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  1. 1. Red- This one just feels like the perfect bridge between Country Taylor and Pop Taylor. There are great bops, lyrics, duets, I just feel like it has it all. 2. Folklore - There are soooo many amazing songs on this album. The lyrics, the stories, the depth. Genius. It’s only 2, because I love bops, and there’s only one song I’d call a bop. 3. 1989- monster album. There’s just a couple of songs that feel a bit generic to me, not that they’re bar, but a bit forgettable to me. 4. Speak Now - a lot of my faves from this album weren’t even singles! Enchanted is magic! Last Kissis heartbreaking. Sparks Fly is a bop! Dear John is powerful! 5. Lover- I’m probably one of the few ppl who like “Me”- it’s not her best by any means, but it’s fun. There are so many amazing songs on this album! I love how colorful it is and how it’s so opposite of Reputation. It could be trimmed up a bit, but still the best album of 2019- a year seriously lacking in albums I liked. 6. Reputation- I also might be one of the few who LOVES “LWYMMD”. I really love the beginning and end of the album. The middle for me... is ok. I like all of the songs, but never really go out of my way to listen to any of the songs in the middle unless I’m listening to the whole album. 7. Fearless- I love about half of this album, and half of it is kinda forgettable to me. 8. Taylor Swift- once again, I love about half of this album. The other half, I don’t listen to at all. But the half I love holds special memories. 9.Evermore- ok, so this album isn’t bad. And this is probably an unpopular opinion. I just never fell in love with it. There’s only 2-3 songs that really stand out to me, and I think it’s kinda boring. I just have zero connection to it.
  2. The only 2 I really love are plastic hearts and Heaven & Hell. But I doubt either of those will be nominated or win. Maybe Miley will get nominated for best Rock Album? the shade of them not even mentioning Demi’s new album
  3. Burn Justin Buuuuuurrrnnnnn! bahaha. I don’t like cancel culture. But I do like Karma. I’m always willing to give him a second chance, I believe in forgiveness. But he should be called out for his bull**** and he needs to do more than some little ig apology to make it up to these queens.
  4. There’s so much to unpack here. But I’m not buying it was all written by Britney. If she SAID it, I’d believe it. But this caption almost seems like it’s trying to make it seem like “all the bad stuff is in the past and I’m completely happy now” which based on Britney seeming to say multiple times in court documents she doesn’t want her dad in control... it’s just not adding up.
  5. This is such a tough one for me! But I have to go with Rihanna. For me it’s 1. Britney 2. Rihanna 3. Gaga. I’ll be so sad to see gaga go, but I like Rihanna a little more. I can’t really suggest who should be next since I’ll vote for Riri no matter what. But ideas could be Mariah, Whitney, Janet, Ariana, Miley, Cher, Madonna, Taylor, Dolly Parton, etc. I feel like this game should have started with less iconic should have started with less iconic pop stars like Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Carly Rae and built up lol. (No shade I love Selena G and Carly Rae)
  6. I’m so curious to see where this will go, I feel like you started with some serious powerhouses- Gaga, Xtina, and Beyonce. So is Beyonce out for good now? Like is Demi Lovato gonna come up later and beat Beyonce? Lol
  7. I love both. But for me it’s definitely Gaga. I can’t at everyone saying Xtina is “the better singer.” Xtina is amazing of course, but as someone who has studied voice I greatly disagree. At least nowadays, her technique has really gone downhill in the past decade. Shouting does not equal singing. I feel like Gaga has better control and tone. For me, the way Xtina sings gets exhausting to listen to, but I could listen to Gaga all the time. Also, I think Gaga had shown more versatility with her voice. She can do big diva ballads, she can do auto tune dance songs, jazz, classical, music theater, etc. I just think she’s smarter with her voice, I think a lot of ppl like music they can sing along to. So she does catchy fun songs you can sing along with, but throws in impressive vocals on ballads too. I feel like Christina, constantly, to this day is still trying to “show off” on every single song. And maybe that’s what her stand like/want but I don’t think it’s great for her career overall. In terms of discography, I def prefer Gaga. Visuals, Gaga. Tours, Gaga. Performances, Gaga. Personality, Gaga. Lol. I said this in the Xtina/Beyonce thread, but Xtina used to be my 2nd fave after Britney. But her career choices (and personality) kinda made me lose some interest on her over time. I honestly don’t even listen to Liberation aside from like 3 songs. But I love all of Gaga’s solo albums. And I’ve consistently loved her music and other choices throughout the years. She’s in my top 3. So she definitely gets my vote
  8. Rihanna: 1. This is What you came for (intro) 2. Only Girl 3. Rude Boy/Pon De Replay 4. Needed Me 5. Live Your Life (snippet/interlude) 6. Diamonds 7. Umbrella (ft Britney Spears & Jay-Z) 8. S&M (ft Britney) 9. We Found Love
  9. I think that’s a bold statement to make. I get it. I don’t know what to think of Michael Jackson anymore. I believe victims, but only the ppl there know the truth. I think It’s one thing to still love/enjoy a piece of art you fell in love with with before controversy/truth. Like with MJ, I’ll never stop loving man in the mirror or dirty Diana, they’re songs I fell in love with before knowing/understanding the allegations against him. And I’ll always love those songs. But yo blindly support anything new from him/his estate seems just not right. Like I love a few Chris Brown songs from before he beat Rihanna, but knowing what I know now, I can’t support him, even if he makes a great song, I can’t support him and put aside what he did. And it’s one thing if I truly felt he regretted a mistake, but he’s done nothing in my eyes to show he regrets it and he’s grown
  10. I watched her documentary on YouTube, and it made me like her even less lol. I feel like she’s in denial. There was a part of it where she talked about how she was misdiagnosed as being bipolar, that she never got a 2nd opinion.... sis definitely has some kind of mental health issues. I’m not hating, a lot of us do, but I think trying to be like “I was misdiagnosed and I can be ‘California Sober’ “ just all seems like denial, and acting like she’s completely fine now. If you have an addictive personality, which it seems like she probably does, “moderation” won’t work. I feel like the whole documentary was about excuses. I felt like a lot of the ppl in the documentary didn’t seem genuine either, like they were paid actors. I might be completely wrong, just that’s just the vibe I got. Her new album has some really good songs on it, but I still find her very unlikeable and this tantrum has just made it worse, it makes her seem like she needs help still.
  11. You can’t deny her power! Good for her, I hope ppl keep listening to the news versions so other ppl don’t profit from her work as much.
  12. Go Gaga! I wasn’t expecting to see Shallow on there given hardly anyone *buys* music anymore. That’s pretty impressive.
  13. Ugh. And this is why it’s so hard to like her. Look I sympathize with her having an eating disorder, but the whole world doesn’t revolve around you and your issues. Maybe some ppl want/NEED the option of sugar free cookies, it’s not all about you and your trauma. Are you gonna get mad at clothing stores next because you have to SEE the smaller sizes. Will she ever grow up?
  14. Xtina and Beyonce used to be my faves behind Britney. But over time I’ve lost some of my connection with both. But Xtina’s Stripped is still one of my all time fave albums, and it’s a more iconic and impactful era to me than any of Beyoncé’s, so I voted for Xtina. I’d probably still include Xtina in my top 10 of all times... but not Beyonce. Both are very talented though and gave some great songs... and some not so great.
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