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Found 14 results

  1. It’s going to be so iconic! I can’t believe that she’s finally going to return to the music industry by going on the biggest stage of all What songs are you hoping she performs during her set? Let me know in the comments! ✨
  2. Last night in Los Angeles, the Creative Emmy Awards were held, the first of two nights and Eminem won for Outstanding Variety Special (Live) for his participation at the Pepsi Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show. Now, he only needs one more award, a Tony to become part of a select group of EGOT winners. He won an Academy Award in 2003 in the Best Original Song category for "Lose Yourself" from the film 8 Mile. Between 2000 and 2019, he won 15 Grammys, now he has yet to receive a Tony which honors the best in the Broadway theatre.
  3. Apparently Britney Spears’ team have be negotiating with NFL executives for Britney to perform at the 2023 SuperBowl Show. According to the ‘insider’ fka Twitter, Britney demanded Madonna and Iggy Azalea at halftime. UPDATE: As we suspected, This rumour was created from Twitter. Thanks to BritneyOnline for tracking the original twitter source.
  4. According to Sportico, These musical acts are the most desired by the millennials and gen z to perform at the next NFL’s super bowl. Who’s your choice?
  5. I think we all know the answer It's Britney, b/tch And she will only if she wants to but idk... she's expensive, idk if she'll have time for that show Imagine having Ariana, Adele or Taylor as performers, maybe they have a lot of hits but no shade, they can't put on a show, people would fall asleep
  6. Rapper Boosie calls out Britney for a New Orleans Super Bowl half time show. The spelling though 💀 A for effort. Imagine Britney in an all hip hop lineup. Would be iconic tbh
  7. This woman is so versatile!! Doja Cat is the star of Taco Bell’s new commercial that’ll air during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LVI. In the visual—called “The Grande Escape”— Doja Cat leads an exodus from a clown college. It also includes a snippet of her new cover of the iconic Hole song “Celebrity Skin.” According to a press release, Courtney Love helped rework the lyrics. Watch the commercial and listen to the full cover below.
  8. On her infamous nipplegate at the Superbowl, Janet says this whole thing was blown out of proportion. In her documentary premiering next Friday Janet goes on to Say: "Every one is looking for someone to blame. And thats gotta stop. Justin and I are very good friends. He and I have moved on and it's time for everyone to do the same" Justin is also rumored to be a surprise guest on the documentary according to a source familiar with the production, reports PageSix. "Justin is in it. I was told he is going to be in the documentary. It's like this big secret. He is the surprise, just like the SuperBowl", the source told PageSix.
  9. Since the other thread did so well how about one for imaginary Halftime shows. P!nk: All of the songs are shortened obviously. First Section starts off as a Rock Section. Black and White Stage. Then For Stupid Girls its changes and gets very bright and colorful. During the line "What happened to the dream of the girl president, shes dancing in the video next to 50 cent" It pans to Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson in pantsuits as president and vice president (like Pink was in the music video) Get The Party Started Just Like A Pill U + Ur Hand So What Stupid Girls Stage turns into the shabby house from the Try video and she does the choreography. House burns down as she sings Just like Fire, before Sober starts a giant Chandellier comes down from the ceiling and she does the acrobatic number she did during the Truth About Love Tour. Try Just Like Fire Sober Chandeller drops her off at a set of stairs and she does Choreography with shadow figures for What about Us. During "Wild Heart cant be broken" she does a silk routine similar to the 2010 Grammy one. What about Us? Just Give Me A Reason Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken Perfect Finale: Lady Marmalade with all the other women.
  10. I’ll start: The crowd at project SoFi stadium goes wild when out of the crowd comes the queen Ashley Tisdale herself and performs a quickened acapaella version of “Suddenly” with a choir The lights in the field go out and then we see a gigantic heart shaped stage in the center of the field glowing in the dark while “vibrations” begins to play. Ashley vibes around on stage with two football shaped mascots. The mascots are punted by Ashley off the stage and “Hot Mess” comes on. Ashley sings this while playing the guitar and dancing with two backup dancers. When she gets to the ‘I’m such a hot mess with you’ part, someone new comes up from the bottom of the stage and it’s Hilary Duff! The two then perform a duet of “Confetti” as Confetti is shot across the stadium. The crowd is at a 10 and screaming, Ashley goes in for the kill with “Not Like That”. The crowd is now going absolutely wild and hasn’t seen this level of performance since Michael Jackson, and try to storm the stage. The crowd gets through but jokes on us they are a crowd of dancers as we segue into “Crank it Up”. Ashely does the choreo and sings with a crowd of hundreds of people on the field. The dancers rush off the field and now it’s just ashely as the song finishes and we get to her final song “Switch” as she rides a hot air balloon across the field and throws flowers into the crowd. The hot air balloon sails away as Ashley and the crowd chant ‘Open Your Heart Yeahhh get back to the start’. As Ashley fades away into the sunset the game starts again. OK your turn!
  11. If Britney is to perform at the Superbowl halftime again, this is what i hope the setlist is ; Hold it against me OOps I did it again Work ***** Gimme More Womanizer Stronger Toxic Love me down baby one more time what are yours?
  12. In 2004. MTV produced their second and what would become their Final halftime show. Beth McCarthy-Miller the Executive producer on MTV's behalf. Gave a huge insight. It was supposed to reveal a mini dress. But the outfit kept slipping. So in a span of 72 Hours. Janet and her team changed. Also Justin rarely had time to rehearse as well. They only rehearsed once. JT flew in to Texas and arrived at the stadium just 8 minutes before the show. So thx to this tea. What happened really wasn't avoidable as all parties didn't properly prepare for the show..
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