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  1. 1. Glory 2. Femme Fatale 3. Britney Jean I know im in the minority, but I actually like BJ. As an album, it’s def not cohesive, and there’s obviously the issue of it not being 100% Britney vocals, but I do believe her voice is there at least a little bit on every song. Knowing what we know now tho, chillin wit you should be destroyed. somedays Glory is my favorite album. I go back and forth between Glory and In The Zone . I like every song on Glory though, I’ve never been a fan of early mornin on ITZ.
  2. I think it’s a good move. Focus on evermore. I wouldn’t mind if she submitted any of the newly released songs though.
  3. Lance and his irrelevant ******* need to stop even bringing Britney up. This just all comes off like damage control, now that most ppl believe and support free Britney. They wanted to act like Britney was crazy and the fans were too, but now that the times have changed they’ve flipped their story? Just gross. also if Larry really gave that info, it’s just disgusting. He’s evil. I honestly think back now, to the time he was working with Miley and think he was probably trying to secure another prisoner and cash cow. He started working with her around the time she did Bangerz right? He probably encouraged her to be as wild as possible to make her look “unstable” too. Lock him up!
  4. Ugh Yas queen! I love lonely!!! Should. Have. Been. A. Single. I have a feeling he deleted it because, if you notice it looks like Britney is driving. You know she loves to drive. And team con probably won’t let her. Free Britney! Viva la Britney!
  5. Who’s going to buy this book? The only “fan base” she has are Britney fans, and we don’t trust you no more girl. No one is clamoring for a Jamie Lynn book. She got knocked up at 16, it happens to a lot of girls. Its the most interesting thing she ever did.
  6. Personally, I’m kinda glad. So tired of their generic soulless songs. Songs about Jane was decent, and Xtina saved moves like jagger, but other than that I’ve always thought they were terrible.
  7. Honestly I expected her to be one of the first. I would think she could relate with her situation with Dr Luke. Glad she’s supporting
  8. Ew. Disgusting. Wow, I’ve never been the biggest Madonna fan, but always a casual fan. But this is just gross. When Britney and Madonna kisses it was iconic and a big deal. But a gay man of color kissing another man on stage is a much bigger deal for the LGBTQ community and for representation. In the 2000s it was trendy for 2 girls to kiss, lesbians were objectified by straight men and pop culture. Where as Adam lambert kisses a guy on stage a couple years later and there was major fall out for him
  9. Disgusting. And from what we know about his history, all his failed businesses! How can people not see through him?! He seriously should be in jail. Take all that money away from him.
  10. Even though I don’t always like Mariah’s attitude, I love that she supported Brit. Honestly I’m surprised we haven’t heard from more other pop stars. Maybe they’ll trickle out. Like I’m expecting Taylor and Gaga to help like they did with Kesha. I’d think Kesha would speak up too. Miley hasn’t said anything?! Like I really want to hear what she has to say since she’s a stan and Britney actually mentioned her. Madonna! If she’s so woke where is she? Selena is a stan… Beyonce posted happy bday to Britney on her website? But she’s silent now? Maybe they just need time, but I’d expect more of them to show support or speak out. It’s also a chance for Katy to attempt to redeem herself, but I don’t expect much from her.
  11. My favorite album of 2020. I love this album, to me it’s second only the immaculate The Fame Monster EP. Rain On Me is my favorite song and video. For me, Rain On Me is the only stand out music video of 2020. Rain On Me was just such a perfect song during the pandemic to uplift your spirits. I still can’t wait to be at a gay club when this song comes on. I like stupid love, but it’s probably my least favorite song from the album, so to me I’m not sure why it was the lead single. Some of my other favorites from the album are Plastic Doll, Sour Candy, Free Woman, and Sine From Above. It’s disappointing how the album era was handled though. Obviously she couldn’t tour, but doing something like Dua did with Studio 2054 and more videos would have been great. There should have been from videos, this definitely could have been a visual album. I don’t understand why Gaga has never done one. Is she afraid ppl will say she’s copying Beyonce? I mean Beyonce isn’t the only person to do them. I’m still hoping maybe she’ll do a deluxe re-release with a few new songs. also I really want her to do a remix of Free Woman with Britney when she is out of the conservatorship.
  12. Honestly, I’m still pretty confident she’ll perform again one day. I feel like singers/artists always talk about retiring but then a few years later they always come back. Obviously Britney’s situation is very different. I would understand if she wasn’t excited to get back to it, for the majority of her career she’s hasn’t been able to evolve or change her career. You can tell for the eras leading up to the conservatorship she wanted to change things up. Then they made her go back to doing what they thought the Britney brand should be. You can tell from the Instagram posts, whether she’s really posting them or not, she’s still a creative person who loves dancing and creating art. If you look at most artists who have long careers they don’t just stick to one genre of music, Madonna for example, I mean she’s also been pop, but she’s done house, country inspired, rnb inspired, singer-songwriter style, electronic, musicals, etc. Britney has kinda always been doing dance-pop, and she’s great at it, but like she said in for the record it’s like groundhogs day. I think with more freedom/inspiration she’d be happier to create and perform again. But I also support her choice no matter what.
  13. 1. Coven 2. Murder House 3. Apocalypse 4. 1984 5. Roanoke 6. Asylum 7. Hotel 8. Freak Show 9. Cult granted I’ve only watched each season once. But Im ranking them based off memory and how much I was into each one at the time. It was really hard for me to get through cult, I just didn’t like a single character on it. I guess I should rewatch Asylum, I just remember thinking there was too much going on. Possession, a murderer, and aliens? That was the season Jessica Lange did the name game tho right? That was iconic! I know guess most ppl hate 1984, but I loved it because it was 80s, and I love slasher movies, and the satanic cults of the 70s/80s are interesting to me. I love Gaga in Hotel, but overall that season was kinda boring to me. I know a lot of ppl hate Roanoke too, but I quite enjoyed that one. I was so happy they brought Misty back from hell in Apocalypse, she’s my favorite character from the entire series and I hated they did that too her. I wish she would’ve had a bigger part in that season though
  14. Not to be a hater, but I’m kinda glad her new song flopped. I gave it a try, I didn’t think it was good. Neither was the video. I just don’t get the hype around her. She’s not bad, but she’s WAY overhyped. I don’t think her voice is anything special. I like bad guy, but it seems like it was just so popular because of the “im The bad guy, duh” part and the instrumental hook, her vocals aren’t the memorable part of the song. I like ocean eyes and when the party’s over, but but I don’t see what’s so impressive about her music. It doesn’t stand out to me at all. I feel like she’s just someone the industry decided to get behind for whatever reason. Maybe if she changes it up I’ll get mire into her, but for now. I just don’t get it.
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