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Found 5 results

  1. Hi y'all! I want us to know better So I was wondering what you think about love/s.e.x. relationships... Are you in a love relationship? how long? do you believe in free love relationships? polyamorous relationships?? if not, what you looking for? I'm single as f, and I'd love to be in a relationship, monogamic but with a healthy outcome: not jelaosy, let the other person do his/their thing always respecting me, and with trust and communication, and viceversa.
  2. Hi all (or to the few who venture to General). If you feel comfortable sharing, let's have some fun and drag our ex partners talk relationships. I am single and have been for almost two years. I was with my ex for six years. Neither of us cheated, that I know of, and we simply drifted apart. The last year or so of the relationship we were more friends than lovers. Now we're neither. Although it's been an adjustment, I must say I am enjoying the single life and judging the gays on grindr. So, what's your story? Single? Loved up? What quality do you admire most in your partner(s)? Let's share.
  3. Is monogamy the way to go? What’s your stance on non-tradional relationships like poly couples, open marriages, swinging, etc? Do these practices vibe with your moral compass? Have you or would you give one a try? Share your story fam.
  4. I have been looking for someone to love since I was 14. Since I was 14! This is getting old. I’m 24 now and it feels like I will never find love. I see all my friends get in and out of relationships all the time. They find them so quickly. I’ve been in a few relationships as well, but usually I run away before it gets too heavy. I just decide I don’t like the guy or the way he treated me so I dip. This was true except for last year. I dated this immaculate 40 year old with a body like a Greek god for 9 months and it was the most torturous 9 months of my life. That experience changed me forever but that’s not the topic at hand. I just feel like maybe I am destined to be alone otherwise. Why is it so hard for me? I go on a lot of dates but usually I’m just not interested in these guys when I meet them (and don’t say I am asexual cuz I’m not, I hook up a lot). I just want to feel that magical feeling when I meet this guy - it’s love at first sight - you know what I mean? I know what that feels like and I know that it is far and few in between. I got so much plastic surgery and now the only guys that come after me are ones I was never interested in to start with. It feels like running a race I will never win.
  5. I remember watching The vh1 reality series What Chilli wants. I wasn't surprised when the dating expert and even T Boz scolded her about some of the "requirements" to dating her. They understand smoking. But the alcohol and the six pack requirement was criticized. Both of them said. You tell any football loving man he can't have a beer with his boys while watching the game. You might as well be single forever. Scientific studies proven that drinking with your buddies socially is actually a health benefit. Not basically getting drunk. But a few beers is a good mental health break. My other problem is. She falls for the playboys. Who knows they aren't settling down for anyone. Their into flings. Once they are bored. They just move on. It's been that way forever. But girls really can't comprehend when they say. They don't want anything serious. The girks always try to change them. Only to have their heart broken. And eventually their self esteem going down to feeling that they will never find the soul mate.. Which in today's dating world. Most orientations are really into casual flings. Not really serious. As they don't have the patience to put into the work in a relationship. Most do settle down. But the average age is between late 40s and 50s now. Basically when you can't have children biologically. That's when the time to settle is. I hope chilli finds her soulmate. But then again. Sometimes people are meant to ve alone forever and that's ok.
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