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Found 23 results

  1. In what might piss the industry and Music fans alike, But lady gaga is smart. There was an official love for sale release on the 30th of September, the cassette tape version. The rest of the formats came out today.. According to Billboard this strategic release made it eligible for next year's Grammy awards, and the recording academy confirmed, the cassette tape release is a big release and through the wire (last day of eligibility) the album was cleared cos one physical or digital format of the album was issued and made it eligible.. Some people might argue saying this really isnt fair at all. Some may argue it should be disqualified since nobody else would use this hidden rule to full advantage but lady gaga did. @PokemonSpears @Adriannn @Slayer @Jordan Miller
  2. https://nycourts.gov/reporter/3dseries/2021/2021_02456.htm Lawsuit with Kesha for y’all to see and read/go through!
  3. Per Deadline: Barbra Streisand recently reiterated critical comments surrounding Bradley Cooper’s 2018 remake of A Star Is Born, saying that his take on the story was the “wrong” one. “I thought it was the wrong idea,” the 79-year-old icon said in a Sunday appearance on Australian talk show, The Sunday Project. “Look, it was a big success. I can’t argue with success. But I don’t care so much about success as I do originality.” Old white people complaining about a remake of remake that she did. Source: https://deadline.com/2021/08/barbra-streisand-slams-bradley-cooper-a-star-is-born-remake-1234816048/
  4. Another great and thrilling addition to the Scream Franchise starring some of the brilliant pop musicians who has impacted pop culture worldwide! Trailer coming out very soon, stay tuned. ❤️ Don't forget to share it with your friends, we are overwhelmed with response and we think this movie will be greater than Avengers Endgame in box office scores. ☺️
  5. Okay, I've been thinking about this and wanted to know your thoughts regarding which artist is more successful or global or known, let's remember this is not based upon your personal experience - please only give facts I will be starting out after Britney and not her previous Generation artists Please make sure to cast your vote in poling section, also please don't let this flop @Blackout2006
  6. So Remember when Lady gaga tweeted that Born this way Reimagined would be delayed one week for no specific reasons.. Well Madonna on Instagram posted be on the lookout for something on June 24. Madonna would never post dates or anything unless something is happening big time, and with Kylie minogue doing marry the might, what better way than to delay the release date for A Madonna reimagined track.. Pray with me in the temple of Pride. To Me, this means Madonna might have covered. The Chapel or Black Jesus + Amen Fashion.
  8. Bright Lights (who wrote "Trouble For Me" by Britney) released her cover of Poker Face. Love it!! What do you think? https://open.spotify.com/track/6vjzAsa2cz8tb3bpvg8PCx
  9. Making a thread because it went viral: Other non-Britney related: OT: Gaga memes in the spoiler while we're here:
  10. The Chromatica era is largely considered a fan favorite album - and a critical darling. But is the era over?? Stupid Love had some success, Rain On Me went #1, and 911 is not getting any promo. Is it even a single? Also, Gaga is not doing any music promo. In the midst of a very heated US election year, she is really focusing on her Haus Labs makeup line. What is going on in Gaga land????
  11. With the Grammy's coming up early next year and Taylor's folklore being a sure frontrunner, do you think she will enter the album for Pop categories or Alternative? Can you enter individual tracks in each? I'm truly not sure what is possible there, and would love your thoughts, Tay stans and fans! - Additionally, who will get album of the year? I can think of only vast majority women. Front-runners off the top of my head are... Taylor Swift - folklore Lady Gaga - Chromatica Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher Harry Styles - Fine Line The Chicks - Gaslighter Sawayama - Sawayama
  12. Lady Gaga is dropping a bunch of club mixes to Chromatica tracks Stupid Love, Rain on me and Free Woman which officially confirms the third single rumors Stupid Love is the Japanese Exclusive bonus track The Ellis remix. Two remixes of Rain on Me and one for Free woman also drops as well.
  13. Due to Ireland being in a non stop rain, for all day and all night long Ireland has banned rain on me on all radio stations until the weather clears up. This reminds of the infamous curse in the UK when Rihanna was #1 for 10 weeks it rained non stop, when it got knocked off the top spot, it stopped raining for good that summer.
