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  1. hE's SpEaKiNg EnGliSh, iS BrItNeY TrYiNg To CoNvErT hIm To ChRiStIaNiTy??????? u better be trolling at this point
  2. lynne have always given me gretcha vibes tbh
  3. your playlist is awful though makes me want to stop working out before even starting if I'm dancing (running) MATM outrageous (100 abs during the song, looooves it) toy soldier (squats) I'll be there (running at the end of the day)
  4. If only you were right With which elements has she been put under a c-ship in 2008? Do you really believe that tabloids didn't play a role in court? That the judges weren't heavily influenced by garbage magazines & her parties with P. Hilton? The same thing happens with her instagram. These elements can backup a lot of arguments when it comes to mental health, and how she handles her life (you do realise that we're talking about a c-ship that prevents her from going on the internet without asking for it?). She has to show that she can handle herself perfectly. Imagine her dad saying: "we give her a little bit of control over her life and look! she can't even brush her hair!". Of course, we all constantly have messy hair, we all move in our living room in pyjamas or even underwear with silly moves, and we all do weird stuff. BUT when you have several appointements in court in order to get your freedom and basic human rights back, you have to show how perfectly fine you are. And any little detail counts. She shouldn't give them any material that can be used against her. I know, it's shallow, it's sad, but that's how our world works. Everything is based on appearances. I'm just saying that she should think twice before recording these videos. I don't believe that she has any control over her instagram though, just that she records 1008 videos a day and send them to her social media team.
  5. thanks interesting, I guess that since they don't penetrate each other they've became somehow more inventive when it comes to s3x I don't know any girl who doesn't enjoy s3x though, but I do believe that we have less libido, which explains a lot why we don't watch **** or pay for only fans it's easier to control
  6. there's definitely something off about her instagram, her goofy videos with sam are ok, some of her "dancing" videos are ok, but twirling alone for 2 minutes straight in the same outfit for the 20th time with messy hair & unwashed face, knowing her situation, gives just an odd vibe to her instagram I'm glad that she has fun, but she should be a little bit more strategical when it comes to social media, she has to show that she is perfectly responsible. and if the majority of people are asking in her comments if she's ok, then you can't deny that there's indeed an "odd feeling", and that it can play a huge role in her c-ship and in court. that's the main thing I'm worried about, the consequences that it can have in court. it can definitely used against her, and it's not that hard. she seems on the verge of crying when she speaks, with an unnatural voice, weird mimics etc.
  7. I didn't say that I thought that asking "who's the top/who's the bottom" was perceived the same as "who's the man/who's the woman" my English wasn't clear enough I guess can you answer my other question please, how are you guys doing when both guys in a couple are tops? or bottoms?
  8. In "gimme more" pom version she moves her knees much more than in MATM and in a much more dangerous way In crazy she doesn't move her knees a lot Just saying that by providing the same amount of energy, she can do better, but it requires 1. discipline (not dodging parts of a choreography, learning how to properly execute a movement) 2. a good choreographer
  9. Like I've said, she's perfectly capable of doing the 'Crazy' choreography, she isn't using her knees that much, and, beyond that, she did "harder" choreographies in POM harder than crazy choreography/MATM level not bad for sbdy who hurt her knee three times, for the videos that I've shown she isn't even using her legs as much lol she can do better choreographies with the exact same efforts on her body. she's able to do so. her choreographers suck + they don't teach her well
  10. the 2007 one matched the song if u think about it, the mood-performance wouldn't have fitted toxic for instance, or even oops/slave and she still gave more energy than dua lipa love her nonetheless
  11. - the dancer who's supposed to be britney has a watered-down version of the choreography - the choreography is much more armography than anything else, always the same un***y annoying moves, reminds me of lea Michele trying to be **** but failing as hard as Jamie Lynn's career - wtf are those overly girly moves? where's Britney's swag? these guys are trying to hard to be **** but they look like elephants trying to dance ballet, be more subtle, stop with that annoying "sassiness" in your moves, or those diva moves, ur not on rupaul ew, just compare w/ : simple, efficient, cool, swag, attitude : technical, **** while having clothes on & not even trying lmao : she's perfectly capable of doing this if she can do the toxic BBMA bridge + TOMH backflip + womaniser break her choreographers are bad af, they're doing **** choreographies + don't teach her well
  12. men they all share smth in common regardless of their ***ual orientation I remember a thread about some guys here complaining about others talking about britney and how they wanted to **** her in a forum showing pics of her in lingerie the audacity, smth that men will always have y'all need to be more subtle and less *****, take some lessons from girls speak about s3x with class
  13. i forgot to post the wikipedia article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classe_préparatoire_aux_grandes_écoles So basically I have my competitive exams in 2 months (for a business school), and tomorrow I'm starting a 10-days mock exam I'm less scared about maths than geopolitics, what is required if infinite, I've only learnt "Africa" out of 5 continents hope that my teacher isn't gonna mess and pull out an essay like "farming in India" or "Europe's role in the Middle East" Sounds pretty dope Tbh I've included several times Britney in my English essays (that's the only assignment in which we have essays about American society, and the Free Britney movement is absolutely gold material for essays about social media/technologies/feminism in the US, and the role of the youth) In which country are you studying? I'm definitely more into maths than literature tbh, I just want to hang myself when I have a 2-hour class about "the representation of animals in Les métamorphoses of Ovide" Music production? Something like sound engineering? Or do you want do be a producer?
