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Found 19 results

  1. Who has seen the movie, as an origin story I found it to be awful .. more a cross between zoolander 2 a d Alice in wonderland 2 rather than joker meets devil's wears Prada.
  2. Tell me about it For me 7 SINS or actually its called Se7en it was just so unfriendly to watch, to say at least. even the lighting of this movie was the most bleak i have seen all the time, if i remember it right
  3. 1. Grave Of The Fireflies - the realism of this movie is unsettling. This movie had left me broke for more than two weeks, so I don't really recommend to watch this especially if you have depression or emotionally not capable to handle the sad scenes. 2. Hereditary - less jump-scares but the build up is so terrifying and disturbing. The moment I finished the film, I felt like my reality is in a different dimension. 3. Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle - the original release in 1995 has became a special part of my childhood, and this adaptation ruins in. This movie (franchise actually) is the sole definition of Hollywood industry milking cash in exchange of substance-less material.
  4. 3 years ago I saw this live and I was just mesmerized. I do not currently live in the US and Hulu is not available here. I was wondering if anyone knows how can I watch the movie? I really, really want to watch it! ADVERTISING Skip Ads by × Thanks in advance to whomever stumbles upon this
  5. "Disney's Cruella and Marvel's Black Widow will follow in the footsteps of Mulan and Raya and the Last Dragon, premiering both in theaters and on Disney+, available by paying for "premier access" on the streaming service. Cruella, starring Emma Stone as the iconic dognapping villain, will premiere May 28, while Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow will bow July 9. Meanwhile, the upcoming Pixar movie Luca is skipping the U.S. theatrical release entirely and will exclusively be available to stream on Disney+, beginning June 18. Disney also announced new release dates for several of its theatrical films: Ryan Reynolds' action-comedy Free Guy will now hit theaters Aug. 13, while the Marvel epic Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is now scheduled for Sept. 3. Release dates were also pushed back for The King's Man (now out Dec. 22), Deep Water (Jan. 14, 2022), and Death on the Nile (Feb. 11, 2022)." The movie is once again delayed for 2 months. This is the Marvel movie I anticipate the most, but the $30 additional fee with no cinematic experience is a bit steep.
  6. And if so, what is ur username and what do u upload? When im asking this im asking about channels in which u actually upload vids. I got inspired to do this thread after seeing another one like it. I have one. I post ALOT of Britney vids and also I make top 10 lists too. Now tell me do you guys upload things on youtube too?
  7. Whether this is in bad taste or not I am very interested in knowing who most people support regarding these two high profile cases claiming abuse and violence. Who do you support and what are your reasons? Is there a major difference in the two cases and what are they exactly?
  8. When I watched movies, not only my eyes are open but also my ears for possible songs that I could save to my playlist. And here are the notable ones: Feel Something (from "Centre Of My World") Salvation (from "The Little Prince") I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General (from "Those People") Someone To You (from "Love, Victor") What are yours?
  9. Greeting!! I’m currently working on a movie song playlist. Take my breath away is just timeless. What is your favorite iconic "cinematic and theatrical" song?
  10. This is for all you Exhalers who are cinephiles . 2020 sucks and it's a terrible year in every aspect because of that ***** Miss Corona I've missed the cinema so much, so I thought we could share our top 10 movies in the past year and see if we agree with each other (civilized discussion only ) I've graded everything I've watched in the past year (only the ones I've seen in cinema) and here are my Top 10: 10. Knives Out MVP: The cast Such a great ensemble cast, from Jamie Lee Curtis to Toni Collette to Daniel Craig to Ana de Armas. It's my favorite detective movie in a while. I was really excited to see Murder on the Orient Express a few years ago, and it fell short to me 9. Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood MVP: Production design The production of this film just made me gasp so much I felt like I was transported back to Hollywood in its old times, and it was so beautifully done. I felt the love for cinema when I was watching this. Tarantino created such a beautiful world. The ending was also so satisfying This is the most gorgeous I've seen her look 8. Toy Story 4 MVP: The story. Duh It may not be as touching as the last one, but this movie stands well on its own. All this time we might think we have only one path in life / one purpose, but we are way more than that. Be yourself and don't put yourself in a limiting box. 7. Hustlers MVP: Jennifer Lopez I still think J. Lo should've won an Oscar or at least be nominated for this role. Some people may say it's not a challenging role, but to me this was by far her best performance oozing charisma and glamour. One of the best performances in 2019 for sure. I think her smoking on the rooftop in a fur coat will be one of the most memorable scenes to me for a very long time. ICONIC. This movie was about sisterhood to me, and it made sure we know that drugging men and taking their money IS NOT OK at the end. 6. Ford v. Ferrari MVP: Editing, Sound Thought this movie was going to be just a macho, bros movie, but I ended up enjoying it so much, especially when I don't care for cars at all. Entertaining and amazing sound and editing. 