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  1. I totally agree with the list given of the nicest posters given on this thread. Respectful argument and banter is great, but it is a skill not to go over into being mean if it is not warranted. The best thing you can try to be in life is kind and it is to be admired.
  2. Yes, this sums up my thoughts about it as well. I have sympathy and believe this probably did all happen to happen to her, which must have made her feel scary and desperate. I can absolutely find it plausible Jamie confiscated her phone and tried to send her off to a secret location for "fallen women" to give up her baby for adoption. I can also believe he may have tried to force her down other roads as well in relation to the pregnancy. This is someone after all that seems to think he can dictate his daughters bodily autonomy and decide when and when not they are allowed to be mothers; however, it does not give Jamie Lynn a free pass for her actions (or inaction) later on. As has been said, if she suffered from this abuse, she more than anyone should have known what he was capable off and tried to help her sister (same argument applies to Lynn who is more and more appearing to be an "enabler" of Jamie Spears abuse in my opinion).
  3. Criminal wrong doing is criminal wrong doing. If it can be proved he did this he then should be held accountable. You can't just let him off because there are worse things happening in the world (which I agree there absolutely is). It would set a precedent that it is alright to record people without their consent and be abusive to people in conservatorships (who don't have the resources and public pressure to get themselves out of it like Britney). I think it is more likely though that pursuing him in the civil courts is more realistic as the burden of proof is lower.
  4. You are forgiven, thanks for saying so. California is amazing and her whole life is there. Goodness only know what she would make of the weather in the UK!
  5. Yes, Zabel has his own lawyer apparently which was mentioned in the legal papers appointing him, so Vivian is absolutely gone as the lawyer for the conservator She will no doubt be back in court to get her outstanding fees paid though.
  6. Vivian was technically the attorney for the conservatorship not Jamie himself, but Zabel has already jettisoned her. He needs an attorney due to the almighty s**t storm coming his way. The best thing he has to pay for him himself!
  7. Well he is going to need the representation, as is looking likely his legal issues are going to start mounting up. Not surprised Vivian bailed on him once she realized Britney's estate was not going to cover his legal bills anymore
  8. I can have some understanding to the extent that I believe Jamie Spears is a narcissist and that affected the whole family dynamic in that she was probably manipulated by him to go along with it initially; however, the line for me is that she (allegedly) has profited off it and that is hard to defend. The way I always think about these situations is would I do different myself. I have an older sister I have had ups and downs with over the years, but would I be willing to accept money and privileges she did not consent to give me and could I sit back and watch her being abused and denied access to her children? The answer is a resounding NO and I think would be the same for all other decent people including the people on this forum.
  9. It never ceases to amaze me in life that some people think that just by saying something it makes it so. Maybe it is starting to dawn on JL that your words have to be backed up your actions or they are meaningless. You can't on the one hand claim you are an advocate of mental health awareness and then on the other hand allow your sister to remain in an abusive situation because it suits you. It is a key lesson to learn in life. Good for the charity for recognizing that.
  10. I always felt a bit nervous about the dragging of JL, but the more and more she (and her husband) posts the more I think she deserves (at least some) of the criticism. She really does see herself as the victim and it is coming across as very narcissistic as a result in my opinion. Does she really expect Britney to carry on in an abusive situation because it is convenient for Jamie Lynn? Does she not have the ability to see this from Britney's perspective? It is called empathy!
  11. Yep, two doses of AstraZeneca as well with similar side effects (sore legs!) but did not last long and was mild. You don't get a choice in the UK they just tell you which one you will get when you go in. The husband got Moderna and had similar side effects. Very mild though and absolutely worth it to be vaccinated.
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