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What do you like about Slave 4 U?

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I love it. It really makes you feel like dancing. Idk if you remember this scene from THE HOT CHICK where Rob Schneider is at the club with the girls and he (or she lol) hears a so g and suddenly he starts moving to the rhythm. Slave kinda makes me feel like that, it's immediately contagious. 

As a single, it was the right move in terms of artistry. Teen pop was already DYING. Actually, I feel like the album Britney should have gone into that urban R&B direction rather than the Max Martin catchy pop sound. It's weird for me to say that because my favorite song ever of hers is Overorotected but being objective and unbiased, a more urban style would have made a major impact in the long run. 

The music video cannot be any more addictive, ***ual, sweaty, hot and dynamic. She really gave us one of the most iconic dance routines in pop history. It's a big yes to me. :rihclap_rihanna_clapping_applause_yes_yas:

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I ******* love the song, the video, the look, the performance, the choreography, I love dancing to it I feel like such a sl** when it comes on in the shower, it’s seriously such a great song to dance too!

but the song I understand why it didn’t do well on the charts back then… the sounds was ahead of its time and their wasn’t much of a chorus it was more so reliant on production and pop music wasn’t like that back then

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