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26 minutes ago, Mgmgmgmg said:

I think she has the best intentions for Britney but it’s getting too far from the real reason we’re all here - to FREE BRITNEY.

If she was silenced, then that’s messed up but this is starting to read like some YouTube MUA drama.

Also, before she got banned, it was very questionable how she was interacting with Sam Lutfi. Even if he said one agreeable point, he doesn’t deserve a bit of attention. 

I agree, posts were getting stranger in April/May. 

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5 minutes ago, Onyxgirl17 said:

She said in May that if she was silenced or disappeared she would release a video that they wouldn’t like. 

I'm really curious as to what that video is.  If it has even a bit of evidence of something in Britney's case, they should really release it to Britney's lawyers or the law enforcement tbh. Otherwise, it's probably nothing serious and just a reputation thing.

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