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Cade Hudson allegedly said he was the one who got Britney’s new lawyer.

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Please keep comments respectful and refrain from unnecessary hate towards to someone Britney is clearly very close with.

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13 minutes ago, Lucian85 said:

I don't know what you're alluding to... but I'm not him lol, @Markthepop is not my account. 

Anyway, saying people should get lobotomy because they question Cade or someone else in Britney's circle, is twisted. 

I have one account, this one. But people often speak from their own experience so I guess that troll have multiple accounts themselves. Whoever it was, I can’t with all different usernames with the same message.

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34 minutes ago, Markthepop said:

Wtf is this account? It is not acceptable, especially when it comes to “Free Britney” when Britney is a victim of the psychiatry to use psychiatry as a way as silencing people you disagree with. It is just disgusting. You haven’t understood **** what this is all about. Embarrassing af.

Brittany are U Ok? 

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41 minutes ago, Lucian85 said:


Mmm... I think Britney doesn’t have much choice. They force people on her, even if she doesn't like them.

She really couldn't escape anyone, or choose her circle, they all had to be approved by Colon... And if she wasn't happy with the people around her, I don't think he cared much 

I'm glad you recognize that's what you THINK and not what you know.

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13 minutes ago, HairFullOfSecrets said:

I'm glad you recognize that's what you THINK and not what you know.


We know Lou was hired as a business manager for 12 years, despite Britney not wanting anything to do with her

We know Jamie doesn't care about his daughter's feelings, he'll stay her conservator, no matter if she doesn't like it 

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1 hour ago, glovedgeek said:

So, it’s okay for you to hate and spread your false narrative through your multiple accounts, but it’s not okay for me to suggest a solution to your misery? I didn’t dictate, I just made a funny suggestion but it requires a level of intelligence to understand humor, isn’t it?

If you are a minor and trying to put your adolescent hatred here on this subject, I suggest you to do yourself a favor and leave internet and these serious issues, and focus on your life, possibly get some help. Apparently you don’t grasp the idea of what life is yet. It comes with time.

And I don’t care about being banned or not, because I know what I’m talking about, unlike you, blaming me for many things I’ve never said.

Try to love yourself, that helps releasing the stress, instead of trolling online. Because trolling will pull you down. Take it as an advice. 


Did you even get through high school? You either can’t separate “hate” from normal arguments about facts from the kind of **** you are writing. To write that people should get “lobotomised” because they think and say stuff you don’t like is a threat, if abuse and it is hate speech. I have not written a single thing that is “hate” directed to this Cade guy, but you have bullied, threatened and hated here. Thank God there are grownups with an education in the Free Britney movement and that it doesn’t consist of these uneducated trolls that hide on forums like this one. What you wrote here is borderline criminal. It is a threat to write that people with differing opinions should be physically abused until brain damaged. Seriously. If you and others who has commented similar things won’t get banned now I can’t take this site serious. 
It is ridiculous people are told to not criticise celebrities involved in human trafficking somehow while it would be allowed to threaten and bully the people who write on the forum, private citizens. 
I am disgusted by the rubbish you have managed to come out with in this thread.

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4 hours ago, HairFullOfSecrets said:

Britney has herself not talked about that and have continued to persevere throughout the years. We dont know the details, we dont know if Britney opened up about her situation to her friends or asked for assistance. We dont know what went in behind closed doors between the two. We do know that Britney despite hating her father and having a strained relationship kept Cade as a close friends, so yes unlike you, I believe Britney is more than capable of taking care of her life and making her own decisions. You're the one who gives team con vibes. Take a chill pill.

“Take a chill pill”. Nice condescending gaslighting. [REMOVED] because I literally spoke about the ABUSE she has been under which is exactly what Britney, herself spoke about in court! It is not in her head, this is real. Of course she is capable of everything when not under a conservatorship but Britney said in court that she can’t even have her IUD removed. Are you just pretending to not understand she is one of the most extreme cases of conservatorships in America? 
As if “team Con” would write about the violations of her human rights in every comment. Honestly. I wonder who you guys are. There is not ONE Free Britney profile that shares your way of reasoning or who freely tells people they should get lobotomised or see a psychiatrist or take pills and shut up. 
Your rhetoric is the one of Vivienne and Jamie Lynne. Is there even one single Free Britney activist active here?

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This needs to stop. The only thing I care about or believe is what Britney says in court. :eheeek_britney_unsure_ew_gross_um_awkward_embarrassed_cringe:

Fans need to stop harassing people and if this is true then all these people supposedly close to her need to stop interacting with strangers on the internet and give them scoops. :4music_britney_2013_uk_annoyed_irritated_mad:
No actual friend would leak something like this to random people. I don't believe this at all. :overitkbye_britney_annoyed_leave_leaving_goodbye_blue:

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8 hours ago, Lucian85 said:

Something is off with Cade... 

If he wants everyone to know that he helped Britney get in touch with Rosengart, why doesn't he say it publicly ? Instead of waiting for fans to spread the word... 

And that man who is supposedly helping Britney behind the scenes, and has been with her for 25 years... Is he talking about greedy Larry ? :imok_goo_ooze_yellow_slime_mess_blonde: 


Edit : I AM NOT ATTACKING HIM. I'm voicing my opinion, as everyone else, and I find some things very strange, end of. No need to hate on people because they have a different opinion. @glovedgeek

If there is any NDA involved he could argue that this was a private conversation and that he wasn't the one who posted it publicly and from what we know he was under a NDA, so it could be that...

Also the only way people could be friends / close to Britney during the c-ship heydays was by playing both sides, we've seen multiple examples of how her dad could easily alienate her and push people out of her life for good if he saw any threat to the system, so I really don't think it's fair people giving him a hard time for that. Not to say the same fans that are judging him are the ones who saw COUNTLESS sus things going on and decided to just ignore those things and still bought into the cship and her career during this time, on many occasions believing in team con version of events when someone said something negative about it like when Iggy denounced their excessive monitoring of Britney and was attacked by B-fans online, so really fans are being hypocrites by demanding previous action from anyone when they also changed positions here.

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49 minutes ago, itsxrichiexbish said:

I find it weird that ppl take all this seriously where you need multiple accounts on here... y’all ok? Do y’all need a conservatorship??

This attitude and rhetoric has zero to do with civil rights advocacy. And who has multiple accounts? 

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If the screenshots are in fact real, I’m glad she has a friend on her side helping her out through the legal issues that have been impossible all theses years to break through. 

I am super curious about who the other person is. The speculation that it’s Larry is interesting because he’s often painted as the bad guy, because Britney has said he is before. If it is him I hope he’s helping because he genuinely cares, not just that he thinks Britney having less restrictions would be better for her career/his income. Like obviously her dad being there all the time and making all the decisions put a limit on how successful each era could have been. 

But maybe it’s someone completely unexpected. Who else has been around 25 years?

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I’m sorry but who are the freaks sending death threats hourly?! I don’t know if I believe all this death threat stuff - feels like something people can easily hide behind. I really hope ‘fans’ aren’t doing this and if they are, they will be in the minority 

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