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  1. Just to clarify, Aphrodite said that he felt Britney’s body was being used in a bad way. He did not mention drugging etc that theory was found elsewhere on the net in a few different places
  2. Me too, very interested to hear your theory, please. I agree with you guys, I’ve read so much about this all for years and years. From conspiracy theories to mk ultra views on Britney etc etc My head is literally spinning with information. I’m going to break down what has stuck with me over the years which I can’t dismiss or shake off. Let me know if you guys feel the same. I’m interested in your views so here goes: Jason Alexander - yes I know, him 🙄but I do think he obviously knows a lot! He said in an interview that when it all comes out about Britney, what we will learn will be bone chilling. So wtf does this mean? Can’t shake this off. He also said that he had discussed with Britney many times mk ultra mind control and cloning and Britney was aware of it all. Sam Lutfi- again, I know 🙄 he’s been very active on socials lately. He said she had called him in 2009 freaking out bleeding, like a lot of blood but they didn’t know what? Could have been to do with birth control or could have not? Who knows. Again, can’t shake it. Aphrodite clairvoyant - huge Britney Stan on YouTube has been doing Britney Readings which I find fascinating. In one of them, he paused and said he felt like Britney’s body was being used but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Like her body being passed around having been drugged. I then went on to read this theory in a few other places and can’t shake it off because it’s disturbing. A theory that Britney was drugged and passed around the enormously wealthy for their time with her. Then I read that there were theories that she may have tried to harm herself and kids which is what may be hidden. Honestly, it’s all so disturbing but that’s the problem, once you read it, you can’t shake it off! I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few things too.
  3. That caption was ALOT! 🤣but she is absolutely glowing and her smile and spark back in her body and moves is EVERYTHING!!!
  4. At this point, I do believe she does as it has led to this prison sentence of a conservatorship
  5. Notwithstanding her disability, her bipolar disorder 🙄🙄🙄blah blah wtf this has never once been confirmed!!!! her own team saying she hasn’t been diagnosed with it but is treated for it. Now lance bass husband saying they were told she is paranoid schizophrenic. This is so wrong on so many levels.
  6. 2021 the year of Britney Jean Spears! love love love this. All the more special when you don’t expect this.
  7. She really needs to just shut the f@@@ up already! This girl is utterly repulsive, she has a nasty vibe about her. Surely the best thing to do is lay low and not stir the pot?! 🙄 du*****
  8. He really did seem genuine and seemed to have a good aura but god only knows 😞
  9. I’m really disappointed in Lynne. She is her mother! Britney is her baby but I’ve sensed for a while that things are off. I find it odd that her friends on Instagram and Britney’s best friend Jansen seem to think she’s an angel. It’s bizarre. It’s almost as if she has said to them, I couldn’t do anything because Jamie would threaten me, I was scared, I’ve tried etc like they must all be thinking what is this mother doing? Also, I think after Jodi’s lawyer and lance bass husband mentioned in those texts, people were told lies dirty dirty lies about Britney to keep them away. Like ‘oh she’s a mess’ she’s having breakdowns, she’s lost it, she can’t cope etc like it’s bad, best to leave her alone, her meds aren’t working blah blah. After a while you start to believe it after it’s continuously said. I truly hope and pray for Britney that she surrounds herself with people who love her truly and want to see her flourish. She deserves it. She has given the world so much, we need to give her the grace to relax after all this. We should allow her to just be and not demand music or performances etc
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