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  1. Bosnia doesn't have a representor again so I'm rooting for Hurricane. I love these girls and I hope that they will place in top 10. Albina from Croatia is also super good. Our neighboors are really delivering this year! Best of luck guys! ❤🙂
  2. Woow George, this sounds very good! Could you attempt to somehow remaster some of the dwad songs or You Oughta Know. I thi k that you would do a good job. My Love Was Always There instrumental is an Enrique song. You also have a piano cover of Weakness on youtube. Could you please do those? 🙂❤
  3. That's an awesome idea, and yes, every other is the same as that 160P one, just tagged. Mine isn't tagged because I edited the scenes from Britney Online. The scenes are the same as in official video. Here is the video: MSTAR upscaled it and uploaded it because it was the best source. I think that you should upload it to your site because it is official. Also I remember there was an Anticipating TV rip on your site but I can't find it anywhere now. Could you manage to upload both in the videos section because they were official videos? PS I love your site! ❤❤❤❤
  4. Thank you so much for your information. And also thank you @Roxxy! ❤🙂
  5. @PokemonSpears @MSTAR @Isla So guys this is the info that this nice collector guy gave me: "That's Where You Take Me was released as a single in Philippines with music video and promo CD. The promo CD was made by the record label in Philippines for an event with Britney's fan club. I saw a lot of versions on the internet of the CD, no one ever knowss which one is official but the design is like in the photos we can see online. At the time I use to have a low quality picture of a CD single but it was in a CD jewel case, not a slim one." He is a releable source, and he told me that the Unusual You single was a bootleg. And he had evidence, like something to do with bar patterns and stuff. The video is legit too! 🙂❤
  6. The single was officially released. People were claiming that copy was fake. I have some info on this single from a really nice collector and I'll share it with u guys in a minute.
  7. Well it's just my opinion, nothing more. I'm sure that there are a lot of people who for example don't like Rock Me In or What It's Like To Be Me and those are one of my favourite songs. Shadow is a bit boring to me but I know that there are a lot of people who like it and I respect that.
  8. Ohhhh hahahhahahaa I didn't understand him correctly. Dramatic is still a bop tho. And I don't hate Shadow, I just tend to skip it often. Strangest Love is better for me personally, or even Pleasure You. The only ITZ unreleased that I don't like that much are Get It, Instant Deja Vu and It Feels Nice. The other ones are soooo good. And I would have loved if Britney recorded her version of Sweet Dreams My LA Ex by Rachel Stevens. It's such a good response to Cry Me a river! What is your opinion on that song?
  9. Dramatic was for Blackout tho hahaahahaha. I would have used Dramatic over 90% of the Blackout songs, but I think with that intro it more fit on Circus tho...
  10. Well in my opinion Shadow is plain boring, it's just missing something. The Hook Up is more listenable but the chorus is myb too much for me idk. Guilty was so much better than The Hook Up, Strangest Love should have been in the place of Shadow and Rockstar in the place of Boom Boom. I mean that's just my opinion. I've Just Begun is a masterpiece and idgaf what people say!
  11. The chorus is a little weak but it was better than some songs on the stabdard edition of the album. To be complitely honest, Strangest Love, Guilty, Rockstar, Pleasure You and some other unreleased ITZ stuff is better than half of the album (Boom Boom, The Hook Up, Shadow...). And don't let me begin talking about I've Just Begun. That song was single material.
  12. I would want her to do that for BJ only because I want 100% her vocals and less autotune hahahah.
  13. Thank you so much. They are my favourites too! Glad you liked them. 🙂❤
  14. Hahahahah for now I ain't really that much of a pro to do those colour edits 🤣. Those are really hard to do, but I agree with u. The concept is really beautiful and selftitled is my fave album so I love those hahahaha.
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