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  1. I love HIAM way more artistic, upbeat, catchy, and better of a song then ttwe
  2. its gotta be oprah first off stop whining about the fact that she didn't take any interest in this in past 13 years, no one did. Cher didn't, despite hearing about her getting drugged in Vegas, Miley, Christina, no one did except maybe in the past year or two, u think all these celebs didn't know a thing about it? bs. they probably didn't care to speak on it or if they did they were shut down by team con which lemme say has people that are very powerful in Hollywood so if anyone were to interview her it would have to be a big shot, even if they just started caring only now
  3. idk im gen z and doesn't this whole indie alt depressing thing always go in and out wasn't it a big thing in early 2000s too u can see the indie alts of todays age dressing like people from 2000s too
  4. he used nikes logo without their permission? is he dumb? who on his team let him do that I thot he was getting sued over some butt hurt mormons or something but damn that's gotta be some serious charges
  5. I wanna see how she did her simple makeup look from the 2000s I also wanna see her go back to that look she sometimes does ex: second pic
  6. u know britknee was jumping up and down at the sight of a new bikini new dance vid with bikini feature dancing to baila conmigo COMING SOOON
  7. WTMGOFGOTOGOTT I JUMPED OFMGOFGMTKGT BRITNEYYYYYYUU when she does slave for you break down or better yet knee taps while she’s driving next
  8. all those times we were mad at pom cause they would never change it up omgggg and she wanted to ugh
  9. Looks like u need to get urself into 90s Shakira Spanish rock
  10. As a Shakira Stan Well it’s horrible! blame the Dula peep producers anyways glad this is just a basic summer song has she described waiting for her political rock songs on her album coming out early 2022
  11. In her vogue article she said she is bringing back political songs (probably about Colombia) for her next album this is literally a buzz single for the summer rockira will come back early 2022
  12. that last tweet about them hiding behind a pfp of example Nicki, Cardi etc and saying the worst **** is 100% true those annoying twinks forget that just cause they are feminine and gay doesn't mean they aren't MEN, and can't just be saying s**ist **** about other female artists all the time they rlly need to stay out of women's business cause their noses are too far into it she spilled I fear and to the twinks offended, go build a house or something
  13. sounds like some type of 2017 rip off bootleg sza song whatever idk why y'all keep hyping her up, the fact that she got the slightest bit of attention for motivation and then went on this hiatus the pop girls from the 2000s would neverrrrr not like her along with the other 4 girls mediocre music in 5th (0 at this point) harmony showed she had any real artistic talent
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