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  1. This song is awful. I feel like if you have to sample an old song and put Nicki Minaj on your debut single as a solo artist, there’s just not much hope lol. Cheap tricks to try to get a hit. I’m not a huge little mix fan, but I think her leaving little mix was a mistake. I guess maybe she’ll do well in the UK, but I don’t think she’ll be able to cross over to the us. We’ll see tho, hope her future music is more pop, and less trying to be Doja Cat. And didn’t Nicki retire?!
  2. The song is pretty. The video is pretty. But, both are a bit boring. Lol. It will probably grow on me, but after her divorce I guess I was just expecting a bit more, even more emotional.
  3. I hope this is true. I get if she wants to take a long break from touring/performing. I’m sure that’s exhausting. But she is a creative person. There’s no reason she can’t keep creating music. Sure touring is how artists make a lot of money, but she’s done so much and she SHOULD have lots of money already. I support whatever she wants, but I do think if she gets to be in control it will ignite her passion again
  4. I think with the right song Britney’s next single could def go #1. Free Britney has been a huge thing for about 2 years now, so I think The general public will be interested to see what her next song is like. Not too mention fans are starving. 5 years is the longest we’ve had between Britney albums
  5. Well, that’s good I guess. But I won’t be watching it lol, just not a big fan of any of them.
  6. She’s always been my fave Spice Girl, so I love to hear her supporting Britney.
  7. There’s no way, this has to be team con, they’re the only ones who look Trashy in this doc. It wasn’t my favorite, framing/controlling Britney Spears was much better, but BVS was classy and didn’t rehash any photos from 2007. If this would have been the first doc to come out, I would have thought it was amazing, but framing set the bar really high. The way they sliced on her testimony at the end was so powerful. Also finding out the bathroom story was crazy. But I definitely don’t think it was trashy, not towards Britney at least. So those “reviews” are Bull.
  8. Star crossed- Kacey Musgraves (august) The One- Rita Ora (February) Four Letter Words- K. Flay (June?) Show Off- Todrick Hall & Nicole Scherzinger (June) Stronger- Kesha/ Sam Feldt (January) Flames- Avril Lavigne/Mod Sun (January) Good Luck- Pia Mia/James Hype (June) Marjorie- Taylor Swift (December) Justified- Kacey Musgraves (August) This Is How I learn to say no- Emeline (August) Wrecked- Imagine Dragons (July) Reckless- Madison Beer (June) You For Me- Sigala/Rita Ora (July) My Heart Goes (La Di Da) - Becky Hill/Topic (August) Breadwinner- Kacey Musgraves (September) There is a light (Kacey Musgraves) - September what doesn’t kill me- Kacey Musgraves (September) Hookup scene- Kacey Musgraves (September) Simple times- Kacey Musgraves (September) That’s what I want- Lil Nas X- September Ya’aburnee- Halsey (August) Never Felt Like This- Devault & Kiarra (July) Happier Than Ever- Billie Eillish (July)
  9. This seems like CNN was just trying to jump on the trend since controlling Britney and Britney vs Spears are coming out close together. I mean I guess it brings more attention and it was pro Britney getting her freedom. I think it can only help to lead to her freedom. I did tear up at the end when Stronger came on
  10. This is like an E true Hollywood story, but worse. It’s just straight up rehashing everything, we already knew this, everyone did, we don’t need to keep bringing up 2007 and everything that led up to it.
  11. He’s still hot. But I rewatched Newlyweds a couple years ago and he was such a jerk to Jessica. And I think back to his one hit, trying to paint Jessicia as the bad guy. He was totally trying to pull a cry me a river and play the victim. Jessica was done dirty like Britney back then. He said nice things, but I can’t believe they interviewed him about Britney that much. I mean it’s not like they dated, did a song together, or were really associated other than being in the same genre at the same time.
