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''Work *****'' music video is a masterpiece

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I don't agree because to me it's now one of the biggest joke in her career. The song & MV wanted people to believe she is stronger than ever, powerful & in charge when she was not. She can't drive or control her career while in the cship. The MV is full of symbolisms. One of them is Britney around sharks, sharks to me mean bad people around her & you see her like she is on top of them but the reality is she wasn't. Another is her on the pyramid, she is on top, yes, BUT the pyramid is upside down, it's a good manipulation to think she is the master when in fact she is the puppet.

I will stop here with the song itself, I can't listen to it anymore, it's a ******* joke, she is singing "Work *****" but the "*****" is her imo. I hope she will ban this song from her discography.

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The shots of her at the vanity in the desert and the performance scene in the desert are flawless.  She looks SO gorgeous.

I loathe the ending though.  The way they edited it is so awful.  The way the final bit of choreography was chopped is just bad.  It’s out of sequence and bothers me.  But I do enjoy the video.  The pink dress is cute and her being surrounded by sharks in a song called Work ***** is actually pretty interesting.  Especially because at the “hold your head high…” part the sharks swim away as if she’s like dismissing them.  I’d love to know if she had input in the concept.

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I love the music video I think its amazing ..its still interesting to watch even now.. however..

1)parts of it were scrapped by jamie (and again on perfume) and I've always wanted to see the deleted scenes... for me the song knowing there's deleted scenes still haunts me 

2) the last 5 seconds..why end the video on such a basic ending...im not going to complain though as this was probably due to the editing in the last 10 seconds which is randomly out of synch.. even a smile into the mirror in the desert (like the end of BOMT) or her  in the drivers seat of the car would of been better than britney just flinging her arms.. (again, im not blaming you britney) 

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