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  1. Took me a month and 184 pages of this thread to return to exhale and all I have to say is that I'm very proud of her. She's the strongest person we know. We imagined a few things (although they called us crazy cause we found out the truth) but what this girl has been through is way beyond imagination. Brenda is under hot water.
  2. Congrats!! When someone is having a child is always great news.
  3. Because it took us a worldwide pandemic and Britney being fooled in courts since forever to realize that we have bigger problems than Sam and that the energy of everybody in the Sam slander threads should be focused elsewhere. We matured and it's a good thing Bonus, Britney is having a blast when she is around him, he respects her in public and it's evident. It must not be very easy to bring such a star in your family gatherings but they handle it perfectly. It's not worth your time or energy to hate on Sam about his barely-there roles that you deem he gets because he's using her. They are small either way.
  4. I find it completely normal that you defend your country. It is who you are, it is what shaped you to be you. But you can't suggest that everybody has a problem with Jews and Israel. What kind of syndrome is that? Is it propaganda to defend human beings on both sides? Those people are oppressed by your governments. You can't choose whose human rights are more important. One cannot dismiss the injustice that Palestinians face, the people, not the extremists/terrorists. Don't act like Israel hasn't created settlements here and there all these decades forcing people out of their homes. Or that you care about resolving the conflict. You don't want to see their agony, hence they restore to violence. Not for once this comment justifies Hamas or throwing over 1000+ rockets to Israel. Not everything is black or white, and there is not one bad guy in every story. Sit down with PA and solve this out if you care so much about peace and not expanding your state (illegally)
  5. Yet you don't understand that we (we=international community) are not against Israelis. The criticism is for the oppressive tactics of your governments, the illegal annexation of East Jerusalem and West Bank and the eviction of Palestinians from their homes. Do you really believe that international law and UN are anti-Semitic as well? Please, don't play the victims. And i don't buy any propaganda. I know where I stand and it's not even close to Hamas and their rockets, but also I'm far away from Israel breaching international law.
  6. You do realize that this is a huge generalisation and utterly offensive to the members of this community, right? Criticizing the country of Israel (and its violations of international law) is not anti-Semitism.The longer you repeat it the better.
  7. I don't get why a statement of an Israeli about Israel is news tbh. What did people expect? Go out and condemn Israel for its atrocities? For those living in Israel and Palestine the conflict is a matter of perspective, they are both right in their minds. It's easy for us to claim that we know who's right or wrong but were ourselves to be in their position, we would probably do the same as they do. I'm ok with her statement. It's logical that she supports her nation and shows empathy for Palestinians. She grew up facing a reality and certain circumstances that have shaped her, the same applies for the Palestinian people. I really hope that the violence will soon come to an end and diplomatic talks will begin in a serious base. That's the only solution, cuz Palestinians can't win in a war against Israel. It's suicide.
  8. Two movies that come easily in my mind and I suggest you never ever even think of watching are Raw and Serbian movie. The first is a french story of a vegan vet student that ends up to be cannibal and the second is a serbian film which I'd rather not say the plot. I don't know what went wrong with me during that time that I watched those films. Completely disturbing and ****ed up.
  9. Honestly, I don't care anymore about new music. It would be nice if she were free but that's not the case
  10. Girl will hit her '40s and still won't be able to go out for a frozen yogurt without her daddy's permission.
  11. If you prioritize your happiness and your mental health (which I think you should) , I guess you have to quit and try and find sth better, a work environment that suits you better and in which you will thrive emotionally and professionally. If you find it hard though to quit due to the current situation, you can send them to hell and plot their murder while smiling at them (kidding)
  12. I recently saw the Serpent, very good
  13. I believe it's just a piece of art. I doubt she knows that it's Kevin or that she supports him. I mean Kevin is a nobody and nobody gives a f about him. He just had a pretty face back then and good connections (through Britney) to make this shoot.
  14. If that's what she wants or what she's been consulted by her lawyer, I guess we will find it out in court documents. Otherwise is team con talking. I'm ok with a healthy conservatorship and Britney stop paying all these useless lawyers for so many years. However, I think that even with Jaimie out, the people involved will still take advantage of her.
  15. Oh look, another thread turning into a verbal war between the same people.
  16. Am I the only one that kinda wants their next pics to be from their wedding? Whatever people might say about him, that girl is GLOWING. Slay Mama
  17. I love how normal they are around her. I guess Britney really appreciates it. Have fun girl
  18. The c-ship, if not abolished, needs to change. Every single person involved needs to go. It's so disappointing that a judge can't see the most obvious things such as that the conservatorship is a trap created with lies, bias and misogyny. Britney is trapped and they make profit from it.
  19. I think their relationship is better than what we think. They've been pictures of them around 2015-2017 at Britney's house in Thanksgiving, clubs (ikr ) , they hanged out in Vegas etc. Tbh I believe that Britney is used in comments like those that Bryan made during the podcast, so it might not be a huge deal for her. I mean she grew with Jamie as her father and other macho men in her life... Also, I believe that she loves her brother and has him on the "good list" of people. I don't know why
  20. Oh please girl Soon her 15 minutes of fame will be over, so she'll be fine.
  21. Hmm yeah? It's not that she can't physically hold a phone or something. It's just that her access to information is limited. I believe that when Sam is around she gets more of that freedom.
  22. Omg we shared the same birthday and I only found out today.
  23. Britney has bigger impact and more iconic moments. Taylor is a very skilled musician, songwriter, singer but she lacks the iconic element. And their major differences is that for many years it was Britney vs the world because of her miserable antagonists and cannibal media, while I think Taylor has the support of the musical/media establishment
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