  12. Ugh. I want it. How can I get it without supporting team con? also adult coloring books are a thing y’all. It’s super calming. I have animal ones, but there’s also a Cher one, a hot guys one, a random divas one lol. It’s not that crazy
  13. Poor Ava, she’s so good, she def deserves better. I’d be curious what the crowd looked like when maroon 5 actually came out. I’d love to see Ava, you’d have to pay me to sit through maroon 5. Also, this is how crowds usually look for most opening acts, Maroon 5 appeals to like basic soccers moms, Ava Max would appeal to the gays mostly and younger women. I mean it would be like Britney opening for Hootie and the blowfish or Xtina opening or 3rd eye blind back in the day, they just don’t really seem to match up audiences.
  14. I think ppl are being harsh on her. I get what she’s saying, obviously there are stars like Rihanna, Beyonce, Janet, Whitney, etc who cross over into pop, but they’re still consisted “RNB” by a lot of ppl. None I can think of off the top of my head have really stuck to just pop. I think when most ppl think “pop star” they think Britney, Gaga, Madonna, Katy Perry, Xtina, etc. I mean I don’t consider Beyonce pop at all anymore and when Destiny’s child started out, they were very RNB. So I get what her point was, even if she didn’t communicate it very well. There have definitely been huge POC musicians with pop songs, but most of them have been considered rnb or hip hop, or Latin or tejano, or some other genre primarily. No one is going to call Madonna a rock artist or Lady Gaga an rnb singer. It is all kinda racist the labels put of artists due to their race, that’s the way it’s been for a long time
  15. 1. Glory 2. Femme Fatale 3. Britney Jean I know im in the minority, but I actually like BJ. As an album, it’s def not cohesive, and there’s obviously the issue of it not being 100% Britney vocals, but I do believe her voice is there at least a little bit on every song. Knowing what we know now tho, chillin wit you should be destroyed. somedays Glory is my favorite album. I go back and forth between Glory and In The Zone . I like every song on Glory though, I’ve never been a fan of early mornin on ITZ.
  16. I think it’s a good move. Focus on evermore. I wouldn’t mind if she submitted any of the newly released songs though.
  17. Lance and his irrelevant ******* need to stop even bringing Britney up. This just all comes off like damage control, now that most ppl believe and support free Britney. They wanted to act like Britney was crazy and the fans were too, but now that the times have changed they’ve flipped their story? Just gross. also if Larry really gave that info, it’s just disgusting. He’s evil. I honestly think back now, to the time he was working with Miley and think he was probably trying to secure another prisoner and cash cow. He started working with her around the time she did Bangerz right? He probably encouraged her to be as wild as possible to make her look “unstable” too. Lock him up!
  18. Ugh Yas queen! I love lonely!!! Should. Have. Been. A. Single. I have a feeling he deleted it because, if you notice it looks like Britney is driving. You know she loves to drive. And team con probably won’t let her. Free Britney! Viva la Britney!
  19. Who’s going to buy this book? The only “fan base” she has are Britney fans, and we don’t trust you no more girl. No one is clamoring for a Jamie Lynn book. She got knocked up at 16, it happens to a lot of girls. Its the most interesting thing she ever did.
  20. Personally, I’m kinda glad. So tired of their generic soulless songs. Songs about Jane was decent, and Xtina saved moves like jagger, but other than that I’ve always thought they were terrible.
  21. Honestly I expected her to be one of the first. I would think she could relate with her situation with Dr Luke. Glad she’s supporting
  22. Ew. Disgusting. Wow, I’ve never been the biggest Madonna fan, but always a casual fan. But this is just gross. When Britney and Madonna kisses it was iconic and a big deal. But a gay man of color kissing another man on stage is a much bigger deal for the LGBTQ community and for representation. In the 2000s it was trendy for 2 girls to kiss, lesbians were objectified by straight men and pop culture. Where as Adam lambert kisses a guy on stage a couple years later and there was major fall out for him
  23. Disgusting. And from what we know about his history, all his failed businesses! How can people not see through him?! He seriously should be in jail. Take all that money away from him.
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