreet" - Written and produced by Cathy Dennis, Bloodshy & Avant. "Free"- Written and produced by Britney Spears, Cathy Dennis and Guy Chambers. "Feel Myself" - Written and produced by Cathy Dennis and Guy Chambers. "Follow Me" - Written and produced by Britney Spears, Henrik Jonback, Bloodshy & Avant. A Britney version exists as it was rumoured to be intended for the album but was given to Jamie Lynn for the Zoey 101 theme song. "Giving It Up For Love" - Written and produced by Britney Spears, Kara DioGuardi, Scott Storch and Robert “EST” Waller of Three Times Dope. "Hollow" - Written and produced by Britney Spears, Cathy Dennis and Guy Chambers. "Hysteria" - Written and produced by Cathy Dennis, Bloodshy & Avant. "I'm Aaaaaight" - Written and produced by Angela Hunte, Nanna Kristiansson. and Nadir "RedOne" Khayat. "It Don't Mean A Thing" - Written and produced by Angela Hunte, Nanna Kristiansson. and Nadir "RedOne" Khayat. "Like I'm Fallin' - Written and produced by Britney Spears, Michelle Bell, Bloodshy & Avant. "Looser" - Written and produced by Henrik Jonback, Bloodshy & Avant. "Little Me" - Written by Britney Spears. Britney released a 59-second snippet on her website in 2006. "Pleasure" - Written and produced by Angela Hunte, Nanna Kristiansson and Nadir "RedOne" Khayat. "Princess" - Written and produced by Cathy Dennis and Guy Chambers.
  2. Hello everyone Just recently, new song titles with their writing credits have been revealed for the scrapped project 'Original Doll' by Michelle Belle who is one of Britney's lyricist for In The Zone and possibly Original Doll! Here are the titles: She as well addressed unreleased songs for Britney that she worked in making on Twitter: This honestly so cool guys! Thoughts? Lemme know
  3. Lets not forget that all of these were recorded during the sessions for In the Zone and they were probably reconsidered for The Original Doll, which was actually a project, not a finished album. Source: PlayboiMommy .It's My Life (Forget the Nine to Five) [Demo by Michelle Escoffery] .Crazy Things [Demo by Michelle Bell - Vocals by Melodi Brown] .Spin the Record [Demo by Michelle Bell - Vocals by Melodi Brown] .Under the Pressure [Demo by Michelle Bell - Vocals by Melodi Brown] .Outta Here [Demo by Karen Poole] Now the question is if this is the same "My Own Way" that Britney had during those sessions, it came in the same pack. If it is, it's prob not the demo Britney heard at all. You know anything about it @PlayboiMommy?
  4. I subscribed to this YouTube page about a week ago, in which they upload unreleased instrumentals and demos. This morning they uploaded a video with filtered vocals under the name "Original Doll (Vocal Concept Demo)". I tend to not believe every demo I hear, but from listening to these lyrics, it may be legit! Due to the filtering, I couldn't make out all the words. The voice sings "I go enjoy my day / there will be an un display / i'm not sure on what I am / don't try to get me hypnotized / times changing and so am I / with this ring I choose my man" "The next time you see my face / all the plastic will be erased / this is where I take some space (yeah) / ??? girl ??? ??? ???" "What's up y'all / ain't ??? small / make you wanna say stop (uh) / an original doll / just ??? ??? (yeah) / knock my head on the wall / wanna look for yourself / the... original doll" "It is some respect I want / here is my chance to belong / I wanna laugh and say ???back / i'm done and i'm glad / can dance now in the sun / I wanna ??? to write this track now". Take a listen for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-I2d-GQkI8
  5. wanted to see what album covers people have made for Original Doll, i made this cover a while ago what ones have yall made?
  6. According to Wikipedia (Most of you probably already know) but a fun topic nevertheless (I have no idea how much truth there is too this so don’t shoot me) Original Doll was supposed to be the fifth studio album by American singer Britney Spears. The album, which has remained at the draft stage, will never be published by the American artist. Spears began the project in 2003, and while promoting her fourth studio album, work continued in 2005. The album was to include eight titles, and six titles were to be revealed on the internet. Half of the album leaked on YouTube in 2006. Like I'm Fallin 'Britney Spears, Michelle Bell - Time (Unknown) 2. Mona Lisa - Spears, Teddy Campbell, David Kochanski Bloodshy & Avant - 3:37 3. Money, Love and Happiness - Spears, Khayat Nadir, Martorell Emelie, Bell - 3:47 4. Pleasure You - Spears, Bell, Nanna Kristiansson - 3:27 5. Take Off - Spears, Bell, Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg Bloodshy & Avant - 3:03 6. Peep Show - Bell, Spears, Larry Gates - 3:00 7. Welcome to Me - Wade Robson, Spears, Carole Bayer Sager - 3:04 8. Chaotic - Bell, Karlsson, Winnberg, Henrik Johnback Bloodshy & Avant - 3:31 9. Someday (I Will Understand) - Spears Guy Sigsworth - 3:38 10. Look Who's Talking Now - Bell, Spears, Karlsson, Winnberg Henrik Jonback - 3:09 11. Conscience - Bell, Spears, Karlsson, Winnberg Bloodshy & Avant - 3:12 12. Little Me - Britney Spears - 0:50 13. Do Somethin’ - Christian Karlsson, Ontus Winnberg, Henrik Jonback, Angelo Hunte Bloodshy & Avant - 3:30 14. Girls and Boys - 3:41 15. Guilty - Joseph Belmatti Cutfather, Balewa Muhammad, Spears - 4:06 16. Over to You Now - Guy Sigsworth, Imogen Heap, Robin Carlsson Alexander Kronlund Sigsworth - 3:42
  7. GUYS i was just listening to music and when “look who’s talking now” came on, wasn’t focused BUT NOTICED it says “Think you’ve got me figured out but look who’s talking now” and her insta says “think you know me? Think again” okay so it’s not justice for look who’s talking now - but a newer version of the same point? Maybe? the bridge even talks about “controversy is all they want” and she’s been lacking it and we love how unreleased britney, like rebellion, calls out the system? before you think I’m thinking too far. Can we just remember how her carpool she only sang “all that she wants is another baby” which is in reference to her cryptic poem that she then created into a song. 2006ney pls resurrect. I don’t think she’s really as dead as her handlers wanna make you believe.
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