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100,000 people sign petition to rescind Sia's Golden Globes nomination for "Music"

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Sia is under fire for her new film, Music, which at times reportedly portrays autistic people in an inaccurate light. 

There's a petition on Change.org with 100,000+ signatures requesting the Golden Globes rescind her nomination.

The petition reads: 


Sia's debut movie “Music” is severely ableist and contributes to harmful stereotypes of autistic people. The Golden Globes must rescind its two nominations for “Best Musical/Comedy Picture” and “Best Musical/Comedy Actress: Kate Hudson”, and the entertainment industry must promise to actively work towards inclusion and better disability representation. 

The petition goes into great detail about why they believe this film shouldn't exist. 

I don't think the nomination should be rescinded. She just probably won't win. The Internet is a wild place. 

What do YOU think, Exhale? 



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Looking at the other nominees in the categories that it is nominated in, there is no way that this film will win. It was likely only nominated because every now and then the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (the group responsible for the golden globes) feels the need to nominate a musical in the musical/comedy category to maintain the musical part. This happened to be the only mainstream musical film of the past year. This explains Burlesque's nomination in this category  a decade ago. But at least Burlesque is good campy fun. Music is just bad.

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1: yes Sia should definitely have cast Darryl Hannah or Courtney Love for the role.

2: i know Maddie’s 18 but if Sia wanted somebody young I don’t think she had much of a choice. How many young actresses do we know who have autism? If they are under 18 I don’t even think it’s right at all to come forward with most diagnoses to the public; it’s very personal information and I think they should be adults when or if they decide to lay out their diagnosis for the world to see. 

3: it’s sort of the same thing with Depp on POTC for example. He has portrayed pirates inaccurately consistently. They should have hired a real Caribbean pirate 🏴‍☠️ or if they are extinct (idk 🙈) they should have read some history books or gone with a depiction of a Somali pirate. Both types of pirates are very different from Depp’s comedic fairytale rendition jack sparrow GIF. Any actor/actress really that does not have the occupation or mentality which they play should be criticised along with the director and entire production team.


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What about Dustin Hoffman in rainman? That performance was acclaimed but it also portrayed autism as having this gift with math or whatever which isn’t necc real either. 

i believe autism can be portrayed negatively (which happens in many movies where mental illness, ***uality etc are portrayed negatively so...) but inaccurately? You can just blame any characteristics on the individual character of the film. autism is a spectrum so it varies how it is seen in each individuals symptoms, behaviour and personality. 

I haven’t seen the film. But films are meant to be discussed, analyzed and critiqued. 

as far as actors portraying a character with an illness, disability, ***ual orientation that they don’t personally have... Isn’t that what acting is all about? Gay actors should be able to play straight and vice versa...Leonardo portrayed Howard Hughes, the Lil brother in gilbert grape and shutter island...the guy who played I am sam (I can’t remember his name) depicted downsyndrome...Susan Sarandon played a cancer patient in stepmom... lol I don’t understand the logic...... 

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3 minutes ago, Blackout2006 said:

Pls don't remind me of...that :queenie_falling_dying_dead:

I love how people here don't check out the movie before they comment on it. They don't even bother reading the reviews. James Corden deserved his Golden Globe acting nomination compared to this mess. This is like a lock for Golden Raspberry Awards, so jokes on Golden Globes.

But, I'd love a petition for that Corden nomination to be rescinded as well.

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2 hours ago, kdub87 said:

At what point will this nonsense stop? It is ACTING! if actors aren't allowed to portray characters that aren't similar to themselves, what will they do? Its a joke tbh. Every day we devolve further into butthurt, whiny little sensitive snowflakes. People who are offended can choose to not watch it or listen to her music instead of trying to force them into cancellation. Why do the eternally offended minority think get to dictate what I or anyone else can indulge in? Im gay and have never and would never have an issue with a straight actor play a gay character. Nor do I care if they ham up every stereotype in the book because at the end of the day, there will always be someone who can relate to that character.

Its honestly exhausting, like seriously log tf off the internet and take some time off from being an absolute ******* of a human being.

they didn't get the concept of acting :dead_falling_wig_dying:

but yeah I def get what you mean, oversensitiveness is ******* dangerous, because it can distract people from actual problems :inbed_ahs_hotel_sarah_paulson_grin_smirk_cackle_bed_reading_phone: it's really pervading social media rn 

america's exportation of "cultural appropriation" concept is definitely garbage tbh, and also super-racist, as if minorities needed extra-protection for their culture who can't be universal (notice how nobody would ever say in the US: Japanese women wearing jeans are appropriating American culture but replace "jeans" with "kimono" and here it is :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:)

I'm half arab and I'd love Britney to wear a caftan or henna :inbed_ahs_hotel_sarah_paulson_grin_smirk_cackle_bed_reading_phone: or do an Arabesque MV :ahhh_britney_scream_glory_excited_yay_pumped: without being targeted for cultural appropriation :neydedance_purple:

I'm also half-albanian so I wouldn't mind a duet with dua lipa in Tiranë :katyclown_makeup_mess_pie_meme_smile:


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I’m not gonna get into it whether it’s art suppression or what not. Can of worms. But I do understand why people are angry. It promotes dangerous and downright caricature stereotypes and on top of that has a scene in it that promotes dangerous (I think life threatening too?) restraining of autistic people when they have a meltdown. All supported by an organization that is known to be extremely harmful towards the autistic community. I wouldn’t want a movie like that to aid in the misunderstanding and hatred of my illnesses/disabilities either.

but. Just my opinion. Not trying to speak over people.

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6 hours ago, ChromaticaGlory said:

Honestly, I question why it was nominated, but it is what it is. I doubt it will win though. Also, if Sia really wanted the movie to be about autism, she should have done that. It feels like I'm watching a colorful,  dystopian nightmare, and the autism stereotype they portray... :nicki2_minaj_awkward_nicki_ooh_welp_well_look_blonde_hat: I'm not gonna get into that, and this is coming from an autistic person.

Honestly autism is a spectrum and autistic ppl are super different from each other. The autism is not their personality so I feel like: what are the criteria for an actor/actress to portray an autistic person accurately when autistic ppl differ like normal ppl differ greatly from each other :orangu_orangutan_ape:

Haven’t watched it btw, where do you watch it? 

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