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  1. Also I think if she performed that night it would’ve been lackluster she just wasn’t in the right mindset/outside problems in 2011
  2. Ya cause everyone including her fans were expecting a lot more considering the fact that she did so good in bbmas earlier and was doing so good early 2016 the 2016 vmas was good..... but 100% not good enough for a comeback for the “queen of vmas”
  3. oh pleaseeee Beyoncé vs Gaga would actually be a challenging choice But it’s so easily gaga for this battle rn if u look holistically how could u not pick her anyways peacefully waiting for the new Gucci movie starring lady Gaga to come out
  4. she didn’t just support an organization... she made an organization and has been keeping up with them since she was 18 and was not nearly as successful or rich... you can go tell the THOUSANDS of kids she put in school cause of the schools SHE built that Shakira doesn’t care about them she’s not just like any other celeb who supports an organization here and there she’s done and has done a lot more mainly for the fact that she came from a 3rd world country that was and still isn’t doing great (thanks to Spain btw) and wanted to do something about it Ya bye next
  5. They just wanna blabber whatever without actually looking into the case seems to be the thing with a lot of people these days quick to accusations without actually looking into what happened
  6. Starting an organization at age 18 when she was barely famous and then continuously working at it for the next 30 years isnt for publicity and if u had any brains u would look urself and see that she wasn’t living there at the time and it’s been proven
  7. Oh pls she’s done more charity for the world and her own home country than most celebs the schools she’s built the fundraising shes done for under privileged kids oh and actually continuing her organization that she started when she was 18 and not just doing something for publicity like other celebs
  8. She remains Innocent, she lived in the Bahamas and was traveling around the world during this time period that they claim she lived in Spain which isn’t true, Spain is very known for creating these types of issues, irregardless she tried her hardest to fight in court but as soon as possible paid all the money they told her she needs to pay (around 15 million) its really stupid tbh anyways here’s something more important that Shakiras been upto
  9. That marta lady from the meet and greets is SHAKINGGGG
  10. Oh **** off and this is exactly why Britney needed to post what she did about BLM britney army does have a bad rep about some of their white stans being completely racist and misogynistic at first I was confused by it.... but after the uprise of the BLM movement and just in general what people say on here I wholeheartedly agree it’s truly a shame and is disgusting
  11. As a gen z’r who grew up with much older siblings and got their hand me down ipods stockpiled with early 2000s music that has now made me a fan of Britney Shakira, and a lover of 90s/2000s rnb and pop I can wholeheartedly say that not listening to BSB or nsync was a full on choice u are not good enough for me to visit ur discography now excuse me while I listen to some Aaliyah, bye edit: if I had to choose tho *NSYNC>bsb
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