  14. So I’ve noticed something interesting under Lady Gaga’s tweet about Britney’s dad’s barbeque in 2014. I suppose she talks about our Britney since they met at the backstage of POM that year. Any duct tape as well?? The fact that this happened 4 years before the whole #FreeBritney movement. I felt like I had to share it here. Should I delete the post in case they make him delete the tweet? Should we get screenshots? Is the tweet even useful for Britney’s case? Who’s even Jeff Raymond? A time traveller from 2018 or something? Too much for my cute little mind
  15. Chromatica II is by far the best instrumental on Chromatica. The last 10 seconds or so of the track Chromatica II has always reminded me of something and I think I have figured it out. I think it is an interpolation of Poker Face. Let me know what you think Am I wrong?
  16. One of the best reasons to get a dekuxe is this gem right here.. Bobblehead. This immediately had references that I thought was about lady gaga.. Talking about with her clothes on she looks hot. But get her nude. You need the lights off cos her body is a nightmare on elm street. Got all the boys scared. Mocks the whole paris Hilton dumb blonde trend. (I don't get it, like what, like really really). So it could be about several people in the industry Then she exits the tracks with slamming people who play dumb to get the man and stay on top (another thing Paris actually admitted she did in the past and actually regretted it) "I never play dumb to get what I want, and I'm always the one who comes out on top" So I believe Bobblehead is referencing Lady Gaga , Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton.
  17. Since it wasn't released in the US. Even her official US store is not selling it. You can buy it. But according to gagadaily. Her Official UK store charges like a 45.00 dollars shipping fee to ship it to the US. But here is an unboxing of the Limited edition Hardbook of Chromatica Markets sell it on Amazon US. But the prices go from Cheap (35.00) to expensive (85.00). It's the same tracklisting as the Target Cd. But if he shows you the CD. It has a betu different design compared to the standard cd. Yes little monsters. this happened to us last year when we found out Madame X had a hardbook. But for us we got a 3 track bonus cd. Songs that aren't available. So for us. The price was worth it to get more music from Madonna that wasn't available in the USA.
  18. Check out my friend Kenny Supreme's new single! He's Gaga's number 1 fan! A good singer and performer! Share your thoughts on the song and video! Check it out!
  19. Little monsters are demanding metacritic to remove Slant's reviews of lady gaga away from her discography. There is a reason why. The music editor/ Co founder/ Co editor Sal Brado who goes By Sal Calminquri is a massive Madonna fan. Google his name. She's the first person in images. And it states in his bio he's been a massive fan since her inception in the industry back in 1982. Case in point. He's reviewed both Madonna and Gaga albums His scores for the last 3 gaga albums were 40/100 Cheek to Cheek 50/100 joanne 50/100 For ASIB soundtrack And now a 50/100 for Chromatica. Now onto Madonna reviews of her last outings MDNA 70/100 REBEL HEART 70/100 MADAME X 80/100. THEY ARE really pissed as they feel this album should be in the 90s range as she's talking about mental health and things that matter. They even try talking to a few other reviewers to change their scores.. But the Sal ones is the ones that bother them the most. Even with Chromatica he described it as music done lazily by a computer instead of real instruments. My question is. Do they really have a point of view? Even in gaga daily. They are all saying that they really need to let this go. As he's too higher rank. Being a co founder and a co editor. That there is no way metacritic would take his credentials away as he meets their standards.. @JordanMiller @Roxxy
  20. One of the most highly underrated albums of all time is Lady Gaga's 2013 album, ARTPOP. Inspired by Madonna, Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson recent justice campaigns, the Little Monsters have started a justice for ARTPOP campaign. And in another rumor... the remix with Xtina is replacing the original "Do What U Want" on all versions since R. KELLY ISN'T A SONGWRITER ON THE REMIX. But Xtina is. Thoughts?
  21. Britney's jeans dress. Vs Gaga's meat dress Discuss.
  22. I'm beginning to think. We have awhile to wait for Chromatica. With all gay pride festivals crammed into the fall including the Annual white Party in California and of Course Coachella. Knowing gaga. She wants to make her album gets the push where it matters the most. The gay pride fests and parties where gay men dance without their shirts and in barely there jockstraps. So yeah. Expect the album to come in September to mid October. With California on lockdown til May 15 and more states are saying. They won't open til at least September to be on the safe side. So yeah. She wanted her number one audience to enjoy it at their local pride. So yeah a fall release is sure looking like it.
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