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Found 7 results

  1. Last Nov 11th the Standard version of SAD BOPS was published in all music streaming platforms. 13 songs full of bops and sad lyrics were there for y'all to bop while crying or riot. Now, today the DELUXE version of this album is published! 19 songs (6 news + 1 extended version) are there for you, an evolution of the standard version. As you know, this monday the video for the lead single "TENSIÓN" was uploaded to YouTube. Hope y'all give some streams and help my autogestive and real art. every lyric was written by me, every song was mixed and remastered by me. As Nicki Minaj once said: what I spit, I wrote it. ------- ------- please subscribe on my Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music... also stream like and every constructive comment is welcome. There you have the Leas Single & Its Video:
  2. enjoy my sl u t era. --------- In other news, SAD BOPS is set to have its DELUXE VERSION out after Xmas and before New Year... for now, 4 new songs are in. Stream SAD BOPS while y'all wait excited for the Deluxe Version
  3. As you may know, my latest album, SAD BOPS, was released NOV 9th, incluiding 13 songs with highlights as Kisu****ai, Las Voces En Tu Cabeza, XSO, Aves Carroñeras. The idea that is materializing is to release a Deluxe Version of the album with some new songs and some improvements. The date will be around last week of December, because SAD BOPS represents quite well what I've been through this 2022, let the 2023 to some new projects So far, have you listened to it? What is your fav Bop?
  4. Hello! Well, as you might know, I have a new album out, it's called SAD BOPS (available everywhere) The this is, this is the first album I published with no official video out yet (just visualizers) given the case I should do one... what song should I pick? XSO: A song about wanting to go out, have a good time and use alcohol and others substances in order to forget the sadness KISU****AI A japanese Bop, wanting to kiss and do the s3x intercourse with a really close friend. LAS VOCES EN TU CABEZA It was the first promo single out of SAD BOPS... a song about the voices in your head and anxiety... trying to escape and tell yourself that voices aren't true. PREGUNTAS a spoken word, asking questions to str8 men and hegemonic people, have you been through everything we LGBTQ+ people have been through to? OTHER OPTION: LET ME HEAR YOUR OPINION
  5. EDIT: THE ALBUM IS SET TO HAVE SOME MODIFICATIONS, SO WHAT HAS BEEN UPLOADED TO YOUTUBE IS NOW TAKEN AS A CONCEPT, A DEMO ALBUM. Hello everybody, some of you may recognize me as a kind of reactive user here. Not long ago I made a post in General subforum, where I published a song, sharing that I'm not okay and how these days in my house in order to not believe in the pain, anxienty and depression, I sat and started remasterizing and recorded some old demos and recorded new songs: This I haven't got the time to do or the inspiration... but now I did it, and I finished the project (I thought this year I was not going to do an album, but here I am) SAD BOPS is a record 100% made by me and with some very talented producers of beats. Lyrics, Mix and voice 100% by me It touches subjects as: false positivity, substance excesses, being in love with a friend (not corresponded), revenge, depression, anxienty, ***uality and the very first song dedicated to Britney (maybe the most difficult to do, It's so hard to do pop pop, and it's a bonustrack cuz the rhythm doesn't matches that music with the previous songs) and as the tittle of the album says, are Bops, good beats. I know I don't have the greatest voice, but singing is one of the things that, once again, saved (or is trying to save) me... Cuz as the main song says, I'm not okay. Life's hard, most of the times not fair. I sing in English, Spanish and Japanese Hope some of you listen to this, I wanted to share cuz maybe, it works for somebody. The album is full on YouTube, and it will be released on Spotify 4th November. 00:00 Not Okay (I Don´t Believe In Anybody Else) 03:15 XSO 05:42 Kisu****ai 08:16 Bi***ual Gay 10:20 Venganza 12:40 Las Voces En Tu Cabeza 15:24 Aves Carroñeras 17:29 Torbellino de KK 19:56 Volví Para Decirles Algo 22:03 Tarot 24:50 En Ti Pensando 27:18 Voy A Encontrarme 30:14 Justice For B (Bonustrack)
