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Sam Asghari Defends Him and Britney Wearing Masks at the Beach

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Sam's with Britney for 4 years now, through really hard **** in her life, and he's still there. Kevin couldn't even handle her depression during pregnancy. A gold digger wouldn't stay through thi

Of course there will be millions of people seeing Scammy, and you love It 

i've said it a hundred times and i'll say it again but i LOVE them two together! he seems sweet and like he really cares about her and she seems nothing but happy around him!

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36 minutes ago, nerdygeekgrl said:

Please tell me what a 23 yr old has in common with a 35 year old. 

He is paid to be her bf. He's young and dumb so he will be compliant with whatever her team says cuz of how desperate he is to be one famous. The guy befriended Shayan and Shaheen Safi for christ sake! They are related to Gigi and Bella Hadid! I mean, how much more desperate does he have to be?! If they weren't associated with her in any way he would not have been friends with him. 

He dated that Maya or whatever her name is, that Spanish singer because he was hoping to get famous. 

He dated Jessa Hinton, a playboy model in hopes to become famous. 

Now he got the opportunity to date the biggest superstar ever, Britney Spears. And you think he's genuinely in love with her? No. He's in love with her name and power. He's a paid babysitter. He's still young so the moment he gets fed up and loses his patience, he will tell the team he's done and wants out. 

Gimme a break. He is not interested in her. He never was. I will not be surprised that in a year or 2 they break up. Persian men want to start settling and there is no way he will settle with her. Her family will 10000% not allow it. No Persian mother wants her son marrying someone like Britney (an older, white woman 2x divorced and with kids).... It's just out of the question. And a Persian son will never disobey his mom so he will break it off. 

You guys think he's Prince Charming. He's the total opposite. He's a snake and he's enjoying the money he gets from her team. 

He's 24 and she's 38.

At least speak with real information:mj:

Edit: he's 26:squint:

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8 minutes ago, Fenixxx123 said:

 He is always talking about health and positivism


33 minutes ago, kasavas said:

Sam's with Britney for 4 years now, through really hard **** in her life, and he's still there. Kevin couldn't even handle her depression during pregnancy.


34 minutes ago, kasavas said:

he's a model


35 minutes ago, nerdygeekgrl said:

He wants millions of eyes on him.


1 hour ago, Slayer said:

he really cares about her

-Sam has no education or studies, he is not a suitable person and he is not prepared to talk about health and nutrition, that must be done by a prepared person, Sam is not  a psychologist ,nutritionist or therapist to talk about it.

- Sam, until her team wants, will be in her life and he will be her boyfriend, that is why he is hired and he is doing very well.
Kevin would still be with Britney if it weren't for her and her attorneys asking for her divorce petition (he left her alone at home with the kids and he was going to party).Britney has never had real emotional support before or now, as you talk about knowing how to manage depression.

- Sam is a model? Where has he walked in Milan? Paris? New York? Madrid? Barcelona? Did I also think Sam was the Manchester City fitness trainer? Actor? Oh no, he is an ******!.

- He wants millions of eyes on him, it is his only priority!.

- He really cares about her ...  We saw it in her "me time" post(he reposted and commented on the post) and in his Valentine's story while she was locked up against her will in a psychiatric hospital, Also his concern on the day of the hairdresser and the day of the hotel, Also on the day of the premiere, all the times he has been an accomplice of her team and her father, Commenting each photo on her Instagram when she does not have access and it hurts her image and person at those posts.If he loves her, he would never allow this, no one who loves a person, cares, or has a minimal real interest, allows it.

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This thread is intense.

Whatever opinion we have is based on our assumptions. We are all entitled to our opinion. I just don't get why we try after 4 years and countless threads about Sam to persuade on another why he is the greatest person on earth or the biggest gold digger around.

I personally don't like him either but that's my opinion. It's getting repetitive this he's bad because this and that or he's genuine because blah blah story.

I think the best thing to do is to accept that Exhale is divided into three main groups on that ;  the haters, the fans and the neutral and wait to see what happens


Ps. I love you guys. Don't tear me apart lol.

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Love them together, and I like the thought process behind this, it's an important message to send so good on them.

I also honestly don't understand all the people who are hating on Sam. It's all too easy to speculate on someone else's relationship, and yes it can be tempting to tell yourself that you really know what's going on but truth is... you never do. The only two people who know what Britney & Sam's relationship is really like are Britney and Sam. If they look happy together and there is literally no proof whatsoever that he has treated Britney badly or unrespectfully in any way, why would you assume that something sinister is going on beneath the surface? Just like... let them live? :bedtime:

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Ppl are giving them a hard time about wearing masks?!? I went to the beach over the weekend, just to walk, and it was very busy. There are times when you end up walking close to ppl and can’t socially distance. If they’re on a private beach, maybe they didn’t need them, but if they’re somewhere public, it’s good to have them just in case at least. Good for him, saying something. Ppl’s disregard for others bc they don’t want to wear a damn cloth over their face is so annoying. Don’t get to public places then! 

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7 hours ago, nerdygeekgrl said:

Please tell me what a 23 yr old has in common with a 35 year old. 


Idk about all the other accusations but my parents are 20 years apart :yaknow:. Love is love is love. But I see what your saying its more than just age there are other factors for sure.



I never cared either way as long as she is happy. The original comment though is a prime example of not being able to please everyone. Had they not worn mask people would have been all on their neck about that.:chrissy:

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You'll never see it my way because you're not me -Britney 

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