5. The Farewell MVP: These two women Nai Nai (Zhao Shuzhen) is obviously a master and gave also one of the best and most effortless performances in 2019, but I have to give props to Awkwafina because I didn't know she could act before watching this. Love her so much now. I can relate to this movie so much as an Asian who has lived in Western society for more than 10 years struggling between both cultures. 4. Little Women MVP: Screenplay This movie has been done many times, but I don't need to see all of them to know this is by far the best adaptation out there. It elevated the original work and made Jo a fully realized character. Near perfection. 3. Jojo Rabbit MVP: Scarlett Johansson Love her comedic timing, the sunshine and warmth she brought to this role and movie, and her presence was felt throughout the entire movie even when she wasn't on screen. We all need a story about how love conquers hate in this cancelled culture. 2. Marriage Story MVP: The 2 leads and the screenplay OMG That script was freaking amazing. It is so authentic and the 2 leads were just perfect. Everything was meticulously done. That's the longest I've cried EVERRRR in cinema and I did the ugly cry with sound instead of sobbing quietly. 1. Parasite MVP: Absolutely everything. The production design, concept, screenplay, the cast OMG, the director This movie gave me comedy, thrills, horror... Can't be defined by one genre and it's so freaking original! It will probably be the favorite thing I've seen for a very long time.
  11. HBOMAX recently decided to withdraw the movie Gone with the Wind from it service until further notice for glamouring black peoples' struggle during the civil war. In the UK, same has happened with a few series for using ****** and insensitive material. Thanks to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, this is something that needed to be addressed long time ago but; I hope it is more inclusive to movies and series that depict other minorities as well in a bad way and stereotype other ethnicities in a bad light. We all have seen ourselves in Hollywood movies depicted as either the bad guys or too dumb to matter as a human. Do you think all movies/series depicting minorities should be banned or at least come with a notice on how this was wrong and is wrong? Would love to hear from you on how certain movies depict u or ur culture wrongfully and u feel is offensive.
  12. The idea a Third part of Mamma Mia could happen eventually is scary. the second one was so bad It ruined the First One . Even having the legendary Cher on it didnt help it .. There shud be a petition to stop this from happening. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8438389/BAZ-BAMIGBOYE-Judy-Craymer-dreams-making-Mamma-Mia-3-four-new-songs-Abba.html
  13. @JordanMiller ur answer to a previous thread of mine gave me this idea Which Soundtrack album is the best Whitney Vs Gaga
  14. Coyote Ugly - LeAnn Rimes - Cant Fight The Moonlight
  15. Britney all grown up single mother with daughter that heads to college , all alone she decides to relive her old crossroad trip with her friends all again and hilarity ensues when she figures out she is out of touch and she had never lost her passion for singing ... your plot and twist below ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  16. Lindsay Lohan's new song "Back To Me" debuted at #1 on the Exhale Hot 100. Since she's back on the promo circuit, Lindsay had an interview with David Spade. She talks about her music, new projects she's got going on and the possibility of a Mean Girls sequel (I know there was already that garbage one without the original cast). She is super down for it obvi Check out the low-key awkward interview below. The Mean Girls stuff starts at 4:20. Any of you here for a Mean Girls 2??
  17. One of the most disastrous films ever made is 2003's Gigli. I still regret seeing it in theaters. Well Ben Affleck blames his relationship with jlo for causing the movie to flop. This led to jlos screen time being cut in another film they starred together 04's Jersey girl. They killed her in the first ten minutes so Ben Affleck can have a film that carried his own merit. Oddly it bombed to. It just began a downward career spiral for the Oscar winner.
  18. Guys today is the premiere of the movie Corporate Animals in which Britney does some kind of voice over please if someone has seen the movie post a video of it
  19. Britney, like many other singers, does some acting in her music videos, especially vids such as Everytime, If U Seek Amy and Criminal. Oftentimes, it's a mix of performance and acting. And her motion picture debut, Crossroads, was promising. I thought she was quite natural in it. I know it may be unlikely for now (and making it big in movies may be tough), but would you see Britney as a movie or TV actress? Talents can be learned, and who knows? Maybe it'd do her good, you know, for several months to play a character and use that as an "escape". And her comedy chops are not too bad. Once again, talents can be learned.
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