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  1. It literally sounds like a team con member telling Britney why she can’t get a new house.. except for that last part 🙄
  2. I agree! How come the vocals on all the unreleased are so drowned out and quiet
  3. No true fan of Britney is waiting for an album this instant. She has mental HEALING and Has to exit Stockholm syndrome.. which rarely ever happens. She is psychologically effected from their business, her con ship and those around her. Don’t pressure it.. wait for her to walk in her own damn shoes. It’s a long road and fans who want a new blackout 2.0 are sadly mistaken. Pray to god.
  4. I knew it. It’s not funny. Exiting Stockholm syndrome and also Britney’s situation is almost impossible. Everybody please pray!!! Let’s do this again. Pray for Britney and do your due diligence to bring the truth of all the corruption to the surface. Thank you
  5. Femme fatale Britney was so different
  6. Britney will make an appearance on the reboot with the way this is all heading 🌈 🚬 🏙
  7. Project rose in my eyes was def Britney working with Cade for Mathew to represent her and it has all fallen into place perfectly. I believe Britney probably wants to perform now more than ever seeing as people are so doubtful of her and she has many unreleased tracks and works of art that have been brushed away for not meeting team con standard. She has tricks (multiple) up her sleeve. 😍
  8. Ugh.. Jordan thank you. For people who think this is fake? Are they really that naive? That person who told them to “give jameh laynn her phone back” I’m cackling.. it def sounds like her. Britney is fine and better off than them. Here’s my question; can any of Britney’s handlers or team perform her Vegas show? Perform her BBMA performance? The vma 2016 ? Could they record glory type vocals? Could they handle this pressure closing in on them and engulfing them with a conservatorship? Her family speaks and thinks out of their butts allegedly.. it’s sad. Britney deserves SO MUCH better!
  9. I agree ☝️ but now her every move won’t be reported back to captain papa don’t preach
  10. Yea she failed the test in HIS eyes. And if he calls the shots then … she couldnt do anything… hopefully everything ends soon in the right manner.
  11. Did you read what I wrote? I said Britney Jean was terrible…. And her team picking and choosing what she does is what has stopped many iconic moments from happening. I never said any of her other albums sound “old” 🙃
  12. I feel like either route Britney chooses; the music will be so much better. She won’t have to submit songs to her father or his people for approval… she can pick topics, say words, use her voice box in whatever way she picks. Of course producers may suggest and she knows that.. but the quality of music will be fire compared to a project like Britney Jean that Britney obviously gave up on bc they probably forced all of that corny music on her. We would get epic videos too.. no more corny restrictions.
  13. When I realized she really did surgery to her nose:( I’m so sad she ever thought she needed to change at all.
  14. She looks so gorgeous. Hope she can get a new iPhone soon. I lived with a 6 for the past 6 years and just got a new one. The pictures and videos will be so much more flattering
  15. I can’t keep up anymore.. all I know is karma is real and it’s serving justice. I pray to my god. Not the Christian demon the S family and lu lu pray too.. the REAL catholic god in my religion and he hasn’t let me down yet. Keep fighting rose and B. The snakes are all spiraling since the grass has been cut.
  16. Harvey should be jailed too. He’s a DISGRACE allegedly
  17. Heaven on earth, why should I be sad, toy soldier
  18. Oh no what in heavens will you do until then? I haven’t had a Facebook in ten years. You’ll live sis. In that time live life and be casual with your online interactions.
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