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Found 4 results

  1. There's a saying if your parents would approve of the things you do, chances are neither would their parents. Bella Thorne's family has found her costume, really disturbing and Disgusting for it's overtly ****** appearance. I always tell me friends who are Ho3s, if you visit family, be the person they know, not the person your friends know when you're not around mom and dad. Several friends have said m if you see me with my parents, act like we don't sleep with one another, act like we just hang out and drink. My parents think I've settled down, when I haven't, I had to lie, I get tired of being asked at the weekly family dinner after church. I had no choice, they'd be mad to find out I still sleep around. It looks Bella will have to create a version for her family, but that would be hard cos she's a public figure..
  2. Disgraced actress Bella throne, has really earned the wrath of people, since she really made only fans harder for people to make money or profits. Netflix dropped the trailer to the sequel to the 2017 Horror film "the Babysitter 2", netflix used her as the thumb nail, and basically the film is being boycotted with her in it. Nobody wants Bella Throne in movies or anything, the fact people are mad at her and it's not going away anytime soon. She ruined only fans just because of research for a movie, and is cancelled. Zendaya would never.
  3. Actress Bella Thorne joined OnlyFans this week and reportedly already banked $2 million. She's charging $20 a month. The subscription-based site is typically used for adult workers to sell their exclusive, usually **** content to subscribers for a monthly fee. Thorne joined in on the action, and although she said her ***** would not be available on the site, thousands subscribed and expected scandalous content. There were screen caps floating around that appeared to be written by Thorne, though many refute they're fake, that claimed she would release nude content for $200. OnlyFans changed their rules today without any heads up, and it's hurting s \e/ x workers in a big way. There's now a $50 cap on pay-per-view messages (essentially, exclusive content sent to paying subscribers), and a $100 cap on tips, Rolling Stone reports. There's outrage because this caps what adult workers can make on the site and many suspect it's because of Thorne. OF is becoming more main stream. Actors and musicians are joining it and selling exclusive content to die-hard fans there (versus offering it for "free" on Instagram). Would YOU pay $20 a month for exclusive content from your fav? Thots, Exhale?
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