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  1. Where did she go to eat tho??? Is that in the story. Epic fail ..I need answers ppl
  2. Sounds like her book title should have been one of Britneys suggestions... "I really care what people think" this girl will stop at nothing for people to like her.... So sad...
  3. I would agree about Jamie Lynn being younger, taking care of her kids....but at the end of the day...Jamie was using Britneys money, with not a care in the world. That's what makes me dislike her so much. She wasn't there for Britney in any way, shape or form. F Jamie lynn
  4. I feel bad for the group "this is my brave" at the end of the day Jamie is trying to shift blame to them for her own actions. I really hope they release a statement on why they don't want her donations. She stood there silently and contributed to britneys abuse. She herself is an abuser and enabler. But she can't seem to grasp that from this whole thing.
  5. I cant believe they're belittling the origination in their pr move. Jamie lynns team is trash. Trash Jamie Lynn. Trash.
  6. Send my love could be remixed into a club banger... I love that song
  7. Damage control on entertainment weekly. I wish they would also add why people are so against her right now. But alas, at least some people are finding out the trash she is.
  8. I think the only move Jamie Lynn can make now is just to actually be real. Admit to her wrong doings, and help with the investigation when there is one. Other than that her name and presence will be tainted. I feel really bad for her... I hope she can take this as a wake up call and be able to admit her wrong doings.
  9. Who are these ppl? What song would I have heard???
  10. Am I the only one drawn to Britneys eyes? When I look at Britney I look at her eyes... If u keep staring at something of course ur gonna see differences... Let's just move away from the nose guys.... The eyes is what u wanna look at...and I believe that's how you can tell when Britney stopped enjoying the celebrity life
  11. Right??? Who even are these people??? I feel like they prolly don't even know who she is...just have her followed... So damn weird...
  12. I miss when she was on VH1... Natalie plz make a come back!!!
  13. Oh look Jamie Lynn still hasn't turned on comments. What a lil scaredy cat. What always gets me tho... Is Britney never shyed away from criticism.... She's been dealing with it most of her life. And here comes flopie lynnh0e and she can't even take a bit of criticism. That's why ur career flopped with ur scared ***
  14. I never liked Jamie Lynn as a person now, or ever. But I do think it will be healthy for Britney to forgive her and accept the trash Jamie Lynn has became. But if she doesn't then good for her on that too...
  15. It could be real you guys... That "Jamie Lynn fan site" insta is able to comment on her Instagram... So it seems like they have an active relationship with these fan sites instas, which is weird....
  16. I still quote showdown til this day .. so showdown for sure
  17. I think Britney is always going to post cryptic stuff... She's prolly forever tarnished because of tabloid culture. And I'm here for her cryptic messages
  18. Duuuuuuuuuude.... Like what the f is wrong with these people ...honestly hearing about Jamie spears family .. and how they were... I can get why none of her siblings spoke up. They're prolly psycho like the rest of that damn family.
  19. Omfg I cannot with u guys right now 😂😂😂 so there could be a federline amongst us??? Lol where u at emo boy???
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