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  1. Can only imagine their conversations.. "Bro SELENA was like my BRITNEY and I was like YOU"
  2. I'm so glad that see that there are times that she can be in public with no paparazzi around!
  3. Sorry for the clickbait but LOL. Lynne made a Happy Birthday post for Bryan Spears today and on the second slide, which features Britney Jean's Brightest Morning Star, one of the images is watermarked with "BreatheHeavy.com" we love her.
  4. Love this thread. I was about 7 years old when BOMT came out and you could not go anywhere without seeing Britney's face or hearing her music. I don't remember hearing BOMT for the first time but: Her dolls were front and center in Toys R Us. My friends and I would make our moms record us lip syncing and dancing to Britney songs, trying to recreate her iconic videos. The VHS of 'Time Out With Britney Spears' was played over and over. In school, my folders were Britney brand, pencils were Britney, and valentines on Valentine's Day were Britney. She permeated every bit of pop culture and I miss her so much, but I am so thankful for the memories she has selflessly given us as a result of her art.
  5. Madonna mentions Brit in 2015 in this Q&A, at 9:36. Question: What do you think about a new collaboration with Britney Spears? Answer: I'm up for it. I'm a big fan of Britney Spears, so we'll see what happens!
  6. Love the song! Can def hear the Taylor influence. Definitely a new pop queen emerging. I wonder if Tay is somehow working on this album with her behind the scenes?
  7. This!! Britney's home is absolutely stunning and she has always loved a "garden-y" warm aesthetic. The tennis court looks just fine too - if a little wet from some light rain in LA.
  8. Haven’t seen this posted yet! Link below but originally posted on his Instagram story a few hours ago:
  9. Ugh you are right! I thought all week that they were going to be interviewing him! LOL. Updated topic. cc
  10. Same here with the interest- Especially over the last year I've been really interested in Marilyn. Watching the old movies, and reading Marilyn Monroe: The Private Life of a Public Icon. Are there any books/documentaries you recommend?
  11. Many of you will remember Britney's Instagram post from 2019, a painting of her and Marilyn with the caption "Sisters - such sweet innocent hearts". I'm sure many of us have thought about the similarities between she and Marilyn over the years, a few being: - Both blonde bombshells (obvious) - Most famous and photographed (+googled) women of their times - Hounded and criticized by the media and paparazzi - Two major/publicized "unsuccessful" marriages - Complicated or nonexistent relationships with fathers Did you know that Britney and Marilyn are also technically 9th cousins? Source Do you think Britney also thinks of these similarities between them and sees herself in Marilyn? Would Marilyn be in a similar situation as Britney if she had been alive today?
  12. Omg I never saw this M&G picture before.. How did her team allow this..???
  13. To be fair, it only says "REMASTERED" in my post on Breatheheavy.com. It doesn't say "remastered" anywhere on the actual Youtube video or in the caption for the video. I clearly know nothing about how any of this works - My bad!
  14. Love this!! Thank you for sharing. I totally got the dark rockstar vibe too- Especially with that Oops opening and the long black coat. This was definitely a side of Britney that the world hadn't seen yet.
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