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  1. Love the song. She looks gorgeous in the video, she’s serving, but it’s a little boring...
  2. I think it would be cool if she maybe did like a greatest hits album reworked with different vocals that would be easier to sing live, and maybe include a few fan faves that aren’t big hits. It could be a good way to transition into new music where she utilized her deeper tones more and she can explore other genres. But the “baby” voice is iconic and actually fits well for a lot of the music Britney has made over the years. It would be nice to have the Britney Jean album re-recorded considering the controversy around it, or at least the best songs.
  3. Ok, I like art pop, some songs from it I love, some are ok, and a couple are awful. But I don’t get why fans always want a “part 2”. Im all for Gaga making more dance songs, but I feel like when ppl try to recreate something... unless it’s done right away, like folklore and evermore were, it just doesn’t work. If there’s lots of unreleased songs she can put out as like a bonus or something, I’m for that too. But trying to remake an album, from a dark time in her life... from almost 10 years ago now? this reminds me of how Britney fans always say they want blackout part 2. Do you know how many times team con has tried to recreate blackout?
  4. Not into the song at all, but the music video is great. SZA is gorgeous. And that guy is HOT. Also, I really don’t get the Doja Cat hype. Boss B***h is a banger, but other than that, I haven’t her any good songs by her. I wasn’t into Say So either
  5. This is the best she’s looked in a long time! I wasn’t feeling the madame X look (or sound)
  6. So sad! Hope he pulls through. I’m not a huge fan, but I loved Party Up back in the day.
  7. Ok. I don’t know why you all are hating. She didn’t say she could have STOPPED it, she said she could have helped. And don’t a lot of ppl think/feel that way. Aren’t there lots of ppl who feel like if they were witnessing a person being killed they would do something to try to step in and stop it. And as much as ppl might think it’s a conceited thing to say, I’d any big celebrity would have been there, celebrities do have some power. If they knew Cher was there, someone with a major platform, recording it or other ppl recording they would have known it would be “viral” and seen by millions of ppl. They would have known they couldn’t “get away” with it. Also if you know anything about Cher, she’s very outspoken, I definitely think she would have said/done something. Also, once again it says HELPED- not STOPPED.
  8. I watched the music video last night... wtf?!? I’m sorry, but that’s so obviously a publicity stunt to get ppl to stream the video. I can just see headlines “Demi Lovato relieves overdose in new music video” “She’s so brave” but it’s not even a good video! It looks cheap. There’s nothing artistic about it. It seems so exploitative! I mean if that’s what she wants to do, that’s her choice. But this is what part of what makes her so unlikeable to me. the song has grown on me though. Starting to listen to the album now. I still think Anyone is horrible. But I’m on ICU now, it’s actually gorgeous.
  9. Another day, another new story to create buzz around Demi.... it’s hard to try to enjoy her music anymore because everyday it seems like she’s trying to hard
  10. I find it surprising that in the 2000s Britney was writing letters to other celebs. In a time where cell phones were already very common, texting, emailing, and social media was starting. It just makes it seem even more like Britney isn’t allowed free access to those things, that she had to go an old school route of writing a letter. Maybe I’m reading into it to much, maybe Britney just prefers handwriting or something... but it’s interesting.
  11. I think the most interesting thing about this will be seeing her deal with Blake Shelton, who just comes of as an enormous d*****bag to me
  12. I feel Like there potential... but it just seems like it’s missing something. It doesn’t seem complete and it seems like random DJ’s song she’s featured on as opposed to her song
  13. I’m... I guess it’s cool that’s there’s a gay rapper out there doing this, but I didn’t like it. It just looks so fake to me. Im Not into the super CGI videos like this and WAP. The whole satan lap dance thing was a bit much for me too. All of it just seems like it’s for shock value.
  14. Physical is THE best song rom the album. The US is homophobic for not having it blow up (I’m in the US BTW). Boys will be boys is under appreciated. Still hoping love again will get a proper music video, it’s sooooo good. Only song I don’t like at all is not my problem from The moonlight edition. I could also lose good in bed and be fine. Guess I just don’t like the repetitiveness of those songs. But besides that, one of the best pop albums and proper eras in years. I wish more pop stars would give this much love to one album. Feels like an early 2000s era.
  15. The song is kinda eh. doesn’t really seem like a lead single. I dunno, I just haven’t been feeling her stuff for a while. TMYLM and all the random collabs she did around that time were so good, but I just haven’t been excited about anything she’s released in the past couple years
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