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One of Lynne’s friends makes a post on facebook

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10 hours ago, queenofhearts said:

But I’ve heard her say, and mean it whole-heartily, that she’d trade it in a minute for a little one-bedroom apartment to make things better for her daughter.

Well then Lynne should put her money where her mouth is and sell Serenity to pay the lawyers.

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13 hours ago, edamamebeans said:

"It’s also been Lynne’s attorney, the ONLY one NOT being paid by Britney’s money, that’s backed Britney 100% in court."

aged like milk

This line makes me sad. I was really rooting for Lynne cus I was under the impression she was paying for her own lawyer. BUT NOPE

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Britney's been free for two weeks, and she's already the rope her family uses for their perpetual tug of war, whether it's between each other, or themselves and their image in the media. If Lynne was as maternal and wise as her publicists want to sell, she'd lay back and give Britney the space she has so clearly said she wants, not launch yet another full scale tour to redeem her image. She and Jamie are basically pulling the same stunts, trying to rehabilitate their reputation at Britney's expense. Lynne has been in the news as much as Britney lately, and that's no accident. It's the most passive-aggressive campaign you can imagine, because at the root of it is that they want the public at large to think Britney is being "unfair", because they "love her so much".

I'm pretty sure her friend didn't do this without her approval. How many clowns can they fit in their car.

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Not really sure how this woman can say Britney isn’t paying for Lynne’s useless attorneys when she legit requested them to be paid out of Britney’s estate…and it’s public information.

also not sure how she can say she’s not on the payroll when Britney’s estate has paid for Lynne’s home upkeep for the last (nearly) 14 years.  But ok.

let me see Lynne request to pay her own attorney fees and gift her home back to Britney to sell and then move into that one bedroom apartment she speaks of and then we’ll talk about Lynne being somewhat decent.  Oh wait, she can’t afford those fees and the Queen of Kentwood, LA :tiffcackle_Tiffany_miss_ny_New_York_pollard_laugh_giggle_lol_haha_hehe: wouldn’t be caught dead living in anything other than the castle that was given to her.

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