  14. nah I don't, I get some gifts from my friends-fam but overall idc about it when it's a leap year I do a party though, last year was pretty dope tbh, at least nobody forgets my b-day
  15. So, I'd like to know, if some of y'all are students, what are you studying? And what are your projects? What do you wanna do for a living? And, if you are not, what are you doing for a living? Unless you're Kim K It'd be fun to do statistics, I'm wondering what exhalers are up to, like, are most of y'all scientists, teachers, steel workers, students, pupils, retired, singers, jet-setters Well, personally, I wouldn't know how to explain to foreigners, here's a wikipedia article
  16. Honestly I couldn't care less if he's using it for popularity The most important is that more people are aware of the situation, who cares about the means Ends justify the means I don't really enjoy his videos or mimics, he looks like a South Park character lmao
  17. Thanks Nope, I don't have time to celebrate it bc of my 1.5 week mock exam u said it all atm she can't even go out with a friend for a walk, idk if people realise that she'd be freer in North Korea than in her mansion rn I'm not really into politics, but I'm definitely into human rights, can't stand injustice
  18. Britney doesn't want to work while her father is in charge. I respect that choice. you prefer us to speak about her lips, nose, ad-libs in "liar" and the 2 songs she sang live that decade (the now-iconic birthday anthem "Happy Birthday" & something to talk about) for the 298104th time? btw it's my birthday in 9 days
  19. they didn't get the concept of acting but yeah I def get what you mean, oversensitiveness is ******* dangerous, because it can distract people from actual problems it's really pervading social media rn america's exportation of "cultural appropriation" concept is definitely garbage tbh, and also super-racist, as if minorities needed extra-protection for their culture who can't be universal (notice how nobody would ever say in the US: Japanese women wearing jeans are appropriating American culture but replace "jeans" with "kimono" and here it is ) I'm half arab and I'd love Britney to wear a caftan or henna or do an Arabesque MV without being targeted for cultural appropriation I'm also half-albanian so I wouldn't mind a duet with dua lipa in Tiranë
  20. I'm wondering how would've been the whole situation if social media existed (well, more-developed than it was) I don't know if it would've made the whole case even worse, knowing how ****ty humans can be or if it would've been better for her, as the whole stardom-hollywood-industry don't have to focus anymore on only two or three celebs to sell their magasines, which made things worse for her allegedly: she'd be on the cover of any garbage magazine, people'd buy it, which made her more famous, etc. etc. the Marilyn Monroe of the 2000s tbh
  21. I've never noticed Sam's accent very cute btw loves it
  22. queen of having thicker legs than sam make that bish work
  23. + it's not like she hasn't sold 100 million albums + her ad deals + her 6 WT + her merch + x factor she's on the same range as Beyoncé lmao for 10+ years she made more than her 2020 net worth in a year in 2010 she made more money than Gaga, in 2012 she was the highest paid musician, her years-off I don't believe that figure, it's not like she's organising expensive parties or traveling to Paris for eating a cake she still use clothes from 2002 something (very) fishy is going on tbh about her money
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