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  1. I still think @Jordan Miller has it. Britney gave him a CD with lots of music which she requested to leak, and he did many years later. So in that case, I can assume that this CD she had, rebellion was there.
  2. well... do you know she's stuck in a Conservatorship? She can't control her own life, how will she control her career
  3. exactly. thank u. stop dramatizing, i'm sure she will get bored and get on a stage again regardless. but you must bet that she WILL NOT until this is all over, there's no turning back, and her team also knows it.
  4. PREACH!!! But look guys, if you really like them, please support them on iTunes... it's all for them, and everything is coming from their own films etc budget to make it happen. So glad with all the positive reviews <3
  5. a touch of the beat gets you up on your feet gets you out and then into the sun https://linktr.ee/alyandaj 1. Pretty Places 2. Lost Cause 3. Break Yourself 4. Slow Dancing 5. Paradise 6. Symptom of Your Touch 7. Lucky To Get Him 8. Listen!!! 9. Don't Need Nothing 10. Stomach 11. Personal Cathedrals 12. Hold Out
  6. maybe that explains why she was so off since 2007, like **** it. but yup, we know.
  7. I have to agree. Regardless, overall MTV always profit from Britney, period... regardless the rig or whatever, thats what they did in 2011. yeah lets give this artist of the millennium cuz we failed to give you awards since 2000's until 2008 lol. its obvious. problem is the timming, in 2011 when she received this award she was already OFF with everything due to cship.
  8. u are right. and that makes so much sense if you think about it. problem is , britney during that time was already in CSHIP and she was already in ****THIS mood. which is femme fatale era, she was off with it. but either way, ur very accurate... this was an apology some sort of. and maybe we didnt click. idk.
  9. if you ask me, the only one that was knee injured was MTV do to her like that. We're talking about Toxic, rigged, just cause she wasn't present... at least do a video call or something, maybe its too much in 2004.
  10. it does not. im just surprised how nobody talks about this, this is outrageous lol. vmas/mtv clearly were on something on ******* Britney.... even if you look for the history of nominations etc, you can tell how she was always ****ed. Yet, she was THE VMAS with performances... just rigged with awards, **** this.
  11. well, awkward enough, she did get an Grammy for this. So i'm waiting for someone to explain me the VMA's and how nobody talks about it like wtf
  12. Guys i was just crossing the wiki page regarding Toxic, and I read something interesting regarding her nominations on wiki. If you look at the page it says the following: "It was also nominated for four VMAs at the 2004 awards in the categories of Best Female Video, Best Dance Video, Best Pop Video and Video of the Year, but lost all of them (sources spread internet forums claiming Britney was rigged due to her sudden performance cancellation and non-presence, she was set to win Video Of The Year, Best Female and Best Pop Video)" link And actually during this time Britney broke her knee, which is something they did not mention, so it was obvious that she would have to cancel the performance. Many people also confirmed that she was also set to perform, that we know. But do you guys have any sources or prints of where this information was leaked? Did anybody from that time took a print shot? @Jordan Miller maybe? It does not come to a surprise how she lost all her nominations since she wasn't there, but MTV could've handled things differently. I mean she won 3 awards on the VMAs 2008, and for me I still don't think that the Piece Of Me video is way better than Toxic (comparing the artists that she was competing with). Whats your thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  13. Look I hate Billy, but Cassie is NOT entitled to speak on Britney behalf... oh wait, its what shes paid for.
  14. I swear to god that Lance is one of those gays that just make me directly punch them in the face in 2 sec.
  15. my next goal was actually DWAD. I did remaster one or two. thing is that just the whole show it will take like weeks. I really need someone else to help me with it since its almost 2h of show.
  16. likely she was still recording the album, it did came out in 2003. Imagine if she asked Britney to be in it, maybe her label wouldn't drop her. That album still sounds fresh today and she did have a hit so idk why
  17. I low key jumped for a sec and yes, omg I also love Crazylove, it was featured on the movie. but I don't think many Britney fans could tell...
  18. If y'all watched Crossroads, you might remember Taryn Manning "Mimi" from the movie. At the time she had a band that was called Boomkat, and had one hit single but later her label dropped. I must say that you guys should def check for her album that is called Boomkatatalog and still sounds fresh today. I've remastered her two music videos from that time, from a low and only source available, but I was glad with the results and as she deserves properly. Hope you guys enjoy it, def a check it.
  19. if they can't, well, usually it could be cause they starting belonging to the labels. or maybe, they have to just put it to trash and the label only stays with the edit. might be for that reason, but still. weird.
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