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  1. I see where you’re coming from And I agree that the posts may seem odd to the GP. Britney Stans take a seat and let’s not pretend that the videos, while playful, fun and silly, cannot be be perceived otherwise. Just like how you want the entire world to accept your views, let people have their own views. The OP wasn’t harsh or negative. He/she presented his views in an objective manner so y’all better stop getting defensive and start acknowledging that other opinions are also valid. As for the comparisons with Miley, yes she does crazy stuff like lifting up her skirt.... but the GP is familiar with her personality, she’s well spoken and articulate on stage and in interviews and has many other avenues to voice her opinion and shows many sides of herself to the public as well as engage with them. She’s crazy in one place but makes up for it in another place. Whereas Britney’s main and only channel is Instagram. And for the most part only this side was presented to us (spinning and dancing). There were no other way to see content from her outside of Instagram, and this of course amplified this reputation her Instagram is know for. tldr; The fact that the GP finds the IG posts a tad odd is valid because they could only see one side of Britney and form this opinion about her during this time period. However what’s not acceptable is how harsh and negative these comments can be.
  2. Should’ve been a solo single. Britney doesn’t need a Sabi, a Tinasha, an Iggy or a Nicki to score a hit.
  3. Is it just me or does it feel like Tony Bennet is being exploited? I mean the guy has Alzheimer’s ffs
  4. Is this the same article that listed Male Me as one of her top 30 greatest songs?
  5. I don’t work in the industry but it doesn’t seem like there’s a market need for yet another streaming service.
  6. True. Idk what platform is Exhale made on but it doesn’t run on the same speed as standard websites. It runs like something from 2005 which makes navigation and commenting sluggish for me but I’m getting used to it. subscribing to Exhale+ helps a bit because of no ads but it’s speed is still nowhere as close as “acceptable” level.
  7. PCD’s reign was short lived compared to Girls Aloud, Little Mix and even Fifth Harmony.
  8. Queen Octavia. I heard she’s a good driver. Never misses her target. Maybe she should drive close to Jamie’s house.
  9. I love this song a lot. Easily the best from her Smile album. And that album had good tracks.
  10. Why dint they just stream them? I can’t find the VMA performances on YouTube in my country and KT’s annoying. If u can’t get the ratings via broadcast, then do it through YouTube views. I don’t get whey they are adamant to have this dated mindset.
  11. Britney was my fav era. It was a beautiful transition to the more **** sound in ITZ.
  12. Can’t wait for her to do new photo shoots. It’s been ages since we finally got a pro photographer .
  13. Thematically many of these tracks make sense i.e. Beauty Sleep could be like Slumber Party part 2 whereas Hawaii Would fit right in with the tropical sounds that Glory is known for. Ropes cpuld be a reference to the chains that we see on the Glory special edition Album cover art.
  14. Can’t get enough of Glory. It was an underrated era made worse by a questionable first single selection.
  15. This is sad. I remember reading this thread a few months ago and the doctor sadly told her she won’t make it.
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