  6. ALGO PA' RECORDAR (2020) "Algo Pa' Recordar" is between the 3rd album and 1st Greatest Hits of Agustín. It contains early demos from Agustín (2015-2017) remasterized (that may land as new tracks as well), radio video version and 5 previously unreleased songs. This album was out after the scrapped "Upbeat Pandemic Sadness" proyect, an album recorded in pandemic times which Agustín decided to scrap because of the personal events he went through that time. The previously unreleased songs had a pop/edm & disco sound, who was the main theme from the scrapped album as well. The remasterized songs had a mix of sounds of each era of Agustín previous of publishing his work: mainly pop. It had 1 promo single and 3 official singles: 00 - Hoy Toca (Radio Mix) - the original track is on the previous album, GEMINI, but it was remastered and re edited. 03 - Ser De Luz - this song is dedicated to her grandma who passed away through pandemic times (more info in the documentary) 01 - Love Is Not In The Air - Is the official fist single of the era, it contains scenes from the docummentary 02 - Shattered Heart - Last Single from the era The era also had singles out of albums, such as: 00 - MANIFIESTO (2019) 00 - Cronicas Extrañas (2019) ("Strange Chronicles" Latin American Version) 00 - Entre Nubes Con Los Pies En La Tierra (Radio Mix) (2020) ---- The album was promoted along a homemade documentary "ALGO PA' RECORDAR: EL DOCUMENTAL" where Agustín touches personal themes such as how music saved his life and how he found a way to express them feelings, family issues, love issues, pandemic anxianty, her grandmother passing away (who was like a mother for him). Also it features live homemade performances throughout the whole docummentary. one of the promo performances incluided on the docummentary: 00 - Bow Down / Liberación Es / Manifiesto (Remix) [Live] 00 - Lo Hiciste Otra Vez (Sol En Géminis Remix) [Live] Also, the docummentary was published with a OST incluiding remixes of the documentary, live performance, 2 new songs (from Upbeat Pandemic Sadness scrapped project) and a early demo remastered and re edited. Videos of the "Upbeat Pandemic Sadness" Scrapped album, the vaporwave theme was very present: 01 - TQFND - a chill edm 02 - Upbeat Pandemic Sadness 03 - Together Then ---- to all users: I apreciate all the support you can give me as an independent and autogestive artist: following me on spotify & apple, downloading my stuff, sharing, subscribing to my youtube channel and commenting. PREVIOUS POSTS: rePUTAción (2021) GEMINI (2020)
  7. Hi y'all, I wanna share my music so far, so I'm going backwards from the most recent to the first one. rePUTAción (2021) "rePUTAción" is the 4th studio album from me, Agustín Malandra. It was fully written by me and produced mainly by Agustín, Astoria and BlackRose (among others). It was written during the pandemic times and it's an upbeat album with some jazz, edm & indie influences mixed with the main genre: pop. Recording sessions for the album began in November 2020 and it was published April 2021. As a new, autogestive and underground artist, the album had a good review. The album has a regular edition with 12 tracks and a Deluxe edition with 18 tracks The first single was "Todes Estamos En Una". The song is about the fake "awakening ones" and how their lack of emphatism is one of the worst things in the humanity nowadays. The video is one of their favorites one to date. The second single is "Ser Feliz" which talks about a relationship that goes toxic because of being dependent of the other person The third single is "Canchero de Cabotaje" a song about a show-off man who is a stupid one tbh. The song itself has 3 languages in them lyrics: Español, English and Japanese. Fourth single is "Marica" a song about embracing the word (it would be faggxt) and empowering it, apropiate it. Cuz we all maricas had more strenght than any str8. The video was recorded in the 3rd LGBTQ+ Pride of Salto, Buenos Aires. Orgullo Salto is the organization that made it and Agustín is the creator.* 5th single was only spotify and is "The Witch in Me"... the scrapped video should be the continuation of "Todes Estamos En Una" The era "rePUTAción" has some promo live performances (from home, because of pandemic) and an interview to all users: I apreciate all the support you can give me as an independent and autogestive artist: following me on spotify & apple, downloading my stuff, sharing, subscribing to my youtube channel and commenting. Thank you so much! * Orgullo Salto is an organization that fights for the rights and supports the LGBTQ+ community in the town "Salto, Buenos Aires, Argentina" Where Agustín is from. This is a quick docummentary made by Agustín for the history of the LGBTQ+ fight in Argentina and Salto, Buenos Aires (a small town)
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