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  1. if this puta doesnt release a new album i personally as a fan will be cawling the spaniard tax policia on her
  2. wow imagine living apart from ur bf of 5 years i wonder if team con wasnt allowing him to move in before that probably is the case
  3. OMFGGGGGG I love Stevie so much I have her greatest hits vinyl that I play alot basic answer but dreams will always have a close place in my heart cause it’s the song my mom would play when I was little I saw on that Rolling Stones list they named dreams as the 8/9?! Best song taste and deserved
  4. I was the baby named sam she hugged I don’t remember much of it but ya I have the pics in the family album downstairs
  5. nowadays so many of the songs sound the same esp in pop genre its like production of songs fell through i miss those times where every song was so catchy and well produced and fun
  6. theres already one iconique song infused by 2000s urban/rnb song called boys hmmm but ill like to see this too
  7. im pretty sure the song shes singing is that one rave type song on her album so it makes sense that she wants the crowd to be jumping around lol "you have knees dont u" lmfao that reminds me of something britknee in vegas would say "i dare u to sit down" queen
  8. As someone who was born in 2002 i wouldnt know, was there any backlash she got from that when it was released? i remember trying to look and found like one article from that time calling her out on it and her defending herself but was she truly called out i assuming not considering she still sings it whenever she performs it or atleast in her last tour trashy woman
  9. truly this is why they say don’t idolize ur celeb favs cause they will disappoint u come on in 2021? Even a white southern woman (Britney) back in 2001 defended her body guard and knew the effects of this horrible word that’s been used against black peoples for centuries disgusting
  10. I can not believe this disgusting thread is still open, this is horribly ableist and plain insulting
  11. 2016 was truly her second prime and she was so happy she’s giving oopsney here omfg
  12. i feel like all huge huge popstars are in line for a comeback which i believe will happen in 2022 (maybe late 2021) like beyonce rihanna adele britney gaga (cause honestly nothing rlly happened w chromatica) once these performers come back to vmas ratings will jump again
  13. not a single shakira song in all 500 songs yet i saw meg thee stallion lizzo and bad bunyon truly just proves how much more famous shakira is outside of the usa where she is considered one of the top 5 popstars in many countries i did see dreams at #9 and that warmed my heart im actually happy and shocked britney is rated so high tbh
  14. Not her following lanas influence maybe she got sick of all the prenup comments or maybe she wants to start fresh after conservatorship battle is over
  15. Ok researched the themes a bit more and a look at next year theme, america pt 2 btw: The stories Bolton wants to tell in the second part of the exhibition, “In America: An Anthology of Fashion,” are ones that address the subject of inclusivity. “Who gets to be American?” was a question posed at Prabal Gurung’s spring 2020 show, and it will be addressed at the Met as well. “An Anthology of Fashion” will explore unfinished American stories in the museum’s period rooms, examining the history of fashion in the context of race, gender, and materiality, while also considering who was able to inhabit the rooms and who was barred from doing so. I feel like this would be the perfect met for Britney to attend as she is the pinnacle of recent Americana, the miss American dream, and that too the idea of unfinished American stories aka Britney who quite literally had her rights stripped away for 13+ Years and how iconic would it be if she rewore the denim dress quite literally one of the most pinnacle pieces of American fashion back in the early 2000s idk just a thought I’m just rambling
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