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  1. Well, the time has come for me to say goodbye to breatheheavy/exhale. Its been a fun year on here and I loved spending my quarantine time commenting on topics and engaging with others over pop culture. Unfortunately, I feel that the site is treading on a line of toxicity and censorship. I've seen this play out countless times and I've also witnessed MODS on here bully other users when a users opinion does not align with theres. I'm just tired of seeing how SOME (keyword) MODs are on here and now being a victim of it. People are so quick on here to call others names its ridiculous. The power behind a keyboard I guess? Anyway, I'm not going to dig up examples because these MODs know who they are. This thread is just a simple goodbye and a hopeful last suggestion to the sites creator to stop censoring others when their views don't align with a MODs or the "status quo" If any of the friends that I've communicated with on here would like my email let me know
  2. @SlayerI love how people on here are quick to name call others but when they are called names they cry about it or ban people. Whatever. You don’t even know me or my race dear, but whatever helps you sleep at night. So your opinion of me is null and void. At the end of the day rich peoples problems aren’t my problems.
  3. I hope no one took what I said out of context because its legit and the two even played into it. Link is attached.
  4. We all have our opinions and I respect yours. So... And we’ll leave it at that And for the record Britney did not ask for her level of fame. Megan sought out her fame and Royalty. Once she got a taste of it she wanted out. Britney just wanted to do music and thought she’d be a Sheryl Crow not a pop icon
  5. I think a collab with Doja Cat would be great or Ava Max would be unique. Bang Bang was awesome too.
  6. I’m so sick of hearing about these two. I feel hypocritical for even commenting or giving this article attention but I didn’t read it and I don’t watch any of their interviews. Megan is a snake and an actress, so lets give her the award she’s hungry for Her career never blossomed in Hollywood so shes playing the tabloids won’t leave me alone role. I have no doubt that the Royal family has their own problems but she isn’t helping by coming in and disrupting their norms or crossing their boundaries. I have zero empathy for a person that splits a family apart and says they want “privacy” but then goes to one of the worlds most famous journalists and does a tell all interview. Don’t feed into this crap guys...
  7. She definitely has talent and her vocals are stellar. Her last album should be easy to top but I definitely think she needs a few relevant collabs to put her name back in the spotlight because she isn’t a household name in America
  8. Remember when people said Lil Bow Wow and Lil Mama were the same person
  9. I feel like the grammys have a history of shutting out dance pop (disco infused) albums. If its not edgy, alternative or indie enough then they shut it out or give them a grammy in the dance category i honestly dont care anymore and havent watched them since 2017. They will need to rebrand soon because the newer generation thinks the grammys are “uncool” so see ya later sinking academy
  10. I you but Im sorry boo you are wrong. You are generalizing. Spanish is the worlds second language and there A LOT of latinos in America. That said, the only people in America that didn’t know about Shakira in the 90’s were americans living in their english language bubble. Shak exploded in latin America which is why her English crossover album happened.
  11. Its this kind of stuff that needs to be covered by the media I have not read or heard of this article but I always found it suspect that Jamie was pretty much always MIA and then BAM he’s Britney’s conservator At the time Britney was at odds with Lynne so Jamie definitely seized the opportunity Does anyone know how long Jamie has been sober?
  12. I used to be a fan and as a latino I was rooting for her, but this situation turned me off I think its great that shes trying to correct her mistakes and learn. I also don’t see the point in kicking a person when they’re down It sucks because she is talented and had a lot of potential but I don’t see her coming back from this, so I’ll simply wish her the best
  13. A quarter of the album was released over a year ago when will this clownery stop?
  14. Orlando rocking that dad Bod Katy better not F this marriage up aka take a break and enjoy her family look how well it worked out for Christina
  15. Do any Britney fans remember when everyone said Britney was the next Madonna 24/7 The comparisons are flattering but they make me realize how times flies I enjoy Doja’s music and performances but IDK much about her as a person and she’s been around for how long? When Britney came out she exploded and everyone was obsessed (merchandise, books, dolls, specials) I haven’t seen any of this as far as Doja goes Again, its a flattering comparison and I respectively think Doja will do just fine, but I don’t see her having the kind of impact Britney has had
  16. I signed up for a free trial so I could listen to ANTi and then canceled there really wasn’t anything special about the platform besides it being overhyped and overpriced. In all honesty it kind of sucks that it failed because we only have two options: Spotify or Applemusic. It would be nice to have another option or two
  17. I remember buying her first CD then getting super jealous that Nick was all over her and not me As much as I loved Newlyweds I have to wonder if it hurt her music career anyway, I voted for With You because I feel that its her signature hit.
  18. Femme Fatale shouldn’t have happened so early. Everyone was so happy to see Britney blonde, skinny and smiling to notice what was beyond the facade When the rollout for FFT happened people started talking after the HIAM MV premiered, then came the robotic GMA commercial, once HIAM started to flop they dropped TTWE. After that video dropped we had the MTV I Am The Femme Fatale scripted special and the rest of her awful robotic and dazed performances. The unfortunate thing is that all of this + the tour really made the GP write her off. People literally felt like this was her ending and that she was too “damaged”. By the time Vegas was announced it was like Oh, this makes sense. After Femme Fatalewhat else was their for Britney to do? How much more could Britney **** on her own Legacy? Its not fair because it shows that Britney was pushed into doing Femme Fatale. She hates touring and we all KNOW this.
  19. Its a few bucks cheaper for the brands i use, but sometimes they dont carry it or they’re out. I don’t use water base and I’m high maintenance with lube (nothing sticky). I remember living in San Francisco and accruing so many points at walgreens that i cashed them in for a $20 bottle of lube
  20. Look what you’ve done issa bop but I am surprised she’s still around. I remember back in 2014 when LA Reid talked Zara up. I figured she’d explode in the united states, but here we are...I honestly haven’t heard any of these tracks until today That said, the only other single I liked is Love Me Land. The rest are okay
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