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  1. After listening to the album, I would say that SOUR reflects the teen angst much needed for 2021. While most of the tracks revolve around love, I think it's a perfect example of what a teenager is going through because, well, she is a teenager. Overall, I would rate the album 7/10 - solid effort, and I look forward to the new exciting projects coming from Rodrigo! I think I am more impressed with the attention Olivia Rodrigo has been gaining, considering that Disney Channel stars haven't received this much attention while still on a Disney Channel show - it's great to see the shift! Favourtie Tracks (so far) brutal happier favorite crime
  2. Holy Trinity • Run Away With Me • All That • I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance Top 5 Favourite Tracks 1. Run Away With Me 2. Warm Blood 3. Boy Problems 4. Emotion 5. Let's Get Lost Least Favourite Track • Black Heart Favorite Lyrics • "My hands and heart were tied, but I was scared of almost nothing at all" - Warm Blood
  3. I will admit that I like the way it looks, but the "lowercase trend" just seems unnecessary. I'm sure that Ariana does this for aesthetic purposes, but I usually finding myself retitling songs with uppercase letters, so... to each their own?
  4. I quite like the short hair - now all we need is that Pop-Rock attitude to come back into her music, I'm really rooting for Demi to make great music again!
  5. I think I was scammed with the Cryptocurrency fad... Basically, I invested money on this website, alphatradelimited.com, and the person is pretending to be someone else. I still have his contact info, trying to find a way to expose his identity. If anyone has a reverse phone look-up, I would really appreciate the help!
  6. Good Riddance, never understood why Piers built his career on criticizing women for that matter... Also, the photo doesn't really fit, but let's say that Britney is welcoming Meghan & Harry with open arms
  7. 1. Stopped buying everything I want 2. Pay off my cash loan/credit card debt 3. Get a job (was recently laid off) 4. Start a cookie business (side hustle!)
  8. Actually love the sound, Selena is definitely more comfortable with her Spanish music! I really enjoy the mix of English lyrics in the song, this is something I wish more artists would do (a lot of other artists from other countries throw in a few English lines to make it fun). I look forward to the rest of the EP!
  9. I can see where Adam is coming from, especially not much media focus on Rock Bands/a band with members who play instruments. But based on trends, wouldn't you think there would be a rise of these types of bands making a comeback? If 2000s style can make a return, so can its music.
  10. (From an opinion who doesn't follow the MCU) - I think this show is so refreshing! From the decade hopping to the camera shots, it's really interesting how they adapted a series into something everyone can enjoy. I also like how Disney+ decided to release an episode every week (like they're trying to bring back normal TV). I look forward to every episode I watch (not much of a binger, still on episode 3!)
  11. I read the memoir, and found it to be very interesting. It seems like both Morgan and Alison are trying to do whatever they can to get Mariah's money, especially when Mariah references them as 'ex-brother' and 'ex-sister' in the book... It's sad to see how money gets in the way of families, it's all too relatable
  12. Myself But in all honesty, I have been enjoying Seonkyoung Longest, she makes cooking so much fun! I really enjoy this recipe:
  13. Looks interesting, seems like Selena is more comfortable with this era. I hope the EP sounds good!
  14. I appreciate the artistic direction of the shoot, I even find the red Calvin Klein one to be fun! But other than that, just another cookie-cutter model type that the industry always gives to us...
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