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  1. It almost feels like a confirmation. Half her career has been a mystery, but we always knew something was up. From the change in personality, dancing, appearance. I never thought we’d have all the theories validated. She actually inspires me even more than the fake 2007/rising Hollywood story. She’s been so strong for 13 years and has endured so much, yet there’s still a fire in her. The new saying should be Britney can make it through 2007-2020, you can make it through the day
  2. I agree. I listen to it the least, even BJ is played more which says a lot lmao. Idk it’s not bad it just lacks personality. It’s sad cause it’s her only heavily themed album and could have been done up more to be like you know, a circus IUSA AND Circus are one of the best produced songs she has though imo
  3. I was shopping in target listening live with my AirPods. I was literally shaking lmao. The cashier asked if I needed a bag and I couldn’t hear her but didn’t wanna take my AirPods out
  4. If you don’t like it, font buy it lol I think it’s a cool idea. She should of made a music video with that painting scene, would of made them even more special
  5. Is it just me or everytime I open my ig, this picture pops up like it’s new. It says posted 4 minutes ago and this happened like three times this week
  6. Not crazy about this energy. I know he’s scum, but wishing illness/death on him isn't nice and isn’t going to change what he did or what happened to Britney. I’m more focused on getting Britney away from him. plus it’s kinda literally stalkerish to show up to someone’s house with binoculars.
  7. wow I never thought of it like that. I forget how short lived her reign was compared to other artists. It was just so impactful that it feels longer. To think that it could have been longer Am I delusional if I say its never too late? She's still young and can definitely continue her career if she chooses to.
  8. In terms of production and cohesiveness, femme fatale. It’s just so shiny and chic sounding to me, but lacks soul. In terms of character, personality and everything else, Glory is the winner.
  9. This!! Not to mention her Instagram alone is probably a huge source of income. Influencers with much less followers than Britney make A LOT. plus the division between the army is clearly working lol. Look at this thread and the hostility it has. We should put aside trivial stuff like her Instagram and go for the big stuff.
  10. Okay but all reaching aside, these lyrics are strange. Why would people be telling a grown adult what to do under her blanket? And honestly what are they referring to? s**? Self love? Why can’t she feel the Touch of her Hand (POM remix)
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