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  1. Lil Nas X dropped his new music video for "Industry Baby." In it, he slays jail and dances naked in the prison showers. A sentence well served? Thoughts, Exhale?! Update: Here's the uncensored version
  2. #FreeLilNasX started trending on Twitter today. He's headed to court over the customized Nike x Satan shoe debacle. He was selling the shoes with Nikes logo on them and that was a big no no. Exhale, let's send this lil legend some good vibes
  3. Even though Nike never sued Lil' Nas X, they might want to now, His Upcoming video makes a mockery of the whole uproar of the Satan shoes, Gays who are Christians and believers in God, and gay men who are prudes and don't like to live life in the fast lane or just scaredy cats. This was the whole drop the soap act, he's in prison and as you hear the judge in the Music video, he has to hear Nas's defense on why he made the satan shoes and caused Nike and Christian's to lose their ish, he's reportedly dissing Candace, Ben Shapiro and The governor of south Dakota as he fictonally murdered them as well as Nike which is why he's in jail. But like he said they deserved it. @Jordan Miller
  4. He did great!! Apparently, he had a whole pole dancing routine that he wasn't able to do.
  5. It's the next single off his album, "Montero," to be released next month. He's also going to perform on SNL this weekend. Here's what Nas had to say about the video:
  6. He's also going to be the musical guest on SNL this month and premiering a new song:
  7. Update: Many months later, the video has arrived and WHEW chile. Epic. Update 2: it hit #1 on the Hot 100! Earlier (July 9, 2020): Lil Nas X teased a new tune titled "Call Me By Your Name." Nas let his pride flag fly in the clip as he sings to a boy. WHICH ONE OF YOU IS FLIRTING WITH LNX You may recall there was a coming-of-age, romantic drama film of the same name that debuted in 2017. It's likely a reference to that. Sounds like a banger
  8. No lawsuit both parties came to an agreement, but rapper lil nas X made sure that if his shoes aren't allowed to be sold, neither is Kanye's jesus shoes which both parties agreed that it's only fair both shoes got recalled. Everybody is getting refunded the 1,313 dollar's, MSCHF agrees to give nike all of the shoes to be destroyed and Nike told MSCHF they are no longer allowed to buy their shoes to make modifications and resell the product, as it hurts nike, which is now going to go into pr mode and do a tour to make up its reputation for the controversy, plus Nike is going to the supreme court to make it illegal to do this kind of modifications unless by the consumer themselves, not a corporation that would be considered competitions.
  9. Update: It appears Lil Nas X and Nike did NOT collaborate together. He straight up used their logo without permission? SMH. Earlier: Inspired by his latest controversial Music video where The rapper Lil nas X has *** action with the devil, in what could be the bottom anthem to make Bloom by Troye Sivan Blush, and Cardi B proud to have a gay track so explicit that WAP has a related track.. But, Lil Nas X is not done, he's selling a limited edition Of Devil sole shoes, which only 666 are being made for $1080,the custom made shoes is black, with the pentagram, and devil horns, and what's already causing controversy is the revelation that each shoe contains a drop of human blood in the sole.. Can't wait to see what the evangelicals have to say about this on Fox News. Update: He ~apologized~
  10. When I first watched Lil Nas X's new music video for "Call Me By Your Name," I was blown away. Still am, but I can't help but agree with the commentary going around that it shares a major likeness with FKA Twigs' video for "Cellophane." There's a reason it does. According to Andrew Thomas, who directed the "Cellophane" video, this was not an accident. LNX used the same choreographer for the pole scene that helped Twigs. Check out the two clips together (scroll below). Exhale, do you think the videos are similar? Thoughts? Related:
  11. Nike Air Max '97 Contains60cc ink and 1 drop of human blood, 666 Pairs, individually numbered costing around $1,018 dollars. Release date 3/29/21 I love them! 😈
  12. Lol I have to laugh 6ix9ine randomly shaded Lil Nas X. Lil Nas X clapped back claiming 6ix slid into his DMs, alluding to him wanting to, um, meet up. 6ix refutes this. Kim, there's people that are dying. But also this is a kii. Who we rooting for, Exhale? Related:
  13. Lil Nas X low-key teased a collaboration with Katy Perry. During a live stream, someone asked for it, and he said maybe it's already in the works Also, he was playing "Piece Of Me" in the background Exhale, we here for this collab or nah? Related:
  14. Lil Nas X gifted us a new music video titled "Holiday." Serving high budget pop queen! The song is pretty catchy, and the video is a visual feast. I have to stan. Thoughts, Exhale?
  15. We proud of this brave Barb, you’ve come such a long way sweetie. You won Halloween this year!
  16. Lil Nas X posted a thirst trap and it's worth your undivided attention. X teased a while back he was thinking about creating an OnlyFans. First Cardi, now maybe X? Take all my money Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  17. Lil Nas X and Iggy Azalea are toying with the idea of a collaboration together. The two traded some love on Twitter. To be honest, I'd be here for it. Lil Nas X is working on new music so a collab might happen sooner than later. Plus they're both super talented. Iggy doesn't get enough credit for her flows and epic visuals. LNX is also obviously gifted at creating a moment. King of the Hot 100 coming to reclaim his throne! Exhale, are you here for this? Related:
  18. Nicki Minaj said it hurt her feelings when Lil Nas X denied being a stan of hers back in the day, but it's all water under the bridge. For reference, Lil Nas X used to have a stan Twitter account by the name of NasMaraj, but denied for years it was actually his because it had some pretty defamatory remarks about a lot of other artists. He obviously didn't expect to become a huge star and didn't want those Tweets to haunt him, so he distanced himself. However, X is finally coming clean. He says he didn't own up to things because he was worried people would know he was gay. Surprised Nicki responded, but she is Mrs. Petty for a reason . Glad they worked things out?
  19. We stan a legend in the making Lil Nas X tells The Guardian he wants to represent the LGBTQ community. Some of you may say DUH, but it's still pretty common for queer artists to hide their sexuality because they fear it'll translate to less sales or label them. Lil Nas X found a second home atop the Hot 100, and he did so as an out young man. That's admirable. “I 100% want to represent the LGBT community,” he says, adding that he also worries about the safety and wellbeing of fans who may grapple with the decision to come out. “I don’t want to encourage them to do something they don’t 100% want to do. Especially in, like, middle school or high school. Because it’s just super hard.” “It’s easier for me,” he says. “I’m not depending on anybody. There’s no one who’s going to kick me out of the house – nobody to start treating me ****ty.” This may not be the case for “another 20-year-old who doesn’t quite have it figured out and still lives with his parents”. What about his own parents? “My family knows now. But it’s not something that’s ever brought up or we speak about. We’re quiet on it. Nobody’s like, ‘Oh, you got a boyfriend?’” Thoughts?
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