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Found 12 results

  1. Her slow and mid tempo unreleased songs makes me so happy. Her voice shines through this kinda songs. Her clean and pure voice is everything. What some of y’alls favorites?
  2. These are the hidden backing vocals that I found by accident while playing with the audio: There's a male backing vocal saying something, female backing vocals whispering "secret" (sounds like britney but idk) and another female backing vocal that sounds robotic and melodyned. Listen it with your headphones and tell me what you thought! 💖
  3. In a printed interview with rolling stone, December 11, 2008, Britney described an unheard song from the circus era that sounds like she’s describing Jamie & Lou Taylor. In her description she talks about certain individuals swooping into her world uninvitedly.
  4. Producer Steve Anderson talks Britney’s beloved unreleased ballad ‘State Of Grace’. This song was officially released by Christophe Willem as "Entre Nous Et Le Sol" for his second studio album Caféine in 2009.
  5. SZA recently teased in a tweet about releasing some unreleased songs from her debut album CTRL for the 5th anniversary of its release. 😱
  6. In 2019, Sam Lufti uploaded a photo on Twitter of all miscellaneous Britney stuff, diaries and disks of blackout demos one of them is Rebellion on a gold CD above a blue Snoop Dog disc Here's the CD-R proof with Rebell written on it: The question remains will Sam be willing to share it online, my guess is no because of the fans perception of him. But comment your thoughts below
  7. i know that we don't even know if she is going to comeback to music or not but i mean... it would be such a great thing to celebrate her freedom from conservatorship i still want to hear that song on full... for such a long time
  8. What "Original Doll" songs was Britney working on back to back with "In The Zone"?. Here are some titles I found "The Fugitive" - Written by Britney Spears, Henrik Jonback, Bloodshy & Avant. "New" - Written by Britney Spears, Henrik Jonback, Bloodshy & Avant. "Like I'm Fallin' - Written and produced by Britney Spears, Michelle Bell, Bloodshy & Avant. "Follow Me" - Written and produced by Britney Spears, Henrik Jonback, Bloodshy & Avant. A Britney version exists as it was rumoured to be intended for the album but was given to Jamie Lynn for the Zoey 101 theme song. "I'm Aaaaaight" - Written and produced by Britney Spears, Angela Hunte, Nanna Kristiansson and RedOne. "Giving It Up For Love" - Written and produced by Britney Spears, Kara DioGuardi, Scott Storch and Robert “EST” Waller of Three Times Dope. "Little Me" - Written by Britney Spears and Guy Sigsworth. Britney released a 59-second snippet on her website in 2006.
  9. Gaga has a lot of unreleased music. A lot are from before The Fame, and during The Fame era, but there are also fan classics that were popular from the TFM, BTW, and ARTPOP eras. What are your top 5 songs from Gaga's unreleased discography? Mine are... 1. Nothing On (But The Radio) 2. Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes) 3. No Way 4. Second Time Around 5. Earthquake
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