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  1. THIS It was always too big for a lion or even a tiger. And ligers are bigger than both, the biggest cats that exist (not in the nature but still)
  2. So there is Britney vs Spears on Netflix AND Controlling Britney Spears on Hulu?? We get 2 docs at the same time???
  3. Guys you confuse me now.... If ITZ alone has 840m streams, Circus 630m and Blackout 480m, that's already 1,950m!! NEARLY 2B! And with other albums included it's way more. How come this topic says she has surpassed ONLY 1B by now?!
  4. Who is that? He reminds me of a Meghan Fox's boyfriend, I remember him from this years Met Gala
  5. Mine is: https://twitter.com/LG_Views/status/1131946759884877825?s=20
  6. Omg fun fact about what did just happen I was about to google "what happened to iggy azelea" because this topic just reminded me about her and I wanted to know why she isn't relevant anymore (and for very long time actually) And then after I typed only "w" the first suggestion was "what happened to britney spears"😂😂 Our most talked about queen this year We and she did that. #freebritney
  7. But the thing about Kevin is that he was kinda immature, lazy, too chill and uninterested in anything, while Sam is ambitious, hard working, always active and even motivated Britney to workout (in her own words), and seems way more mature idk how to explain
  8. Tnx for educating me🙈 So who's voice is in that intro for Toy Soldier? I always assumed it was Danja
  9. I don't think so sweetie, I'm pretty sure it's Womanizer
  10. Wait, I thought he produced the whole Blackout So you want to tell me that he didn't produce Freakshow, Toy Soldier, Piece Of Me and Heaven On Earth?! My life is a lie
  11. Thank you for doing this, I love it! I love to check her views by myself on Kworb youtube statistics, but it will be so much more fun with you guys
  12. I started to trust Sam, and I really wanted to give him a chance and trust him (and I still want to) but this papi made some good points! Sam's real girlfriend, then supporting Britney's "me time", telling her to smile, fake proposal ring etc. That really set me offSam is sus But ofc, I'm not attacking Sam lovers, you have the right to your opinion, but so do I
  13. Omg I love all of them except maybe ITZ and BJ Incredible job!
  14. I always found her name fascinating as well! There is something magical about it, it sounds so good, idk how to explain, in my language we say it's "zvučno", that would mean "soundy" or something, idk how to translate it to English😂 I would say the same with Marilyn Monroe, they are perfect you know? They stand out, make sense, and are cute in a way For example, Christina Aguilera is a cool name but never sounded so simple yet so effective like Britney's🤷🏼‍♂️
  15. Omg guys I think she is being silenced We have to do something! We can't know for sure, maybe that's Team Con's narrative? Remember how she took a break when she was sent to mental facility AGAINST HER WILL???!
  16. I love how when he got home that night after the ceremony, all kids were asking him if he had seen Britney with that snake? Literally every young person watched the VMAs and was talking about Britney right after it Well, I kinda already knew that but cool to read about that in a real story, especially from the perspective of a person who wasn't her fan.
  17. Also I love that they show the backstage and the guy teaching Britney about the snake and how to hold it, her expressions are priceless
  18. When I watched this I thought to myself: She needs to hold the snake closer to its head, because it went all down there and looked not that good. But she held it perfectly in the actual performance, also higher in the air and further from her body, so she probably felt much safer and it was so perfect.
  19. It looks kinda surreal watching this omg It's like I went back in time I love the ending omg her laugh😍😍😍
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