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  1. I’m so sorry but the younger crowds barely even acknowledged that residencies existed before Britney, it was something their parents went to for a night out to see Celine or Elton or whatever Britney made it fresh new modern and an actual stop for alll the older and younger crowds to visit on their trips to Vegas celine felt like yet another older act slowing down and resting in Vegas but Britney made it different
  2. Literally one of her worst and most forgettable songs and people still think it would’ve been a hit and go viral on Tik tok?
  3. now good for her for getting away from that crazy abuser and abuser family my god but if he was abusive towards her that makes me more suspicious of what his intent with britney is anyways like father like son weirdo rednecks- when will britney be free from them
  4. yes im aware older women need help and there are risks, all i was saying is that we cant just group all late 30s women together in terms of health wise, there are plenty of factors that go into it
  5. More importantly I do feel bad that his kids lost their dad to drugs, ya some of u may say it was his choice but once u even step foot down that path it’s extremely hard to get out of it and in the end becomes a nasty disease ugh
  6. So all the comments on this thread from the gays saying they don’t care because he was homophobic but yet 90% of the comments on the other prince Phillip thread are like “rip prince Phillip, blah blah” even though he was a notorious racist? hmm anyways sorry to the families but don’t care about both of them
  7. Said like all the weirdo freaky American Christians that used to say Britney was a devil worshiping satanist that was set out to make all the girls in America into ***** all cause poor Britney would wear crop tops? Oh and that she’s in the Illuminati? are you like new or something?
  8. Oh please back In the day all the Christians thought Britney was a satanist Illuminati queen too They still do now shut
  9. Age is just a man made number and really doesn’t mean much when it comes to the body’s health there are 45 year old women who are much healthier to have babies than 35 year old women it’s all about how healthy you are, and since Britney has been eating clean and been a fitness freak her whole life it’s safe to say she’s at a much greater advantage to have a baby Just look at Janet who had hers at 50
  10. To be honest if I were to think of a powerful pop star that should do Vegas it should be her i mean her shows are exactly what Vegas looks for, strong vocals, huge productions, dancing, acrobats, I mean she’s perfect for it I was also excited for Gaga’s residency but her shows felt lackluster which is weird cause i thought she would put on a grand production
  11. Why would they follow some fake mommy account not even run by her they can just go straight to the source
  12. Aren’t they a duo artist type thing tho? Tf? Where he writes and produces songs and she sings
  13. Wait wha- im gen z and was calling Phillip a rotten corpse not beautiful elegant Cher 😭
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