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  1. The bodyguard acted completely exaggerated. When protecting celebrities, he should be aware that many paparazzi will follow the superstar. You can't act like protecting the president here. Britney was right in my opinion.
  2. Britney only suffers from her stupid fans and her father. If Britney had a relevant illness, her father would have played that card in court. Britney has the same problems and diseases as any of us. Not more.
  3. For information to the many Germans here "In Germany, the RTL media group secured the rights to" The Battle for Britney: Fans, Cash and a Conservatory ".
  4. Britney was a single person, now you have to break up a big company. Without ticking the point dementia, it would have taken a year to place them under guardianship.
  5. Britney shouldn't let anyone know what she wants to discuss. Not even her lawyer. Otherwise, ingham or the other side can prepare. They shouldn't get that time. Please Britney don't talk to anyone about this until June 23rd.
  6. What TMZ writes is absolutely illogical. It is in contrast to a rationally thinking person who will always strive for their freedom. Maybe Britney should be wondering what she's been missing out on in her life. For example watching your children grow up .......................
  7. They used this tactic to destroy Britney for 13 years. Now they want to split the fans and leave them in doubt. We fight for a just cause. Britney will regret the day she accepts guardianship. Britney will end guardianship on June 23rd. We keep writing that until your team loses its nerve.
  8. I wouldn't agree to pay $ 3 million a year for guardianship. It would annoy me if the world thinks I am a small child who cannot make a decision on my own. I can't imagine Britney wanting guardianship until the end of her life. She will be broke in 10 years, leaving her children in debt. Nobody will support her or go to concerts if she is under guardianship. I can't believe Britney really thinks that way.
  9. Funny is that the media in Europe claim that the BBC journalist had access to the court files and sell it as an absolute sensation that he alone uncovered. The media will now know that the movement not only brings conspiracy theories into the world, but also many facts that are true
  10. Of course, if there is no more fresh money, Britney will be broke at some point.
  11. The music business takes its toll on everyone. Where are their ideals
  12. Investigative journalism should deal with the facts, that is, with the contradictions in the court papers. As the "fourth power in the state" in a democracy, the press has a guardian function - alongside the three cornerstones of the separation of powers (legislative, executive, judicial). The media support citizens in forming their opinions. They are a democratic instrument of criticism and control of power. The media should expose what some people would like to keep hidden. I Here the press has completely failed again. It seems the world is not ready to help Britney, Or just in tiny little doses. In Europe, people are suing the Supreme Court for their freedoms just because they are supposed to stay home "two days" because of the pandemic. Britney has been without rights for 13 years but it's accepted. I expect a good journalist to check every single court paper for its legality. And then you can do a documentation
  13. It was really hard to ignore her breasts as a man back then. They were just huge. without push up
  14. The world now knows Lou Taylor. In Europe, Britney's court documents about her dementia hit the headlines
  15. Now what's new about it? Only dementia entitles a quick procedure for a guardianship. The lawyers knew that too, so it was ticked. Legislators assume that people with dementia need help very quickly. And that's why a decision is made quickly. It takes months to put a person under guardianship without dementia. In this case, you must provide clear evidence that can also be challenged. The dementia document has been public for years. Why did it take the press so long to deal with the document? Did the press seriously think the fans falsified the document? Or would fight for Britney's freedom for years if guardianship was understandable.
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